Whaleshares Minnow Support Contest #3-- Support the Best Undervalued Content Creators!

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The time has come once again to announce our latest edition of the minnow support contest. This is possibly my favorite contest that we run as it really helps new people get established and excited when joining Steemit. We've met some really good steemians through this contest already and it will only get better. This time we have had to adjust the prizes in accordance with the effects of Hard Fork 19. While the amount of whaleshares the winners will receive will be lower, the amount they add to your post payout are still higher.

Speaking of new users, our Discord server has been growing by leaps and bounds. We've had about 100 new users just in the past 24 hours! The more people that we get the more fun it gets too. It has been nonstop laughs 24-7 these days and the best part is there has been absolutely 0 drama! Speaking of our Discord server, be sure to check out the contest I posted yesterday to see how you can win some whaleshares just by hanging out. Also, be sure not to miss the official Whaleshares Hangout starting this Sunday at 7:00 pm on the Beyond Bitcoin Mumble server. Details of joining that are here

Ok, on to this contest. The rules are the same as last time with only a couple differences. To enter find the best post you can find by someone with less than 1000 steem power and post a link in the comments. Our illustrious panel of judges will select our 4 favorites at post payout and both the author of the posts and the people who nominated them will receive 25 whaleshares apiece. Each user may only nominate one post. Good luck and happy steeming!

These tokens are on BitShares! So make sure you have a BitShares Wallet to receive and send them for upvotes on your steem posts!

Download Bitshares Wallet

Be sure to join us on Whaleshares Discord server-- the fastest growing steem-related Discord! Over 800+ members in just 3 weeks!



OL: st44m if it is passed :)

I nominate this wonderful story by @photooftheday

I would like to nominate @chan-on 's This post .. Thanks

One of my dear friends finally joined steemit and has been putting awesome effort into every post. She is hilarious, genuine, and creates awesome art. I nominate @stitchybitch


really great what you guys are doing for the community. i just joined the #whaleshares discord myself earlier today. looking forward to continue learning from all of you OG's!

Extremely undervalued photographer and this is the link to his latest post

I give my vote for @eddie's song
a new talent on steemit and is worth listening and upvoting and all, since RAP music is in the gutter, eddie brings it back to life .


I nominate this post:
It has got already a lot of upvotes, but that's because it is so good, the user doesn't have almost any followers or steem power though

You win! Leave me your bitshares/openledger username and I will send your whaleshares!

Awesome :) Mine is "volffili1". Thank you so much :)

You win! Leave me your bitshares/openledger username and I will send your whaleshares!

Mine is nepd1

@patriot is patriot0

Thanks Walrus!

Can somebody explain me this whaleshare deal???? I have been trying for a week, I don't get this thing.

Pop in to the discord and we'd be happy to explain in great detail.

Basically... win or buy whaleshares tokens. Each can be used for %1 of an upvote by a whale on steemit.

Please join this discord server for more info. If you are a minnow, you should certainly join this and understand it.

I did a week ago, people can't explain anything

come online on discord, we we'll explain you.

wow, you call me to discord and be total jerk to me, and don't explain anything. WTF was that? That wasn't cool.

I tried to send you a guide (not faq) which fully explained about whaleshares. But you surely don't know how to talk to people who are trying to help you. You want to be spoon fed, that's not possible. If you had read that, you would have known what wonders whaleshares can do for you. But, well now I can not help you more. Enjoy!

if you were sharing guide you could have just posted link. You weren't gonna help anyway, if you were you would have done it already. Anyway, good luck to you. Don't worry I won't compete for your whaleshares. I don't get it anyway.

Hello, I recommend my friend @coinkingz who helps to promote Steem in Bristol, and blogging about art and design. Thanks

I recommend this you've student who wants to help his family

This guy looks like he could genuinely use a break. I think it would be really cool if we were able to help him out. He's having some bad luck it seems.


You win! Leave me your bitshares/openledger username and I will send your whaleshares!

Yay thank you!!!
My bitshares username is isaria1

The bitshares username of the person I nominated is swelker101


Sent to both of you... your bitshares mandala thingy that goes with your name really seems to suit you.

Got it thanks!
Yeah when I saw that mandala thing I felt like it was showing me the shattered pieces of my soul or something lol

I want to nominate this post by @steempowerpics. He is sharing the Steemit promotion cards that he made with everyone for free.

Greetings, kindly read any of my new posts and tell me how we could become involved. Thank you for your time.

I know this may be rare, But I would like to submit myself...any help is a great inspiration to keep going!!

I'd like to nominate https://steemit.com/art/@mindboggle/lights-of-night-life-at-dusk for the contest. The author makes an amzing combination of painting and writing in her blog posts and that too without any dragging of the subject. Seems like someone who needs some recognition

You win! Leave me your bitshares/openledger username and I will send your whaleshares!

I would like to nominate @yehey 's post: https://steemit.com/ethereum/@yehey/we-now-have-our-own-yehey-coins-cryptocurrency

I really like his journey on making his own crypto currency. Just read his previous posts.

He created contests, hosting campaigns like: #teamphilippines, #teamusa. Actively reply to comments and visits his followers.

This person has already 500+ followers and just joined last month (june 2017)

I will probably announce the winners tonight

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