Celebrating my First Year with Steemit

in #whalepower4 years ago

Time have really past by, I can't believe I am still here with #steemit .
Did not know up until today.
I was rejoice after seeing @bullionstackers Celebrating First Year with STEEMIT; #whalepower Curator.

Then it make me look; that we are sharing the same day. 7-18 Today.
Cheers comrade @bullionstackers , a Toss to your success.

Anyone else sharing the same day as today?
Congratulation on your first year.


We may be twins.
Anyway congratulations on your first year with Steemit. @solidgold
Reblog , I found my long lost twin Brother.

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Thanks you @bullionstackers
You are still the Best

You have inspired me. Fully supported

Here dude thanks

Congratulations Big Man
I am a Fan of yours.
Thanks for the Fire 🔥 power you give me

Thank you sir

You are welcome

Congrats, now we need to see the gold :)

Did someone say Gold?

Thanks @helios

Thanks for #whalepower community support
No gold here , just another member trying to give back

Congratulations. Just a year old too. Giving out any @solidgold to celebrate?

Good to see your support @ace108

Good to see you here @accumulator
Your silence support there.
Seem hardly here.
I notice your presence.

Hey ace
Thanks for #whalepower community support

You're welcome. thanks for whalepowering.

Getting to know whalepower community

Thanks @ace108
You Da Man

You're welcome

Thank @ace108

Thanks @htliao

Thanks for #whalepower community support


I hope you will celebrate many more Steemdays with us in the future.
The third Upvote I ever received on Steemit came from you. I have to Thank you for supporting me from the beginning, even as I only has posted stupid smileys =) in the #whalepower Game at my first Day here.

Getting to know whalepower community

Thanks @ccc

Thanks for #whalepower community support

Congratulations! Here's to another year!!! Cheers, buddy! :) <3 May this next year be better than the last for you!

Thanks for #whalepower community support

Thanks @pfiffel

congratulaiton for one year on steemit :)

Good to see some still reply to this 4 months old post.

Congratulations on your first anniversary on steemit, wishing you lots of future success :)


Thanks for #whalepower community support

Congratulations - I have not reached this goal yet!! But will be partying when I do!

congratulations #whalepower


Save your vote get no upvote


Congratualations nice feeling I think.


Save your vote get no upvote



Big Congratulations time just flies away :)


Wow congrats. Looking forward to that for myself. :)


@solidgold and @bullionstackers , i am not forget source that gave me gifts


@solidgold Thank you, you give me upvotes

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