Beyond Bitcoin: Whaleshares Hangout Announcement!

Announcing the New Whaleshares Hangout

We have been amazed at the community that has sprung up around Whaleshares these past few weeks. Built upon the foundations of mutual support and cooperation, our Discord server has become the fastest growing steem-related server where new users can come for help or advice from long time steemians in a spirit of equality. We now have over 700 people enjoying our drama-free mutual aid society and many community-building initiatives have already been started.

With this in mind, we thought it was time for this community to have a weekly hangout on the Beyond Bitcoin server where we can introduce our projects and initiatives to the greater Steemit community as a whole. Beginning next Sunday, July 2nd, we will be hosting our first Whaleshares hangout at 11:00 pm GMT on the Beyond Bitcoin mumble server. Check your local time here.

Whaleshares Hangouts will be hosted by @densgirl94 and @jphenderson where each week they will make any announcements of new contests, contest winners and new initiatives. Following these announcements we will focus on various topics of things that are currently relevant to both the Whaleshares community and Steemit in general.

And after this hangout, stick around for whaletank (to be announced in further detail in the future) to join a sharktank style event with @officialfuzzy and other whales who will distribute tokens to your project (if it makes the cut)!

We are the community coin of whaleshares, which means whaleshares hangouts will be there to help the helpers! SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Join our WhaleShares Hangouts and change the world with us, earn money in crypto and enjoy a drama free environment to build with your exponential value!

This Week's Topic -- Steemteachers!

For the first hangout we wanted to start with an initiative that is very dear to our hearts. Steemteachers will be a mentoring program hosted on the Whaleshares Discord server. Initially it will be a place where new users will be able to come learn about the Steemit platform. Eventually, we will be working to get schools involved in underprivileged areas where the students can learn how to get involved blogging on Steemit where they can earn desperately needed funds. It is our hopes that not only will this help the children learn skills such as English and Computer Literacy while simultaneously helping them earn funds to help feed their families and maybr even pay for college!

How to Join

Step 1: Download Mumble Here

Step 2:

Step 3: Enter the following information:

Label: BeyondBitcoin
Port: 64738
Username: Enter your username
Password: w0rldCh@NG3rsUN!t3

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During the Week you can find us in Our 24/7 WhaleShares Server! (preferably the Adult Swim VOIP)

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@officialfuzzy doing great work brother look fw to chatting more

Suggestion Fuzzy - if you want to open the environment to more people, you can't assume they know all the things you are talking about. I'm techie, and I'm willing to Google - but for example "Discord Server". Most people don't have a clue what that is. Then you jump from Discord Server to Mumble Server, but glad you provided the video. I've been listening to all the archived "BeyondBitCoin" shows, and learning a lot.


Tech sadly is not for everyone. A link to get people onto discord is the easiest thing i know of at present. However....mumble is our conference hall :)

of topic, that is a beautiful water colour painting of a whale :)


@cherie made that for us... It is lovely isn't it

This is really so cool , inpatience for the first hangout :) The Discord is full with great people and so far wasunt any problem . Hope every one get help and some fun :)

I joined the last one and enjoyed it. Fired up and ready to go!! looking forward to the next hang out.
Thanks to @officialfuzzy , @densgirl94 and @jphenderson . Steemit is great because of you guys and your team working behind the scene to make here a better place for all.

@officialfuzzy Yo! The discord invite is not valid


Yes I tried it and it showed invalid.

Good post

Hopefully I won't spend $20 worth of BitShares to get an upvote worth $5 ;)


Hopefully u can do math then ;)


isn't buying your way up is unethical @officialfuzzy , or should newbies start investing to upvote themselves to the trending page...


How is it any less ethical than paying for post promotion, and from what I heard most post promotions were not that profitable.

I don't see anything unethical about it. The truth is most people that have huge payouts are friends with people that have a lot of SP (or maybe negotiating behind the scenes deals) and have a lot of auto votes. All Whaleshares does is give you an option to get into the game rather than sit on the sidelines.

No one get's hurt by the use of Whaleshares.


I suppose this is a grey area of Steemit. On one hand we should genuinely engage with the platform, but on the other hand we also need to be seen.


How else do you get to the top of the pyramid?


Most of the top accounts got there by buying steem and powering up... this just helps your posts get seen so that they can probably get noticed by more people if your content is good.


Thanks for showing ur ignorance ro how steem works.

By the buying sp unethical? Maybe we should get rid of payment altogether and give it all to!

I wonder how much time u spend per day complaining instead of learning...
I hope this lesson helps...


ok after doing my complete research, i apologize and taking my words back, i will be supporting whaleshares now @officialfuzzy

Congratulations @officialfuzzy!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 6 with 464 upvotes
  • Pending payout - Ranked 10 with $ 966,08

Will try and be there

A very good initiative in the first hangout to get schools involved in underprivileged areas and have students learn how to blogging on Steemit and earn funds. Thanks for the opportunity to join the Whaleshares.

Hey @officialfuzzy
I really appreciate the effort you put in helping new members just like me.
This is a very good idea. I'm looking forward to see more!

that's really nice

It is pretty great guys that you are doing such an intense job to popularise Steem/cryptos. Knowledge is not only power to those who would benefit from it but it is an amazing opportunity for us as well, I strongly believe growing the crypto world is a step towards freedom(fuck censorship, banks, msm). I will be sure to check out the next whaleshares hangout and would reccomend it to the friends I already made on Steem chat!!!

Thanks for the info, I cant afford to buy or invest so I need to blog and curate my ass off! Following now Cheerz!

Post about bitchare, i think it's amazing. ^^


This is great information!

These are good initiatives by you.....this project will help the community too much...

Cool things going on in steemit

I would like to get into that project, steemteachers is a good idea and probably a good way for newbies and complete cryptonoobs to get started.

I am gonna be there! Thanks!

Awesome! great initiative to help new Steemians... Also, I often ride around India visiting different schools and empowering women in rural India. It would be awesome if I can go around educating children and women about Steemit. Let me know your thoughts on this, I would love to join as a #Steemitteacher :)

I like it ;))

very interesting aim to help those who dont know the right way to
maneuver in the Steemit world Thank you
all who help the community grow with happy Steemians


I wish one day my 50 followers will be 5000 and my little $0.03 upvote one day could be $3000. Does dream truly come true? Tombs up to u guys. Together we can change the world


If you ca hold it in your heart, you can have it in your hand

What a wonderful joining

Very interesting post thanks for sharing <3

AH SWEET :) what a great idea

great post the @sheemit community and @steem cryptocurrency both are rising in number and shares.

Super post!!!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to see this idea implemented! Can't wait to see where this leads us, and what's in store for the future of Steemit. Upvoted and followed!

ⓐⓒⓘⓓ ⓖⓞⓓ ⓒⓐⓣ™

Awesome to hear! Look forward to this and me and @sykochica talked about the possibility of #steemprentice maybe working with Steem Teachers since it is a similar idea.


Fuzzy and I were actually talking about this yesterday... I think it's a great idea.


Hilarious. We talked about the same thing yesterday :)

Thank you so much for you to do what they do. Develop platform, improve it. It is helpful to read such articles. Many recognize them as new and desired for themselves!
Looking forward to your new publications videoroliki great recommendations.

Looking forward to the positive future.

Steemit will, give back the rewards to the people and not to the big Companies !

Whales, Whales everywhere...

Excelente contenido, felicidades. saludos cordiales desde Venezuela.

nice post

I really hope I'll be able to make it this time around. I've been missing a lot of hangouts lately.

That is another nice initiative from Officialfuzzy and whaleshares community. Proud to be a part of it!

I'm going to have to look into whaleshares

It is !! Really cool.

Thanks again @officialfuzzy for the update. Glad to see so much hard work being done for this platform. Up we goo ! :D

Hello I have upvoted you if can upvote my articel that would be great Thanks
I will follow you if can follow me

I need a mentor i can chat with on IM.....i speak only English...pls help

great post!!

Wonderful color Painting. Be me as your friend.

This is a great idea @officialfuzzy
I'm looking forward to your new information

keep up the good work

Dear OficcialFuzzy, (sound official, heh? I know that you secretly like to see different content of music. I'd be honored if you'd check my first Steemit tune. =)
Cheers from Switzerland! <3

This seems like a good cause and strong contribution to the Streemit community. Wishing everyone well in their efforts. I'm pleased to see so much organizing around cryptocurrency for causes that lift people up.

Sounds amazing, I've joined the discord. Link is invalid but here is a perm one for others to use:

Look forward to this and our futures!


Reach me on whaleshares discord. Im interested in chatting.

Both the hangout and Steemteachers sound great. I haven't participated in a hangout yet, but need to!

Really love this

I m glad I followed u ....

Do we need to get a bitshare wallet??

This is a whaly good post! ;)

These whales are killing the prices right now!


Not this whale... :/

Nice initiative ... congratulations!

I like the facial expression of that whale.