Which of the following names do you know: George Webb, Nathan Stolpman, fu**in Freddy, Defango …?
Because they are all involved in a story that paints bombard language in a very bad way. Do you know anything about it? In short: I think she can't be trusted as well. :D

Ah interesting. But what is the purpose of promoting a fake story? Bernard and bombard don't sell a book.

that's the big question. I only have theories at this point. For example: People were exposing ritual abuse and the topic got some kind of famous. So "they" needed to install a controlled opposition. People tend to follow guys like him and stop researching. It's like he "ended" the dynamic. Maybe. But mayb ;) totally different. I just finished part two btw:

I think it is a lot like the massive operation which is the Harvey Weinstein scandal. They are cutting their losses and putting Weinstein out front to keep the public away from the real story which is - drumroll - sexual ritual abuse. Luciferians at the heights of power. You can be a Luciferian if you want to but you cannot keep taking the children. The strategy is Alinksy mixed with Crowley. If you have spent time investigating SRA then you know that packs of well-paid disinfo agents lurk on the internet, waiting to get something in their fishing nets. Sometimes it's a journo, sometimes a clever housewife, quite often an SRA victim survivor. They really like when they get victims in their nets because they keep track of them online and in real life to monitor whether or not they are spilling the beans. A lot of the victims are memory repressed and also are victims of MK Ultra mind control so they are can be easy to trigger online and to manipulate. That gets into your garden-variety gangstalking which is an entirely different post. It sounds like all of your research has led you to all the right people and places. Good job.

hey @sunnyofoz! Thanks for all your nice and productive comments. Had to follow you immidiately! :)

Hy mayb, I thank you very much for this post. As yourself, the first time I discovered on YouTube Ronald bernard, I was very interested and waiting for the second one, and listening further on I thought "here we are, somebody is talking". But thinking also that some pieces were missing and curious. Then started the bank video serie and it was all over for me. I searched and hoped to find clear minded who had understood that all this was just a cunning production in which R.Bernard would have played a part, role. And I saw the ITNJ video and heard his last production. And after some more research, finally your very concise article. Thank you so much.

No, Bombard did not get it wrong. The writer of the above article got it wrong. Can't get over how stupid her reasoning is!

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