Comparing Steem with Whaleshares

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Comparing Steem with Whaleshares

A word of caution: read this whole post before coming to a conclusion! This post ends with "an unexpected twist"! ;-)

This post is part 1 (of 1?, or more? in total) of me comparing Steem to Whaleshares (and similar platforms). Posting this is an experiment for me personally, and I'll share its content on both, because, it being a comparison, it's relevant to both.

Whaleshares, yet another Steem clone?

Recently, a few people invited me to register for an account at; a Steem-like platform I knew nothing about at first, and a little more, but surely not all there is to know about, right now. Developing and running @steem-ua over at Steem has kept me so busy over the past months I barely had time to post as @scipio about other topics anyway, so why would I want to join yet another platform?

One of the people I talked to about in person, is @stellabelle. Not only did she explain to me in short how to register for Whaleshares (which is currently not the easiest of registration processes, but it works at least), but she also guided me towards the Whaleshares Discord server and connected me to a few active Whaleshares team members, also active on Steem, that I then later had the pleasure to talk to (e.g. @krazykrista, @intelliguy, @ceruleanblue, and @kotturinn, among others.

I even wrote (my first? and last?) "ShitPost" ;-) , which got me absolutely nothing in terms of "rewards" ;-) , which brought back the same feelings of utter confusion I had when joining Steemit almost 1 year ago and I almost decided to leave Whaleshares for what it is, never to return to it...

But then...

But then... I somehow got caught up in an interesting conversation on the WhaleShares Discord to talk about its platform, its differences and similarities with Steem. And while there always are the typical "Fan Boys & Girls" that frown upon any form of platform critisism (I think I was initially seen even as "an enemy" being a strong Steem Supporter & Dev), while I kept asking questions and expressing some constructive criticism, especially @intelliguy was very open and willing to engage in a constructive conversation with the forementioned users and me.

About a few platform differences

A few platform differences as compared to Steem, at least for now, that were explained to me regarding, are - summarized - as follows:

  • no vests (SP / Whalestake) delegation mechanism
    As I've been told, in an effort to avoid "Promotional Services" (a.k.a. "bid bots") on, the concept of Vests Delegation is absent. It's reasoned that, without such delegations, it would be highly unlikely that such services would emerge on, which is apparently seen as "a good effect", as these type of services appear to be held responsible for over-the-top promoted content that makes the "Trending Feed" completely unusable.

  • exponentially decayed vested powerdown
    While it is possible, as with Steem, to set a 13-week powerdown schedule, at the moment only a small fraction of your "vested whalestake" can be converted into liquid via a powerdown. The available powerdown percentage is directly connected to the exponentially decayed whaleshares inflation mechanism, as is explained in the following picture.


For example beginning Aug 15, 2019, only 50% of an account's "whalestake" can be powered-down, meaning that if an active "WhaleSharian" would decide to build up its Whaleshares account from now to then, it will take a full year (as of today) to be able to convert 50% of the Aug 15, 2019 total into liquid WLS.

  • (currently) no 50/50% author rewards, only 100% power-up
    To my surprise I found out it's (currently?) impossible to set 50/50% author rewards on your posts on Whaleshares. You can only decline rewards, or choose a 100% whalestake powerup. As it was explained to me, the Whaleshare team wants accounts to focus on individual growth (same reasoning as with no vested delegations, I guess?) and gain influence over time, in an effort to circumvent too much focus on "money". Long-term account & platform engagement is focused on heavily, instead.

And another aspect, to add to this, is that it's apparently planned for Oct. 8, 2018 to enlist the WLS token as tradable on (which is strongly connected to Being able to trade a WLS token for something else, is of course essential to define "monetary value" to both vested "whalestake" and the liquid WLS token. Without the ability to trade, owning (for example) 1,000 Whalestake is identical to owning 1,000 "Flippos" (as many Dutch people will understand immediately).

Some causal reasoning regarding the forementioned platform differences

When Steem was rolled-out initially, early 2016, both its concept and platform mechanisms were revolutionary: nothing like Steem was ever done before, and you can think whatever you want to about its problems and shortcomings, but the concept of Steem is nothing short than brilliant. When Steem began, it had zero competitors: surely, a boatload of "social media" and "blogging platforms" existed, as did quite some brand new crypto concepts, but being able to spend some time, blog, get "liked" (upvoted) with stake-based token redistributed inflation ("the rewards pool"), and then being able to trade / convert those "rewards" for - for example - BTC, to which a real-world financial gateway exists, meant being able to enter the world of crypto without pre-owning capital and/or technical skills to mine it. The only thing needed to "earn" crypto, was to share your content and engage with others (curators) owning some already. The world has never seen anything like it, and therefore Steem is nothing short than a World Phenomenon. Not having any competitors at the time made joining Steem a "no brainer" for many.

At the same time, crypto was booming & hot. Both BTC and alts were all "mooning" and "FOMO" & HODL" was the only "strategy" needed to become wealthy from nowhere in a matter of months. ICOs were seen everywhere, and initiating and investing in them was done all around by many. These were ideal circumstances for Steem as well to thrive on.

But since then, fast forward ~ 2 years later, beginning early 2018, the entire crypto sphere entered a "bear market": some "crypto scams" were identified, high transaction costs, slow transaction rates, environmental challenges regrding BTC became clear, many speculative investors learned they "bought the (local) top" in December 2017, and as a consequence many people learned it's not that easy anymore to "get rich quickly" using crypto.

In short: things have changed.

On Steem, many people have joined thus far, but also many have left the platform (at least for now). Why they left, has numerous reasons. Some may feel it's "not fair" a few select Steem Prominents, and Steemit Inc as well, own so much Steem / SP, while the majority of accounts does not. The existence of "spam bots", "bid bots", flag wars" and "self-voting reward pool abuse" have caused an environment that's not liked by some. For newcomers, spending a lot of time on post writing, only then to find out the "author rewards" for it are worth nothing to pennies, comes as a nasty surprise and/or set-back after finally being able to create a new account and seeing others getting rewarded into the hundreds or even thousands of USD.

What made @scipio stay on Steem, initially? In short: SP delegations to communities

To date, I have invested zero fiat into crypto, and I've also not cashed-out any. When I joined Steem in october 2017, I too got rewarded close to nothing initially. And as I was about to "give up", I wrote my 7th post A Conceptual Guide to Make it Big on Steemit, which got rewarded $136,96 at the time as compared to $0.25 on my (carefully written!) intro post 2 weeks before it.

With 321 upvotes (to date) that post of mine was noticed by both "self-owned SP Whales", some "dolphins & orcas", as by @elear, who at the same time began entrepreneuring @utopian-io which in the same week received SP delegations in the millions. I had the honor to be asked by @elear personally if I'd like my post to be included in the Utopian database and upvoted with it. Of course I did! (And if you check my post, you can see it is the only post in that time and age that is not tagged #utopian-io, nor posted via its frontend, yet included to Utopian-io nonetheless). Looking back on that, while you could indeed argue (as @ats-david did in the top comment), that my post's content was not entirely ( ;-) ) about "Open Source" (I didn't intend it to be either, as explained just now!), @elear took a risk (regarding his newly received delegation meant to reward open source contributions) to upvote it nonetheless. But exactly because of that, because @elear had the guts to stand up and reward me, he kept me in. I felt "welcomed", and "appreciated", and @elear made my heavy negative doubts regarding Steem as a platform disappear immediately.
I was "embraced" by the @utopian-io community, and shortly after that moment, I began my Open Source contribition tutorial series journey, under the Utopian Umbrella.

Coming from Europe, being highly educated, living in a "high-cost-for-life" environment, being able to freely work at many employers for a decent salary, and not pre-owning crypto, you can well ask yourself if without the presence of @utopian-io receiving its multi-million SP delegation, it would be worth the hassle to resume Steem / Utopian contributions, and spending enough time on the chain & Discord / to get to know "the right people" and acquire a decent network of them.

Personally, I'm a firm believer that delegations to communities such as @utopian-io - but regardless their focal content & topics - is crucial to getting in & keeping in "community members". It would be blatantly ignorant to disregard the fact that many come to Steem - and presumably as well - for the potential rewards. And as time equals money, it must be worth the time for any contributor to stick around. Communities such as @utopian-io, but also @steemhunt for example, receiving delegations, are essential to acceptable platform user retention.

Yes, I also see quite some downsides to delegation mechanisms, of which over-the-top promoted posts all the way to trending and highly inflated "rep scores" are examples of, but the upsides outweigh the downsides, as I've argued about at least. @utopian-io made me stay, because of its delegated SP Power, and I'm sure many others feel the same.

Not having a delegation mechanism on - therefore - is something that intrigues me.

Liquidity vs Vesting

In those early Steemian months (Q4-2017), under the wings / umbrella of Utopian, I befriended quite some people I met in the Utopian community, and I kept contributing (mostly) with Open Source contributions on Steem. I (slowly) grew my SP holdings, but then I got lucky: SBD mooned to ~ $17.- per SBD. And I was lucky enough to having some of those (shout-out to @cnts as well, you're a life-saver buddy!) at my disposal, mostly via the 50/50 author awards. I was able to convert those to about 1,500 liquid Steem, and then Steem followed SBD upward to $7.-. Because of the enormous public interest in crypto, entering exchanges was impossible to newcomers including me. And courtesy to @blocktrades, I was able - in a 2-step process - to trade ~ 222 SBD for more than 0.6 BTC at Jan. 2, 2018. (what? really? Yeah, really...).

I could not have made those trades without the 50/50 rewards mechanism. They were crucial, for me at least. The combination of @utopian-io (with its delegation and voting power), the price increase of first SBD then Steem, and the trading opportunity provided by @blocktrades (at the time my only option) made it worth my time investment. Sure, getting to know many people was a big part of it as well, but that I could have accomplished in *any community, online and offline.

Not having these abilities on makes it highly doubtable, so I reason, that people will abandon Steem for Whaleshares. Being acitve on both platforms remains an option. But, I argue, if Steem would be gone, and if the only rewards option for would remain a 100% powerup, then I highly doubt that people would keep engaging on Whaleshares alone. Or in other words: currently Whaleshares needs to co-exist with Steem, but not the other way around. I'd be curious to find out how many users are not active on Steem...

100% Power-up only, a realistic option for WLS investors?

Let's say you're a crypto whale, owning a few million in crypto. Would you now buy a boatload of WLS starting October, 8, 2018, and power it all up to whalestake? Because as mentioned, you'd need a full year from then to be able to power down 50% of that Whalestake. That, to me, seems to be a "risky opportunity". Sure, WLS price could go up. But it could also go down. Its price action is assumed to be mostly specuative. Therefore I suspect - and of course I can be wrong on this - that WLS buying volume would be relatively low if and when the 50/50 author rewards and current power-down schedule remain the same on Whaleshares!

100% Power-up only, for 2nd World Country users (e.g. from Venzuela)

Now, suppose you're @saracampero. You come from Venezuela (am I correct?), you're a young mother, your physical appearance is sparkling and energetic and very positive, and you're pretty handy and creative with making gadgets and you have fun as well with vlogging about that as your niche on Dtube (another SP delegated community!). Then the 50/50 author rewards are crucial and enough to turn your Steem activities into a full-time job even! Because cost-of-life is cheaper in Venezuela than it is in - for example Germany - @saracampero is in an excellent position to use the liquid payouts from her 50/50 author rewards to live from!
For her (and I haven't checked / am not sure if she uses Steem for that even) the 50/50 author rewards on Steem combined with DLive receiving SP delegations, Steem might be a "lifesaver". And leaving Steem for most certainly doesn't seem her prio 1 option right now.
Not having such an option on, seems like a missed opportunity.

Is doomed to fail? No! :-) It has an EXCELLENT chance to grow!

My answer to the question whether is doomed to fail... might surprise you at this point: I think has an excellent chance to grow big and successful using the current strategic choices such as "no delegations", "limited power-downs" and "100% power-up only"!

Huh @scipio?, you might ask... you just wrote a wall of text explaining why you think made a few catastophic strategic choices, then why do you conclude might actually be successful now?

The reason why I think has an excellent chance to grow using the strategic choices its team members have made for now, is that it is able to CO-EXIST WITH STEEM. Every aspect I mentioned regarding Steem's success factors that kept me, and others, onboard, are in fact lacking on, but the fact remains that zero users need to choose one platform over the other. You could well do both!

You could even post the same post content on both platforms (provided it's meaningful to do so, and because for example this post compares the two, this post can indeed be published on both). But if you won't do that, and choose to be original on both, then you could "get liquid" via Steem, and "vest" at the same time on Whaleshares. You can engage with different people in a different way on Steem, regarding more or less the same topics on Whaleshares.

So, because Steem exists and you're actively engaging there anyway, you might as well also choose to do so on Whaleshares. When you're not even close to being a whale on Steem, you might grow to be one if you begin to participate now on Whaleshares. And while "being a Whale" on Whaleshares might never lead to a serious holding in terms of monetary value, at some point it might be exactly that indeed...

What the Whaleshares Team is doing very, very smart, is "flying along" under the wings of Steem. It's giving an opportunity to mostly planktons and minnows on Steem, to "spread their risk" without sacrificing much or anything at all.

Steem, as a platform, benefits as well!

And now comes an even more interesting prediction I'll make right here and now: Steem will benefit from Whaleshare's existence as well! I hereby predict that Steem user retention rates will increase, partly because Whaleshares exists. Whaleshares is giving new Steem users, that also become active at Whaleshares, a chance to one day become a dolphin or orca on both. Because of Whaleshares, Steem will remain the primary source of income to new users, and Whaleshares will make sure they remain active on both platforms.

Concluding: Welcome & Steem on!

Thanks for your time!


This was an interesting post, and I echo @elear's sentiments about being happy to see Utopian receive such a prominent mention.

I will say that it was very long, and could have done with some editing. I often write to people that I'd like to see more of them in their posts, more of their experiences. With you, I would suggest maybe a bit less? Just because many people will not read a post that's over 2,700 words, and cutting out a bit of the personal history would have made it somewhat shorter.

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Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 6 contributions. Keep up the good work!

All good points here. Especially delegation is such a controversial topic, for many reasons, that go beyond the ones explained here, mentioning for example the impact it will have with future regulations. In the short term is definitely a good tool, specifically for a system where distribution isn't really perfect. I also thank you for mentioning me and @utopian-io as one of the reasons why you have been staying around. Was quite clear to me you had lots of knowledge to share and you were just getting started. Eventually, my guess, was right ;)

The platform incorporates WhaleTokens, the original cross-chain token concept by Fuzzy that Ned and STINC criticized, attacked, flagged, and then stole to pitch as their idea in SMTs.

You do not need to delegate stake where people can do whatever they want including creating destructive mechanism like we seem here on steemit, when you can earn funding for projects or have sub-communities supported with the WhaleTokens backed by the whale account stake. Participation and interaction with the community and its users gets rewarded, not automated non-human bot service interactions.

Whaleshares is only 35 days old now and not even close to its final form yet. There is so much more in the dev pipeline rolling out on a schedule that we won't have to worry about "comparisons" to steemit soon enough. Whaleshares has a different purpose and long-term goal it is working towards.

I haven't checked out whaleshares at all yet but for me, it would be a time constraint problem considering how active I am on Steem. However, you are right that for those who are looking to invest long term, they can benefit from supporting both and somewhat spread their risk and possibility.

The other thing that people are spending too much time on is competition with each other rather than some kind of cross over support considering that at this point at least, the untapped market is massive. Everyone wants to become Facebook yet be decentralized? I'd rather see many smaller ecosystems develop with lower earning peaks and more spread so we don't wind up in the same position we are currently trying to get out from under.

We have a tool to help with the time constraint issues of publishing to multiple platforms. Whaleshares, Steem, Golos, and others like Smoke will be added soon.

that is good to know. I am not much of a cross dresser poster but, I know some who would find it handy so will bookmark it for them.

I'm personally still undecided if "cross-posting" would suit my own use case. Specifically this post, I did "cross-post" (not using a tool), because I'm comparing both platforms in my article and reasoning why and how both can benefit from the other existing.

But I'm personally not intending to make one a copy-cat of the other, although quite some users using both might choose to do so themselves... Interested to see how that will pan out in the (near) future!

I don't like it when the Youtubers drop a post here and then run back to youtube without engaging with the community. Cross posting might be suitable in some cases but I think that to be part of a community, one most somewhat specialize. If all content is the same, why bother?

I've also noticed that some Youtubers I follow who've joined steemit never reply to their comments on here! I've stopped commenting/upvoting them here and instead see them in my feed here, use the video link to navigate to their video on YT, then like/comment there. Clearly that's where they want their community, so no point wasting my VP/RCs on them here.

Clearly that's where they want their community, so no point wasting my VP/RCs on them here.

This is the issue I have with it. It is essentially public link dropping...

I am similar to you with regard to not cross-posting. I may post similar material, but I always re-brand or re-write it in its own unique perspective on both platforms most of the time.

In some cases though, (like the Bitshares question I recently posed) it's impossible to uniquely write, when the subject matter suits both networks. :)

This is a much needed tool!

Feature request: Support for SCORUM

This can be translated as: To avoid empowerment methods let's completely disable it.

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 04.04.05.png

The truth of the matter is that real capitalism is awesome empowerment if you know how to use it. Eventually to empower humans you need leverage. Without leverage -> No value can be created. I find it interesting how there is no information about how many whaleshares that exist.

Not even in the whitepaper. Utopian ideas are fun to go over but it hasn't worked out history has shown. Communism failed and Socialism seems to fail too. Capitalism and real empowerment the Steem Blockchain way is the only system that has worked. And as long you cannot cash out a Token I would label it as anti-capitalism.

I find it interesting how there is no information about how many whaleshares that exist.

This information has been available for over 6 months now. People choose not to read and/or simply attack the content that has been published about Whaleshares here on steemit.

It's not easy to find. It's not in the white paper. It's not in Google Search. It's hard to find. Which is bringing up shady warning signs. And I wrote a deeper comment and you just picked a small piece of it and then call it for attack. Clearly a way of coming to wrong conclusions.

No, not you attacking... I mean in the past here on steemit. Nothing to do with you. I was pointing out a bit of our history here.

Oh I see :)

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Thx! I still like your project!

You bet! You keep posting 'em and I'll keep upvoting 'em. ;)

Hi @scipio. Your post was perfect timing for me since I was just about to try out the cross-posting tool. However, I'm a bit confused by your statement that we can only do a 100% power up.

On the right hand side of the post there is a slider. The default is set to 50% and the note says

"Allow Curation Rewards"

the percent of Steem/Golos Dollars, unkept amounts will be received as Power"

Is that something different from what you're talking about?

I thought that meant that we could do a 50% power up or any percentage, in fact, from 0 to 100.

Am I misunderstanding this?

Do you have an account on @gillianpearce ? I registered mine yesterday.
If you post from there (no cross-posting) you will see what I mean: indeed no 50/50 option, only 100% powerup or decline all rewards.

I do have an account @scipio and was just trying to test the cross posting. But I'm not sure what to do with the slider and when I did a search for some more information I found your article.

This is what it looks like on the cross posting tool


So does that mean the options are different if you use the tool do you think or would the 50/50 only apply to the Steemit post?

I think so indeed.... And I'm also not sure what happens on WS if you set that slider to 50/50 since that option is non-existent at WS, it might even set it to decline any rewards? Not sure?

Interesting @scipio. Thank you for you thoughts.

I'll head over to Discord and see if I can get some answers there. I'm curious about the footer option too. My shining qurite Steemit footer is probably not suitable for Whaleshares. 😊

Thanks for this comparison, I think it might be useful for some users to post their content in several other platforms but create exclusive content for each platform might be too time consuming and very hard to achieve.

I wonder why do you think of Weku? It is another site similar to Steem.

I might dig into Weku as well, and write another post about it (similar to this one)...

About the power down it is not much different than what Steemit had, remember when it was 2 years to power down - Power Down? So if it doesn't work for they could do what Steemit did and reduce the time frame for powering down.

Yep, I know about the 104 week powerdown mechanism on Steemit before (many, many HFs ago ;-) ! )
But back then Steem(it) had 0 competitors in the cryptosphere! As argued, those were completely different times & circumstances back then!

Yes and STINC saw it was not a good idea so it was changed, Whaleshares will probably change it also, probably they are trying to make sure users stay on the platform and a as safeguard against bid bots, it could work for them or maybe not.

It's interesting to see how things will pan out though!
Personally, I will - but of course - stay active on Steem, primarily, but I might also choose to do so on WS! Because why not? Right?

Yes, that is how I see it also.

Whaleshares is shit and I don’t even have to go check it out to know that. Nothing called whaleshares will ever be respected as a social media platform.

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well @trevonjb, perhaps you should just go right on back to promoting the hell out of BITCONNECT instead...

Cuz I guarantee you won't find any of that kind of shitty "opportunity" on Whaleshares! 😱 lol

Interesting choice of words @trevonjb. But have you read my post, and interpreted what I wrote in its "plot"?

TLDR: I'm carefully comparing Steem to some elemental aspects now implemented in, and as a conclusion I'm explaining why in fact could help Steem user retention improve....

Why is that "shit" to you?

I didn’t have time to read but I skimmed. I’m just saying I can’t take it serious because of the name. I will check it out tho

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If we focus purely on the name "WhaleShares" then yes, I agree, it's not the strongest of brand names. For example terms such as "Steem On!" or "Steemian" are not easily ported over to WS: a "WhaleSharian"?

But... that might change over time. That's mostly a matter of rebranding to a new domain name e.g. ""

^^^ Don't claim that name now @trevonjb! :P

Goes and buys :D

I am with you on delegation being a double edged sword and I agree that it does more good than harm. Many great projects, @minnowsupport, @dtube, ect would not be doing as well without delegation. I will try @waleshares on your recommendatiin. Thanks @scipio!

Steem On!

I had no idea that @krazykrista et al had formed their own platform! I remember them from the weekly Steemit show where they would help newbies verbally share their content and organize folks upvoting the shared content. I tried it once, but try as we might, KK and I just couldn't get my audio working. Nice people.

I noticed the icon for their server changed in my Discord, but I've been so caught up in activity with other servers that I never figured out anything else had changed.

Now that you've given me this excellent "get up to speed" I'm going to definitely give it a look.

I love Steemit and am fully invested here (as my post from last night makes abundantly clear) but I also believe in diversifying one's crypto investments. That's whether you're buying with cash or mining with equipment/content creation.

I actually had been on Minds since last Spring, but I find that platform too Trumpy for me. Then I joined Trybe recently, which is built on EOS. There isn't much activity on there, and it also sometimes seems to go down and lose what you just created if you didn't manually hit 'save.' I like the idea of staying closer to the Steem community, in terms of relationships I already have here. But a different way of distributing rewards that isn't based on SP is very interesting to me. Definitely will check it out.

Thanks for this post.

The show you're talking about is still running @indigoocean :)

You're still hosting it for Steem and separately doing Whaleshares stuff?

People from both Steem and Whaleshares can talk about their posts, at least I haven't heard anyone say it is going to be exclusively for posts made on Whaleshares . . . yet.

Krista did not create her own platform ;-) The Whaleshares dev team did, and we no longer use the old discord since it is not owned by the Whaleshares team - that's why you see a different icon and nothing realted to Whaleshares happening in there anymore.
Official Whaleshares Discord: :-)

Nice blog thanks for sharing.

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Hello dear @scipio I loved your article, thanks for the mention. I really change steemit and it's changing my life. It's the best thing that has happened to me and my daughter, that's why I'm working hard every day to make sure all my work goes well! This community values your work and rewards you. Life here in Venezuela is too expensive for us Venezuelans. Collecting a salary with the local currency ... For example, 18 SBD equals 1 Venezuelan Minimum Salary and with that you buy: 3Kg of cheese. For example. Steem is sustainable for us only with great effort. Investing about 20 minimum hours of work. And to switch to, it would not be ideal, but it would not be a bad idea to try new opportunities ...
As long as it has something good to promise, and that there is no 50/50% is unfair and does not attract attention. For example, if I dedicated only to whaleshares, it could even have effects on my diet. I could even die of hunger, since steem and its 50/50 system, as you say, has become our life saver, but I do not mean that it is easy, but with great effort and ingenuity, anyone can change their life. of steem.

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A great analysis Scipio. Though I was not with the Steem Blockchain when it started, I have started with Whaleshare quite early. I actually do not want to compare both the websites as its very early to compare Steem with WLS and we should give some time to whaleshare to flourish. Though not only whaleshare, there are quite a few websites which are very similar to Steem and those are Weku, Scorum.

I think whaleshares will be a positive thing for the STEEM community as well.

So whaleshare have their own steem-similar blockchain?

Ohaha, look at that, that does not look good for the devs lol

We are currently in a sharedrop claim period. Only people included in the sharedrop can create account before September 15, 2018.

What doesn't look good? Anyone can signup now.

Then this should be deleted. It looks like the admins are not even able to get something off their website that is overaged and rotten.

Does rotten look good to you?

Good to know your view on the comparisons between Whaleshares and Steemit. It will not be a competition for both platforms instead members can do cross posting and do maximized their created articles and get the most rewards in it. Good work on creating this @scipio.

Thanks... Signed up for Whaleshares

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Beautiful explanation! Yes as an artist, I already post on various platforms, so it made sense to at least try whaleshares. I've tried other things like Patreon and failed, but it was most definitely worth a try. There are many timeless, universal posts that fit on almost any platform.

Also I did lose my interest in Steemit since September, but I kept posting partially thanks to Whaleshares. However, I've given up on doing great, long posts for now (no time, no motivation). Thanfully Steem-ua and Steempress working out nicely for me as they are very consistent with support, which is why I'm still around :)

Thanks to whaleshares I've started powering up 100% on Steemit. Blogging is just a hobby, I hoped it might be more, but it's not. Maybe I get lucky in the future ^^

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