Exposing the BIGGEST SCAM in cryptocurrency: Trevon James and BitConnect

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Meet Trevon James, a liar and a scammer

If you spend a lot of time on Steemit or YouTube going through cryptocurrency content, you've probably come across this face before.


So who is this guy?

Well, despite not knowing much about how cryptocurrency works (he has admitted this MANY times), this guy, Trevon James, feels that he still has enough knowledge in his head, to convince his subscribers on Steemit and YouTube to buy into one of the biggest scams of the 21st century: BitConnect.

Ok, but why is he a scammer?

Let me explain a bit about BitConnect. If you know Trevon and watch his videos, your probably already know what it is. BitConnect is a multi-level marketing program (scam / ponzi scheme / pyramid scheme, call it what you will) which basically offers "payouts" to those who invest in it. So, you invest some money into BitConnect, and then you get paid back a small portion of that money every day. After a certain period of time, you would have supposedly earned your capital investment back, plus interest. That's the claim anyways.


But how does BitConnect make money?

THE LIE - BitConnect say that these "payouts" are earned by a "trading bot", which they have coded. This bot supposedly executes trades with the money that you have invested, and that's where your payout comes from.


THE TRUTH - Like most Multi level marketing operations, BitConnect actually makes its money via a referral program. Basically, the site pays you every time you recruit a new member and they deposit money. You get a small percentage of that money. The trading bot BitConnect claims to have has never been seen, nor has the coding for it. This is just too obvious.
So Trevon makes all this money, that people think is coming from him being invested in BitConnect, when in actual fact, the money he gets is from roping more people into the scam!

It's a pyramid

So let's say Trevon recruits you, and you use his referral code when you sign up at BitConnect and deposit some money. Trevon gets a cut. So let's say you recruit some friends under you, and they recruit more people under them. Pretty soon, this is what the situation looks like:


Yep, it's a pyramid. And guess what, you're at the bottom. Trevon is at the top, making huge stacks of money, and fooling people into thinking you'll be rich like him if you invest in BitConnect. WRONG. Trevon will be richer if you invest in BitConnect. You will only be richer from it if you go and recruit some people under you. Now those people are the suckers, and remain so until the recruit people under them. And so the cycle goes on, and the pyramid grows.


The problem

Unfortunately, a guy like Trevon seems to have NO morals, and doesn't care about anyone but himself. Why do I say this? Because this guy OPENLY advertises this shit, and tries to get his YouTube subscribers and Steemit followers to buy into this nonsense, further enriching him.

He even does a "coin count" where he shows his viewers his earnings for the day, and basically shows off what he has. This way, viewers see he has money, and think "Oh if I do what he's doing, I'll be rich too!" False. Trevon money is made by getting you to invest YOUR money.


So at the end of the day, when he does his coin count, I hope all his subs and followers realize that the money Trevon has, is off of your stupidity. He is rich, because he convinced a bunch of people that he'd make them rich.


People like @trevonjb are people that the crypto community doesn't need.

This guy is going to give cryptocurrency as a whole a bad name, because there are gonna be plenty of unhappy people that will complain to financial regulators, once Trevon and his band of scammers disappear into the sunset, after convincing everyone to dump their money into a scam.

Beware shit like this. As the pic above says: If it's too good to be true, it probably is


I have to say that I’ve been using Bitconnect for over a year... and if you do not count my referrals (which are a total of 4 people), I have quadrupled my money... so that’s that...
Also there seems to be a trend to bad mouth Bitconnect because it gets a lot of attention. Therefore you can build your followers from fear which is bred in us from birth. (Just try and deny that). So in actual fact you’re the SCAMMER. Just like KENN BOSAK who was the most outspoken person about Bitconnect... but we all know what happened to him. And if you don’t he was caught saying he loves Bitconnect... but hating is his format, it works people engage with this topic because of more fear. So people get paid to spread F.U.D. It’s a business... ask Dimon from chase he spread F.U.D. Made the price of BTC drop then bought up as much bitcoin as he could. And to top it off Kenn Bosak was offered bitcoin to stop... so now everyone thinks they can black male Bitconnect to stop their unfounded scam claims. I don’t have to defend Bitconnect. It works, I’m just pointing out that people are shady it’s a diversion tactic so stall you out whilst they get money. Take a closer look at your life when someone said not to do something and later on you realize you should have. And the person who told you not to do it is in the same place in life... not stretching nor learning just playing safe... people like you disgust me... and people are so easily manipulated... again I’ve made all my money back BCC is over $1bil market cap. And your post is just a diversion. @trevonjb has made me a very wealthy man. So big him the fuck up and I would place the bet that he taught you a thing or two and has made you money. I would bet all my crypto that you’re full of bottom juice and lots of it. Fuck it if you say the world is flat I guess it has to be... good luck karma got Kenn and it’s coming for you too... and I just took a look at your blog... it’s full of referral links... so your doing exactly what @trevonjb did and your just trying to get your referral game attention... you’re so full of waste matter discharged from the bowels; feces, that your new name is PAMPERS... “wassup Pampers” fuckin scrub...

uhh ohh

Uh oh is right, lmao

"your new name is PAMPERS" made me laugh given what's happened so far.

As the saying goes, "A fool and his money are soon parted."

Hows that working out for you now???????????

How do you feel about these comments now? Obviously this is an old post but I just wonder how your perspective is now after learning Bitconnect really was just a scam and how many people lost a lot of money. You were one of the lucky ones which is great for you but many others weren't so lucky.

I'm curious, since you've quadrupled your money being in it for one year - surely if you love it so much you still had active loans/ money tied up in it last night. Even if they released the loan back to you in BCC at a rate for $360 unless you withdrew a minute after their press release (which was published with immediate effect) you would have lost absolutely everything you have on this platform. Given that BCC is down $95 percent today. Can you please explain how you managed to save yourself - cos I know people crying right now, cos they lost huge amounts of money and some people obviously even put their entire lives savings into this. Please explain, so that we can help others get their cash. Maybe Trevon James will reimburse them? lol

Trevon James is nothing but a loser who will now have to deal with his Karma. Look for him on the street corner in a year or 2, because dumb ass bitches like him can never be successful long term.


Hmm, you made 4 times in a year? Let's see, if you had invested your $ in Bitcoin directly over the same period you would have made approximately 8X so perhaps it's not such a good deal?

Here's the problem, Trevon himself describes bitconnect is totally related to bitcoin and he doesn't understand it. As long as BTC goes up the ponzi will not fail. Unfortunately when / if it goes down for any sustained period it will surely collapse.

Cloud mining (which I did a $1000 test on) is similar. You can't possibly make money in real BTC terms. By that I mean, I have made money with Genesis in approx 3 months which is great! But the same amount invested directly in BTC would have made me 3X so actually not that great.

In summary, beware. Just because you got in early and "made" money does not mean those investing now will not lose it all. Equally, bitconnect is relying on people reinvesting. Remember, as with stock investing, until you have the real cash in your hand it's all paper profit. (I know, I'm such a novice referring to fiat as real money!) :-)

got something to say now? hahaha

BCC UP 91% TODAY LMAO...you sold and lost, simple...BCC may never be 400, but if you didn't sell at $20... $10..i seen as low as $4...then you haveny lost lol....BCC will be ok, it was just the exchange and lending yo...

True, but who was lucky enough to do that? Who didn't panic when they saw the price plummet to 20.00?

I didn't panic. I have 1.02 BCC that may be worth more eventually. I'd rather a chance at recouping than accepting a 95% loss. I recruited 1 friend and made $5, maybe 7% of my total earnings on BCC. Maybe it was a scam, but people who believed in it weren't necessarily scammers.

Trevon James said that he will delete every negative post or comment from his Facebook Bitconnect group or under his videos so whether he thinks it is scam or not, he surely manipulated with people

True. not all were meaning to scam people, never said that was the case. This was about one of the leading proponents of the Bitconnect.

Apparently many people. Just not the gamblers, i suppose...i had nothing to do with bitconnect, it scared the hell out of me...even after extensive research...reading FUD mostly, but shit, people made some money lol...DON'T TAKE FINANCIAL ADVICE FROM PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY SAY.."IM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR" LMAO... people who didn't do enough research deserved to lose money, i feel bad for the people who put money in they couldn't afford to lose, but again...dont risk more than you can afford. WHO AND WHY would people put there houses up for BTC... Get greedy, you get Got

bitco... who ?!

lmao well to be honest I do feel a little bad for all of you that lost money with Bitconnect but in the other hand that is exactly what happens when you make your investment decision out of trends or by following some scammers on youtube. It is well known that this guys Trevon James, Craig Grant (Who doesn't even know what a private key is) Tai lopez, etc are scammers and there are tons of proof just by looking at their videos. If any of you upvote any of these guys' post you are contributing to their profits taking advantage of the community. I will most likely make a post regarding scammers in the next couple of days. Cheers!

Lol..the other 2 i have no idea...Tre never steered me wrong...for those of you who dont know, he has been doing videos on bootube for a while now...ABOUT ALL KINDS OF SHIT. You guys seen the profits, and ran to it...why blame Tre...hes not a financial advisor, blame the greedy government and the FUD spreaders on the interwebs, not some dude doing videos on bootube 😂😂😂😂

that is very true! I doubled my money before bitconnect shut down! I still have the tokens now too which I am holding

you only quadroupled your money because the price of bitcoin went up x6 and the bitconnect token went up to ya but if you didnt create loans and only held the token you would of went up to just because all the people getting roped in

This comment didn't age well.....

You know the term is "blackmail" not "black male"

This did not age well... I hope you learned your lesson and didn't loose too much money.

FCkin theafs you al gonna pay for what you are do people karma exists

Hahahaha you stupid fucking faggot. Learn the difference between basic facts and FUD you dumbass motherfucker.

"I have quadrupled my money... so that’s that..." . Lol, think he doen't get it... you made money, yes, money that other people lost who went in after you. you are a scammer, you just don't know it ;)

completely agree with you !! i also used to invest in bitconnect and davor and had quite a good profit from it !! what i always tell people about trevon and all the other people that tried to get profits from that platform is "noone is obliging you to invest there...if you do it it is because you feel the gamble is fair and you take your own risks" P.S. i love the new nickname PAMPERS lmao

So, how much did you lose on bitconnect?

We all knew it was going to 0 but delusional people like you keep believing in it. Do you still think it is not a scam?

happy to see you lose all your money

Ironically SteemIt is a ponzi too. You made all that effort to make this post and so far made 1 cent. How long did it take you? 1 hour? in 1 second I'll just upvote myself and make more.

Steemit is not a Ponzi, where's the referral program or need for initial investment?

The initial investment is the time and the 'shameless plug' factor are the curreny you pay into steemit. You have to 'shamelessly plug' your posts to everyone everywhere in hope of onboardng more upvotes. Also I'm seeing it feeds into a culture of people generating accounts to earn (rightfully so) but not necessarily putting in the efforts to put good content out there that is distincive and objectively adds value through newly curated content.

Of course you need to invest time, that is the least you can do, can't get something out of nothing. If I didn't have to invest time and got money for free then I'd think it's a scam of sorts and might even be afraid to cash out. I'm sorry if you feel like you're not getting enough votes but you don't have to promote yourself in any way to get votes, doing so may help you but that's not a requirement. There are accounts that are not here to get any votes but just curate. I came here with no friends and haven't really tried to make any.

I want to onboard users because this is a great platform and I want to see everyone do well, because I think the more people get involved the more control we have over the future of this space, because I think humanity needs to have a place for uncensored dialogue.

Usually the people who think this is a scam are the people who had expectations about how much they would earn. They tend to compare themselves to others and since they feel like they are doing a better job and the other is making more money then Steemit must be unfair and a scam.

Тhese people just want to be in their place, but they can not. Мaybe jealous.

Hope this blog post makes sense. Exposing the truth!

Agreed. You actually told me this not too long ago. Steemit is the same shit, dominated bu guys at the top, who rope idiots like you and I into it. You were 100% right, and thank fuck I didn't invest a cent into this. Also, the earnings are low on this post because @trevonjb and his lil fanboys probably flagged it, they don't want less profits I guess

I'm going to have to disagree with you about SteemIt. BitConnect is controlled by one man, one private individual or someone closely in relation to Craig-Grant, who soaks up the lions share of the profits.

SteemIt has 50 Witnesses who maintain the blockchain. These Witnesses rotate daily, depending upon how many Steemians vote for them and whether or not their network is able to do the computational work to maintain the blockchain, and be consistent about it. So, the decision-making power is not AS concentrated. A lot of the voting power has been made linear - meaning that your stake (actual money & time put into it) can be increased in relation to the Whales and, over time, you CAN actually become a whale. I started at 10 Steem. I spent 2 months and $25 and now I have over 75 Steem. My upvotes are worth more now. It's really small, but anyone who sticks with this for a couple of years can increase their Steem Power, too. I expect to be over 2,000 at some point in the future. Past that, who knows? But, if you truly understand the nature of blockchain, then you know that SteemIt is very, very transparent. BitConnect - not so much. In fact, Craig-Grant makes deliberately makes false claims to "sell" his ponzi-scheme, in order to enrich himself.

Also, MAJOR difference here: SteemIt gives everyone a part in the social media platform. We come here to learn about whatever we want, share what we want, talk about what we want, do what we want, make friends with who we want. BitConnect is supposedly based on a "trading bot" that even Craig-Grant personally admits does not exist - it was a lie. It was a scam. No way you can compare the two things - unless you're stupid.

I mean, have you seen, prophet0 ? Some 15-year-old computer nerd who's made thousands of dollars off of being a Witness for Steem-It. Anyone who has some real skills and produces the best content can make some money. If they work at it, over time they will get better, and then they'll make more money. That's life. That's how Steem-It works. Some people are just disappointed that they are not "getting rich quick." Believe me, anyone on here who is making big money is only doing so because they have developed a particular skill-set that others are finding to be valuable.

Maybe you need to work on your skill-set just a little bit harder, and spend less time whining about how much more money other people have than you do. You do not generally gain a large following and a lot of upvotes on accident.

PS I didn't write this post for cash. I'm actually so irritated by seeing his stupid face and I'm shocked at how many people he's been able to swindle. So fuck my earnings, fuck my rep, all I care about is letting people know about this guy and his scam, and I won't stop.

Get over it bro. You're assuming so much shit in your post I can't even take you seriously. Bitconnect works a lot like the insurance industry. Everyone pays monthly so that they can cash out big when something bad happens. The insurance company is working with professional traders to trade the money we pay them. That's their business model. You give them money. They trade it to gain money. Then they give you a slice when you need it. Bitconnect is similar. So what?

Bitconnect structure's share many similarities to other businesses. With your logic every single fucking business is a scam! Seriously. You're wasting your time. Look up any single business in any industry and investigate it. Try to find out how it's a huge scam. I guarantee you. Every business is a scam. You can't fight it. Join the system and profit. Or spend your whole life a a broke paranoid hater.

@seektruth You are right bro. this callumcampbell is posting or doing review where he did not actually research well. Very simple put your money callumcampbell says $100. I will beat you put your $100 in bitconnect and I challenge you after about 100 days if you did not get back your capital then I will return to you $1K and that's the time you make your reviews well as long as you did not put yourself to the test of water your reviews is hearsays and you have no right to review callumcampbell. Second, Ask yourself because the mark of a scammer if they are no paying the question to you is bitconnect paying or not ask million of members is there any persons did not received their payout? 3rd point: Is bitconnect really change many people lives interview all the members because for me after 100 days joined bitconnect I earned more than $8,000 which HYIP had scammed me before of these amount and when i joined bitconnect i fully recovered all these amounts? Do your interviewed especially your friend who joined bitconnect for more than a year? 4th Bitconnect is publicly traded coin with market capitalization of $2.50 Billions USD (check here https://www.worldcoinindex.com/ because you are no doing your homework buddy? because you become idiot and ignorance if you posting something which you did not fully understand. Pyramming Scheme and Ponzi always collapsed less than a year but Bitconnect is already more than two years.

A ponzi lasts as long as it attracts new investors.
If people keep throwing money at it, it will keep running.
Unfortunately people didn't see the warning signs. :/

is about the information, not the money, in a normal blog/forum (reddit) people dont even get paid 10 cents, still you do it to inform and help people. You must be like James also, selfish and all about the money

Do you know what a Ponzi Scheme is?

Steemit is not a Ponzi Scheme. There are some very obvious reasons for that. Ponzis require that you put money into it, in order that it is "Invested" in some high yielding opportunity. Which is really just a slight of hand with other people's investment of money. You fake a growth percentage to entice more people to get involved and get more financially exposed with your plot, then you take their money. It's so unwise to just throw around accusations using words which you are not familiar with the definitions of. It's important to speak precisely.


I was so close to dropping in on this due to these guys marketing, but I realized after a lil bit they don't give a whit for me or mine. Thanks for further clarification on the bitscam!

Pleasure, glad i could help someone

Ditto man on Hatchi's comment... Thanks for the share care bear...

I was about to follow the "dude", and I still as yet don't know how to follow someone, so I did a search in the search bar (top right) to find "HIM" and found your post strait up....

That is how I got to here and read your post (above), and now I am NOT FOLLOWING that dude, thanks to you.... cheerings Glenn.S

I'm not even on Bitconnect or watch Trevon James, but why would you follow callum blindly? He's a nobody and his post is BS.

I followed him because he appears to be more than a casual commenter and he stated his reasons for his opinions. That makes him more than nobody to me.

Straight to the point. When people look up to you and you scam them for a few bucks, you are a peice of shit.. Crypto does not need him or craigs scamming ass. Check craigs older videos, he has been scamming

Do you know who Clif High is? According to him, BitConnect is not a ponzi, and he said that it will survive the hyperinflation period, which is a big deal. We will see what happens at the end, but I don't think you are right on what you are saying.

Herbalife is also a ponzi that has done very well. Just because it's a ponzi, doesn't mean it will fail. The issue I have with it, is that it's a ponzi and therefore a scam. Also, it's illegal, and because of this, has been dressed up to misrepresent "investing".

If you understood how the markets and exchanges worked you would come to the possible conclusion that bitconnect not only has a volatility trader it also probably provides liquidity to exchanges such as coinbase at a price.

well guess you where wrong Bitconnect is a ponzi lol

Funny how much people still thought bitconnect is legit even if there was a lot of proof that it's a ponzi scheme. You don't have to be a genius to see that. A lot of wishful thinking i guess. People want to be rich so bad they believe everything you tell them.

Im with you @onlyonesp this is supposed to be an open platform yet some whales and some peeps around here think they can do what they want to place censorship on us. I think they have lost the plot of why steemit was really build.

Upvoted this post today.....well done my man! Scam all along!

Can't imagine this guy is still promoting ponzis(Lend Connect, Davor Coin, Falcon Coin) again. 95% of all crypto youtubers are either scammers or complete noobs with a couple months of "experience" that got lucky and now think they are some kind of pro investors, its pathetic.

I currently have 2 loans out on the bitconnect platform, both for modest amounts. After performing my due diligence Im open to giving it an honest go.

great article. these scammers are like parasites that need to be rid off of the platform. will re-steem your post so others be warned and informed about them scammers. thanks.

Thank you! The more that find out about this, the more people we can save from falling into this trap.

Good thing I never joined that program.

Stay away, it's snake oil. @trevonjb happily promotes this scam and then brags about the money he makes off it it. More people need to be made aware to stay away. The last thing we need in crypto, is 1000's of people complaining about being scammed. It fucks up the credibility of the whole industry.

Steemit is not a ponzi scheme at all, it is a strong community that shall preserve.



Brief overview of cryptocurrency markets and market cap. Pop star Katy Perry posts her crypto nails on her instagram. Rapper 50 cent just found out he is a crypto millionaire. Stock market app, Robinhood, is going to start selling 2 cryptocurrencies in 5 states with no trading fees. The Square cash app has expanded its beta bitcoin program to new users. Both Robinhood and Square Cash will be competing with Coinbase. There are a few big YouTubers getting sued for their involvement advertising and endorsing Bitconnect. I give my thoughts on buying BitconnectX tokens vs hodling BCC tokens. Twitter is a great source for Verge XVG news.

to me, the greedy ones are the one who lost more than they can afford, there is no business or investment without rest, the goal is to spread your investment and never investment more than you can afford to lose in a particular program. Never put all your eggs in one basket.

tl;rd - I never put money in bitconnect, but regardless if bitconnect is a scam or not, nobody can deny that people made a shit-ton of money from there. Also, bitconnect seems to be maintaining communication with the community. If they were a scam, nobody would hear from them. So, why hate?

Very true but from experience that how scam generally works they are very much in the exit stage but to have a coin on the Blockchain is a big deal. I think cos of the scare a lot of users has lost trust.

But Trevir never said you need to invest money there, u can invest 100$ and get 160$ year later i dont see the scam, just get ton of refereals and all bee awesome...but now when its down we need the next piramyd

I was told to comment here by Trevon, so here I am :))

Thank you for the information. I was watch watching one of his videos on youtube.

looks like click bait, we didnt get scammed or lose money yet, still holding BCC and waiting for it to got back up like any other alt coin. even though i was in it for a short time i did get paid out the daily interest as promised, unfortunately the govt shut it down, don't know why this would be a scam or ponzi. easy to say things about things about what you don't know and jump on the band wagon. everyone should know the risk in crypto buying, holding, lending, etc. if not do your homework, but i would think again before you start bashing people @trevonjb and calling them scammers and a fraud. will have to vote this post down if possible, new to this steemit platform. just a newbie too. we can agree to disagree enough negative stuff in the world, just move on and learn from your experiences and learn from the. you should try to find someone that had invested in bitconnect and get them to call it a scam or ponzi that would make it a better story, instead of copying and pasting something you found on the internet on a google search. bad attitudes, name calling from not doing your research make the crypto community look bad from everyone. get read btw.....

I have to say I disagree. Scammers make crypto community look bad, not the people calling them out.

which govt? Bitconnect is/was not based in the US so any cease & desist orders sent to it by Texas or North Carolina or even by the UK authorities would have had little consequences for an operation in SE Asia. No, they realised with bitcoin price dropping and fresh "investors" into the pyramid on the decline, they had to stop paying everyone, take their amassed pile of Bitcoins and spend the rest of their lives on a beach in Koh Samui :D

Bro ur post sucks. It's asif you are calling everyone who invested in bitconnect fools. We are not fools.

I stayed away from BitConnect. Out of curiosity, were there any notable programmers, innovators or leaders in the crypto space that supported BitConnect ? All I ever heard was criticism. The crash today seems to me to have proven the naysayers correct.

depends when you "got in" to Bitconnect. if you'd done a loan up to around September 2017, you'd have made back your initial capital + profit by the time it collapsed, thats probably why many aren't whingeing and whining, simply because they didnt actually lose anything. It's only those at or near the bottom of the pyramid who lost out.

But he is right - if you invested in a Ponzi pyramid scheme - you must be a fool!

And Trevon James is an absolute clown - if anyone invested in a ponzi scheme cos of a clown making youtube videos - not only is he a fool - but quite frankly very stupid

Trevon James youtube career should be over after this. And also he might have to face a string of litigation from Bitconnect itself as well as users. I bet he will spend more on lawyers now than he has made out of it. But in any case, I don't believe he has become a millionaire out of Bitconnect (as he has claimed consistently). I don't know many millionaires making youtube videos every day. lol He is a con artist and like most con artists he will meet his match one day.

Being sued and litigation will be one set of worries he will have. (He drives a nice car - someone would like to have that in compensation).

The other worry is the regulator. Those who posted referral links and incited others to invest are guilty of selling securities without a state licence. At a minimum, they are a facilitator in an illegal scheme. That’s potentially jail time.

Pass the soap please.

Hey, that's opportunism for you. If you had a camera, some recording software, a few hundred $$ and uploaded videos frequently, you could become a pyramid top too. Lots of people are doing it right now and exchanging codes. The only ones who get really upset are the ones who don't read the rules before getting into it. If you understand that it'll take a year to get your money back, and that you need to get people to use your codes to make a profit, then I don't see a problem with it. I don't know whether there's any truth to the "trading bot doesn't exist" claim, but I will research it. There's also people saying that Genesis Mining (similar operation) isn't really giving you mining power. Why would they do that when they can just mine for themselves? People say they simply buy and sell the top crypto currencies, but who knows.. The fact is that people DO make a profit, but that requires work and throwing people under the bus, be it them doing it voluntarily and with full knowledge of how it works, or innocent viewers who get hyped up and want to make some money without thinking and researching first.

It's pretty sad that a guy like @trevonjb , instead of making money from working hard, chooses to make his money by fabricating things to innocent people online. Sadly, lots of his subs are newbies, and aren't able to see through his bullshit. On the other hand, anyone in the crypto space with a couple of brain cells has called this guy out.

@trevonjb is really just marketing and taking advantage of his referrals. He's just giving people opportunities to join the platform, and being rewarded for it. 6 months after this post, and people are still being paid out from Bitconnect. It could very well be a Ponzi, or a scam but you have provided no proof. It sounds like you are actually just jealous of his success. More than 1 million people worldwide are involved with Bitconnect, and nobody has lost any money or been scammed as of yet. The truth is that the Crypto world is filled with HIGH RISK but potentially HIGH REWARD investments.

And with regard to Genesis, I completely agree. Same scammed dressed up as something else. @trevonjb I hope you see all this man, you know that 1000's of people in the community already hate your guts. You may have made a few $$$, but your rep and credibility is fucked, and only newbies listen to what you have to say. As I've already said, anyone with a decent amount of crypto knowledge has already called this guy out / knows he's full of it.

I've been in the "crypto game" only for 7 months, but I always do my research. I think his followers like him and voluntarily do this to themselves. Look at the comment section - they're all spamming their codes. They're aware of the fact that that's the way to make a profit faster. There's also related videos on the side which offer critical assessment. If a guy has found their way to Trevon, then they have the research ability and the mind to consider that when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That's why I think that most of the people who got into this cannot be seen as victims. They know what it takes and I don't see a problem with it. Be and let be. I've also considered Genesis Mining and making videos myself, but I just don't have the extra cash for that and I don't think they'll be around for 2-3 years. But I am certain that I'll be successful, much like most others who do this and upload videos. Look on the bright side - their community is pretty tight. Few thousand people helping each other out by using each others' codes. In the end it's always the site owner who makes the most $$. I don't know. I just see it as a contract and not a scam. If you know what you're getting into, then you aren't being scammed. You're just playing the game.

I only worry, because as I've said, it's only a matter of time before the referrals start slowing down, and everyone starts to cash out. When that happens, you're gonna see a stampede of people trying to get their money out, and some people are bound to be left behind, broke.

Said people will then go on to lay a complaint, take a class action lawsuit against BCC or something, and next minute regulators are all up in the crypto space, trying to prove that everything is a scam.

Bitcoin already has connotations that it's a scam, do we really need this?

Hi CC, thanks for the info. I knew something was up with this guy posting a coun count every day (how gauche) and spamming his promo code. It all makes sense now.

Fundamentally he's just looking out for number one -- which is acceptable, if done with a little more taste and a little more generosity.

Thanks again! I've already wasted enough minutes looking at that greedy-stoner.

Cheers! from @thedamus

Yeah it's all a bit too, I dunno, obvious? I guess the coin count attracts people though, people who are super greedy

There's a way to be productive, earn money, be a little selfish, but not be a total D-bag...

And Trevon has not found it. Lol
Don't'cha worry too much though -- people get what's coming to 'em

Agreed 100%! Well anyways, thanks for being one of the very few to actually read this and take it on board, you'll be rewarded one day when you still have all your money, and all the trevon fanboys don't :)

Bitconnect, not travon is to blame. If you want to blame travon , why not find whoerver introduced hime to it and blame that person, then find the person that introduced that person and blame them?

So, just because Trevon is Black you're calling him a scammer? What if he was white?

You should be ashamed of yourself.

The cases made for and against Trevon that I have seen didn't have anything to do with race. Being white in this matter might change things for you, but it remains immaterial to me.

Trevon never forced ANYONE to sign up underneath him and invest their money into the platform, everyone has a mind of thier own and everyone can make choices for themselves, (and he says this alot himself in his videos) if anyone is mad that they "lost" money through the bitconnect network and didnt do thier own research first then they have no one to blame but themselves. All this finding someone else to blame game is so silly.

scam or not scam, there are so many scams out there and this guy seems like to have nailed it, he doesn't know much about crypto and you can tell it after a few words, but nonetheless 90% of the millionaires in the world are ignorant, scammers and mostly they don't know what they are doing in their field, but they are full of sh** and they have the guts to go out there and actually make the real money, instead people like me and you that try to excel in something spending their lives becoming perfect and then failing with no money ! so thumb up for Trevor that with a bunch of stupid videos with affiliate links not even cloaked just plain aff link url text, made a fortune or at least a good living so that he's able to give away 0.1 BTC a day for free !

if you read this Trevon,what is your response? i would like to here form you about this and about hacking too please.

Just to comment briefly on your rant. Bitconnect was a bad deal, but I learned so much from him by listening to how he invested in the other coins. Great that I diversified. Knew nothing about crypto except BitCoin diversisified and my portfolio is still doing great. I am responsible for me not Travon. Things like this happens pick up the pieces and move on.

But is bitconnect finally dead? I’m sry for the investors who lost!

you only lost if you sell for one, HODL.

I'm invested in BitConnect and I feel it is legit. People are quick to yell ponzi because the interest payouts are so high. This is bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!!!! It is a new market, everything has been high, especially the last few months. So the returns aren't "unusually high", just high in comparison to other investments.

Your argument is that they profits are "too good to be true"? That would be true if we were talking about stocks, real-estate, etc. This is cryptocurrencies, wouldn't sound odd at all to hear a coin increasing 2000% in a few months. I really dislike it when people yell "scam / ponzi scheme / pyramid scheme" without any real proof as to why they make the claim.

First off, those are separate things. A ponzi scheme is not the same as a pyramid scheme. So make up your mind what you want to call it and do your due diligence to name it correctly if your going to push a claim. Secondly, just because something has a referral program doesn't mean its a pyramid "scheme". There are many legit businesses that implement a referral pyramid/ladder system. Thirdly, the platform works without referrals. Some main points everybody who yells scam or what-have-you miss out on is that bitcoin is VERY volatile at the moment. On any given day you can see the price of bitcoin rise and fall several hundreds of dollars so it wouldn't be hard to make an average of 1% profit on any given day.

Lastly, Even if bitconnect didn't actually have a trading bot and they just sat on bitcoin they get they still would have enough to pay back loans. (because the price of BTC has gone up significantly) They are also an exchange, so they make a profit every time somebody puts in money or takes money out.

The referral program is just icing on the cake! I have just $100 in and have made about $24 in less than a month. No referrals! Referrals just boost profits like any other business that has referrals. Even if the referral system didn't exist I still would be trying to get everybody I know involved because I see it as a great investment opportunity.

BitConnect to me is like a mutual fund for BTC. Sure you can make more if you invested directly into BTC, but you would have to do more work.

One last thing! BitConnect isn't Trevon's or Craig's platform! So why say they are scammers pushing this like it's they're own lol? They just been in the game the longest.

PREACH!!!! So many haters on this article. Yes Trevon is raking in thousands off of his referral network, but that doesn't mean it isn't legit. I have been in bitconnect for 3 months, not only is it making me passive income but it is also teaching me a lot about crypto. This makes it valuable regardless of how you look at it in my opinion.

Lol you are stupid. It's a big ponzi scheme. How much proof do you need?

People cant say they weren't warned. I can't believe these kids aren't in jail yet. You did a great service to the community warning people about this scam.

has anyone got their money back from Bitconnect ?

Ask around. Most people are loud about investing in BCC, yet very quiet when it comes to this question. Interesting...

So far I have never heard anyone get back their initial investment since I think Bitconnect just started this year so the ones that invested $100 will only get their money back in Oct 2017. By then whoever owns Bitconnect would be a billionaire

And then exits scams

While I totally agree it could be a massive ponzi, if you get in and get out early, you get your money back. If they keep making money off of it, why would they run with the cash??? Like, why not let the "machine" keep going?

I mean, it would make sense to keep it legit and make more money than by packing up shop and dipping. Plus, if Grant is involved - he's made himself pretty public about his supporting it. It would be easy to find him, should the authorities need to.

Thank you for the info

i got the popcorn who got tht butta. lol

If its too good to be true, it probably is ;-)

No Guise im serious, just sign up on genisis with my refferal code im doing this for u guise plz plz plz use da referral code

I've never been with Bitconnect, but I do know a little bit of how it works. It was a brilliant scheme so I wouldn't call in 100% ponzi because you did not need to refer to make money. You either lied or you are misinformed.

Also, you are slandering someones name and downgrading him for one thing, and one thing only. He supported Bitconnect for a short period of his YouTube fame and so he had the right to. It is not the promoters job to know the inner guts of an operation. Also, Bitconnect is still operating, so they never exit scammed.

You only assume you know about Trevon because of one thing he recommended. You obviously haven't watched much of him because he has provided great advice and has helped grow the community.

Yes, there are a lot of people who bought in late, but you can say the same about Litecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin. Some people will lose their shirts and I will only feel bad for half of them. The other half don't have what it takes to be successful.

To be successful, one must be willing to lose more than he makes.

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I cant say he is a scammer though because all he really did was just upload YouTube videos showing people that he was lending his money to and investing in Bitconnect. I mean he never told anyone to join it so you cant blame him. As responsible human beings, you cannot blame someone for making bad decisions in life. He lost money too so its not like he won and you lost. Everyone lost as even I lost 80 dollars in it as well.

I feel like a lot of people are just too greedy putting their life savings and 500 thousand dollar LOANS???!!!!??? in Bitconnect. If they followed a key rule of investment, this would have never happened. Never invest more than what you can afford to lose. I mean how silly is it to blame someone for a decision you made? Did Trevon James hold a gun to your head telling you to invest in Bitconnect? Like seriously guys, this ridiculous, really. Get over it! You made a bad decision and you lost money, it happens, its life, life sucks but it goes on. Before you joined bitconnect, as a responsible human being, you should have done yout research on the platform and then make a conscious decision on whether or not to join, so I am not going to be the one to feel sorry for people who do not think!!!

Thank you for helping spread the awareness!

It's funny to read all these "it's not a scam" comments now it's all out in the open.

but who cares?

I'd avoid this type of thinking.

You'd avoid being skeptical of programs that want your money and offer unusually high returns? While also calling out people who advertise those programs, and trick new people into making them richer

Being skeptical is OK. I am skeptical. You outright called it a scam without any evidence. Reason to be skeptical of something does not equate to evidence of a scam. You need some evidence, proof, data, something tangible other then your thoughts and ideas about a person or subject.

Lol dude go study some economics, read a case study on Herbalife, and grasp the concept of MLM. Then you will understand. Literally, on BCC's site, they even have a picture of a triangle, depicting how the pyramid flows. Straight up fuckin scam.

Triangle means illuminati right? Are you trying to scam me bro or mind control for the new world order? What a dumbass! Invest $100 and see for yourself before you spout a bunch of nonsense. Yes it looks risky from the outside, but people thought Bitcoin was a scam for the last 8 years and still do. Crypto is a game changer and the old rules no longer apply. I'm a lizard person btw :P

That's so stupid. I hate being people that are so dumb and blind to the potential of MLM. You can make hella money. I'm sorry dude, but people like you have so much to learn about business and life. Every fucking business is a pyramid. I hope you realize that. If you really want to hate a business hate businesses like Facebook or Google. The people on top get paid millions while the people doing all the real work at the bottoms get scraps. That's the real scam.

Shame on you for ruining someone life for being an affiliate! I had about 50 videos ready to roll out showing my success on steam up to 650/day by time the stop the platform. Trevon is me!!! Trevon is anyone who ever posted their affiliate link. BCC affiliate program is Amazon, walmart , most crypto platforms worth their salt and 99%. Of all online business. They all have affiliate program. Stop Criminalizing Affiliates.

This is not investors fault! Those dumb fucks who say that you should have been careful have no clue about finance investing, or crypto. They speak, just because they want to say something, but they only manage to humiliate them selfs. All those people have been scamed! They didn't lost money due to a bad legit decision.

In Crypto you'll not always win @trevonjb is a cool dude.

He's a pump and dumper, what's cool about that? If you followed his advise you lost a lot of money.

Hey @callumcampbell any program can turn into a scam. No one knows which program is legit and which is scam. I invested in a program which looks like a legit business but it was a scam. I didn't know about and I promoted. I had 0 referrals, that program was Scam. Does it make me spammer?

We entrepreneurs are optimistic about every opportunity which can help us and others. If we find one, we share it with others.

I found out Steemit and I share it with few of my friends. Now it's upto them what they think about it.

  • “Does it make me spammer?”


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