I just quit working for dutch whistleblower Ronald Bernard – here's why

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When I saw the testimony of Ronald Bernard this spring I was very moved. Like millions of people around the world. I immidiately sent an application to work for his foundation. Ronald himself answered and forwarded me to the man who would become my supervisor after a short job interview via skype. It was the best job interview I ever had. We briefly talked about my skills and what I could offer. After that we talked about conspiracy theories for around an hour. I got on board quickly and started working on a video for the foundation.

I had watched the original dutch video. But when I saw the video getting translated into so many languages soon after the release and how many english speaking youtube channels were sharing this content I got suspicious about it. So I started investigating a few things.

Ronald Bernard and his so called first life

Bernard claims he worked as an entrepreneur in what he calls his first life. I never called it that but I am living something like a second life as well so I have some kind of idea what someone means who says so. I have been working as a journalist and if I would give you my real name you could check it out and find evidence to this claim. Just because I found out some terrible facts about msm and "ended" my life as their supporter, there is no way to delete my first life from the internet. You could find out easily. However, when you search the internet for Bernards name before 2013, you won't find anything. He says he had his own fashion line. Seems like this was some kind of secret brand because Bernard has never been to any fashion exposition or show, he never registered a fashion company under his name and his name is in no way connected to any kind of fashion label whatsoever. Same thing goes for selling cars, in&export and his work in the textile field.
He called himself one of the big players. But there has never been any mention anywhere. I can't find any registered firm to his name. Like I said before I have been working as a journalist but I never failed so hard in finding out anything about a person. Either he wasn't as successful as he claims or he just lies.

"You can ask me anything"

I wrote a mail to my supervisor about my concerns. It took him over two weeks to answer my questions get back to me. He told me that this video would answer all of my questions.

at 9:30 "you can ask me anything"

Unfortunatelly this video didn't even help a bit because his answer was evasive.

– First he says, he has no CV because he was an entrepreneur. Maybe he never needed one but he could just produce one. It's not very hard to write down one's jobs.
– Further he says he couldn't claim names for his safety and the safety of other people. Noone ever asked for names. People like me (who even supported him) just want to know the positions in which he worked for which projects and some kind of references for his work. Everyone can do that without naming anybody.
– next he asks how bad we want him to paint himself as a mad man. Where is this idea coming from? We know he did bad things. He told us so. But WHAT did he do?
– at last he confuses two groups of people and asserts that those who wanted to see evidence about his working place wouldn't believe in his horrific claims about the powers in place.

Well, I don't only believe in ritual abuse, I know that it's true. Because I investigated and tried to write about it, but noone would let me. And you can be certain about one thing: No article holds more truth than the one that noone wants to publish. I am not one of his critics. I applied for a job, I offered my help, I trusted.

Already a pop phenomenon?

Next problem: We know there are ways to oppress informations. I think that's what we know best, right?! It is always suspicious when someone gets that popular. The search term "Ronald Bernard" on youtube spits out almost 15,000 hits. This happened in the last 5 months …Why wouldn't youtube ban those videos like they do with so many content right now? Why does noone stop Bernard while he reaches so many people? If he would be a real threat because his informations were so dangerous he wouldn't be able to have this platform, would he? And who were those who helped out giving him such a great audience? As far as I could find out this was the channel that published the video in the U.S. at first (17th of April 2017):


Smash 240. This channel doesn't exist anymore and I can't find anything else about smash240. As if he would have only existed for this purpose. Every reference I find online is just about him sharing the video with Ronald Bernard.

Although this channel had no career whatsoever (just a handful af subscribers that you would think come from exactly this video) the video got shared from there. All you can find is another channel called Smash240 on vidme. If it is the same guy he is definitely disinfo because all that he shares is just that: Disinfo.

One of the most famous first multiplicators was Robert David Steel's Public Intelligence Blog. Mind the odd wording. Steel is former (?) CIA and definitely disinfo. He works with people like Alex Jones and George Webb. Robert David Steele can't be trusted and the first one who shared the info can't be trusted either. Getting famous like that in such a short time and even supported by those who work for Intelligence operations, … that's odd.

Ronald Bernard wasn't asked to name names. He was asked to give ANY references about his work. It's possible to do that without harming anyone. And I should be able to find something about his first life, because I just never failed in researching anybody. I can't trust him anymore because I do trust in my own abilities a lot.

Here you find part 2

I go on investigating his projects. If you want to keep on track just follow me


Body Language: Dutch Whistleblower

So bombard got it wron?

Which of the following names do you know: George Webb, Nathan Stolpman, fu**in Freddy, Defango …?
Because they are all involved in a story that paints bombard language in a very bad way. Do you know anything about it? In short: I think she can't be trusted as well. :D

Ah interesting. But what is the purpose of promoting a fake story? Bernard and bombard don't sell a book.

that's the big question. I only have theories at this point. For example: People were exposing ritual abuse and the topic got some kind of famous. So "they" needed to install a controlled opposition. People tend to follow guys like him and stop researching. It's like he "ended" the dynamic. Maybe. But mayb ;) totally different. I just finished part two btw: https://steemit.com/conspiracy/@mayb/more-curiosities-about-whistleblower-ronald-bernard-and-the-bank-he-is-founding

I think it is a lot like the massive operation which is the Harvey Weinstein scandal. They are cutting their losses and putting Weinstein out front to keep the public away from the real story which is - drumroll - sexual ritual abuse. Luciferians at the heights of power. You can be a Luciferian if you want to but you cannot keep taking the children. The strategy is Alinksy mixed with Crowley. If you have spent time investigating SRA then you know that packs of well-paid disinfo agents lurk on the internet, waiting to get something in their fishing nets. Sometimes it's a journo, sometimes a clever housewife, quite often an SRA victim survivor. They really like when they get victims in their nets because they keep track of them online and in real life to monitor whether or not they are spilling the beans. A lot of the victims are memory repressed and also are victims of MK Ultra mind control so they are can be easy to trigger online and to manipulate. That gets into your garden-variety gangstalking which is an entirely different post. It sounds like all of your research has led you to all the right people and places. Good job.

hey @sunnyofoz! Thanks for all your nice and productive comments. Had to follow you immidiately! :)

Hy mayb, I thank you very much for this post. As yourself, the first time I discovered on YouTube Ronald bernard, I was very interested and waiting for the second one, and listening further on I thought "here we are, somebody is talking". But thinking also that some pieces were missing and curious. Then started the bank video serie and it was all over for me. I searched and hoped to find clear minded who had understood that all this was just a cunning production in which R.Bernard would have played a part, role. And I saw the ITNJ video and heard his last production. And after some more research, finally your very concise article. Thank you so much.

No, Bombard did not get it wrong. The writer of the above article got it wrong. Can't get over how stupid her reasoning is!

How on earth is this article not being found? It's important.

Great work! Thank you for bringing this information to light!

Hey Figgy! So nice to meet you over here! I'll upvote everything you share from now on.

Thank you @mayb I am still trying to find my way around here and learning slowly. I'm appreciating reading all your great work on here.

I didn't know who this man was before your article, and I will surely look him up, but thank you for a very good write-up of your experience with him. Also, on exposing this guy.

thank you.

If you have never heard if before, it will come over you as a shock. If he is disinformation, then he does a good job to shock you out of asking more questions. It's kind of a brilliant disinfo strategy. It definitely smells like their "style". As the author goes further into the research, he/she will see that they have a way of doing things which is very noticeable after a while. If it walks like a duck...

You absolutely rock lady! :) I'm so glad I found you. This is an interesting article. I have upvoted and resteemed it. I hope that helps! Maybe we could work on something together sometime. I have an idea for a project to do for journalism here on Steemit!

yes, it seems we're some kind of a match. :) I like your content, too. Let's defintely stay in contact! awww, I am glad we met. :)

Cheers... we should check out steemitchat if I can figure out how that works. Talk with you soon.

steemit lags so hard. Are you on any discord server?


Ronald Bernard was a fixture on Dutch financial television (much like CNBC, Fox Business News, etc.) for many years, and was interviewed very frequently. Did you ask Mr. Bernard the name of the fashion clothing line he founded? Or did you depend solely upon your google searching capabilities? Flesh out your story more. Thx.

It's helpful if you have watched Ronald's other interviews (to DVM-TV) before this one as he gives additional insights to what he has talked about in them.

Like the BIS, the 8000 - 8500 who run everything behind the scenes, how we are all just slaves and cattle for the elites... How the Masonics are following the Bible literally, how they have always worked through political movements, how they are trying to create the third temple in Jerusalem, how they want to keep us non-aware and in dualism - divide and conquer and all that... How they arrange blood sacrifices (including children) to feed off the negative energies...

Apart from that Ronald also shares a bit more about his personal experiences, his religious/metaphysical views and his near-death experience, how Cryptocurrencies were created by secret services and more.

It sucks this article is first page on google, idk if you’re a researcher or what not but sounds like a dumped girl looking to dig up shit. Fuck this article.

And people do become famous overnight, that happens,. Thats the annoying thing “famous people” say they hear ( that they got famous over night ) but they worked forever and got to that point and all people see is the media later, common story of entrepreneurs, artists, whatever. All i wanted to say was fuck this shit :)

Oh so agree with you! ...nasty, stupid, vindictive little article.

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