10 whatsapp’s secret features you should know

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In recent years whatsapp become a huge part of our daily life. It is convenient quick and easy to use. Everyone has a large whatsapp contact list and sending hours every day to catch up with their families friends or plan some events.

I found 10 secret whatsapp features you have never heard about.

1. Font changing


Not many people know that you can easily change the fun of your messages on whatsapp if you are feeling so just simply put this (hello) symbol three times before and after your text. This feature is only available on Android devices.

2. Font styles


While we are on the topic of font’s style changing is also one of the secret features you can find on the app. You can make your texts bold, italic and strikethrough. The algorithm is same as with the font changing for bold messages, you have to put star symbol (Hello) before and after your message. You can write in italic style by adding underscores (Hello), and your message can also be transformed to strikethrough by using tilt ease (~Hello~).

3. Most popular Contacts

Interestingly enough you can also find out who out of your contacts do you talk to the most. This works only on iOS devices. You can do that by heading and then picking account and storage usage, you will see the list of all your whatsapp contacts and groups as well as the total number of messages you have sent and received for each one of them. Just a little bit of statistics can be quite useful.

4. Muting Group Chats


If there is some group chat or a person that is constantly bothering you with endless messages, you can simply mute it, just pick the chat, click on the name on the top of the screen and select mute. You will have an option to mute it for 8 hours or even a year. I guess it has to be a pretty annoying one to pick the last option. You can always go on whatsapp later to catch every message you have missed.

5. Making Personal Information Private


Sometimes we use whatsapp to talk to people we barely know, for example - work contacts are people from some dating websites that we want to get to know better, and it is not that safe to make your personal information available for everyone to see, Thankfully whatsapp for saw that go to settings then click account and select privacy here you can control what users will see your profile picture, status and last seen.

6. Stop Auto-Downloading


You already know whatsapp automatically saves every picture and video that are sent to you, so if you are tired of constantly deleting unnecessary photos that your contacts message you. You can turn auto saving off, just go to settings then select data and storage usage then choose yourself what kind of media you want to stop auto-downloading in the options of Media auto-download.

7. Add Chat Shortcut on Your Home screen


If you are texting someone pretty much all day or have a favorite chat that you need quick access to, you can easily add a link to it on your home screen. This works for Android devices only. All you need to do is click on three vertical dots on the top of right of your screen and choose to Add shortcut. That way you will not have to go through all your chats to find the one you need it will be right on your home screen.

8. Backup Chat Messages


If you like to read old messages and get nostalgic from time to time, you can always backup your chat history on iCloud for Apple users or Google Drive for Android users. If you are Android user, just go to settings, select chats and calls and then click on chat back-up. Now you will have access to any of your old messages.

9. Send a Big Beating Heart


If you want to express your feelings for someone in a whole other dimension, Just send a red heart alone without any other emojis or words. You may think it is nothing much but amazingly enough, it turns into a big beating heart. It is always nice to receive such cute messages. Now you know how to make your loved one’s day.

10. Star the Messages


At times on whatsapp you get some important messages that you want to save or bookmark for later. It can be some important information or just a funny text that lights up your mood every time you see it. So for iOS users, there is a simple solution, just double tap on a mesaage and select the star icon. You can later find it in the contact info where you will have an option called starred messages. You can also go back to the exact moment when this message was sent by tapping on the arrow next to the Text.

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