Winners of the Writing Contest: What Would You Do If You Were A Steemit Whale? — Steemit

Winners of the Writing Contest: What Would You Do If You Were A Steemit Whale?

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Hi, Steemheads!

After 48 years and 3 decades, here are the winners of the contest I made eons ago that I have totally forgotten, thanks to my poor memory. I'm sorry.

It was a writing contest about how would one be if they were Steemit whales and 33 great people came to join and share their thoughts. There were a lot of interesting thoughts but mostly it was about helping tiny fishes to thrive in this big ecosystem of Steem and focusing on engagement and encouraging community builders to keep doing what they are doing and supporting initiatives.

I am glad to know this is how minnows and red fishes think, if Steemians have this in mind all the time, what a great place Steemit would be and everyone would be getting the help they need here and this platform would work for everyone. I love Steemit, I believe in its beauty and its potential to change the world and change lives of the people that are here.

Without further ado, here are the winners!

Writing Contest: If I Were a Whale

This work is so witty and I love how it does not say much but the reader will understand perfectly well what the author wants to convey. This is very creative and at the same time funny. Thanks for joining and making the contest memorable for me, @minismartypants.

Re:What Would You Do If You Were A Steemit Whale? a @mermaidvampire Writing Contest

I did not expect for otom to join my contest because I know he is a busy guy. I love his point of view on this matter, as you can read, he is straightforward and his thoughts on it is unpopular yet empowering. Indeed, it is not any whales' obligation to be Santa Claus. A whale made themselves whale with their money and their efforts and it's up to them how they would use that power. Also, I love his message for everyone to learn how to fish for themselves and not rely on a whale or anyone. Yes, we should be responsible and primarily, we should be the one to help ourselves first before we seek others. A very nice perspective if you'd ask me. Every Steemian should consider these points. Thanks for joining and sharing with us a good point of view.

What Would You Do If You Are A Steemit Whale? @mermaidvampire Contest

Oh, gosh, this was a lovely read. I love how @fycee can be so subtle with anything. His post is about a realistic vision if ever he becomes a whale. It is centered on being this big whale yet still having your sh*t altogether and it does not make you into something you are not or worse, into something hideous. He focused on being humble and just doing yourself, do not mess or meddle with others' affairs but be helpful when you can. This is also another straightforward entry and very good choice of words. Kudos to @fycee because obviously this person can write and speak his brilliant mind at the same time. Thanks for joining and sharing your talent with us.

The winners will win 5, 3 and 2 SBDs, respectively, for first, second and third. All the 30 others that submitted their entries will each share a Consolation Prize of 3 SBDs, everyone of them will have 0.1 SBD each.

Thanks for joining, until the next contest!


Love and Peace,


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Awesome contest really had fun with this one! Congrats to all the winners and to @mimismartypants for taking too honors!

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Thanks dude!! Much appreciated!! Was indeed a really fun competition!!

Wooohooooo!!! Thanks, @mermaidvampire!! You just made this pair of pants sooooo happy!!
There were some really great entries, and I'm honoured to be selected as the winner!!

Congrats to @otom and @fycee for winning as well!!

Here's to all of our Steemit Journeys, May you all have much success!! Catch you all swimming around on the blockchain!!


And I'm so glad you made it, you're really awesome, keep it up!

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You too bro!! Keep on steeming!! One day we'll make it!


I want you to check this out ONE DAY by Matisyahu covered by
Bugoy Drilon

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Oh yes @otom
I love his rendition of this and his songs really touch my heart. Of all the singers out there, iba Yung Kay bugoy pumitik NG emosyon NG listeners! Thanks so much for reminding me to listen to it again.

Catching up!
Congrats too for winning!


Glad you made it, anyway we're all born winners, congrats to us. That ONE DAY is dedicated actually to @mermaidvampire hope she'll watched to that in her spare time, congrats!

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Oh thanks too and congratulations!

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Thanks for the consolation prize. Congratulations to the winners.

That was an awesome contest

Congratulations to the winners

I think everyone got a prize (I did), so I guess you made us all winners



Thank you for you great contest, i hope you always success. 👍

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Hi there @mermaidvampire,
there are times that an idea just popped up in my mind in the middle of my being pre-occupied, I have seen a lot of articles in steemit a well written one's but I seldom engaged in commenting but this one caught me and even guide my keyboard to cast a word, haha...anyway I never expected to be in the second place because that was just a random thought. Thank you.

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thanks for this awesome contest , congratulations winners. And congratulations @mermaidvampire for your brilliant idea.

THANK YOU for the consolation prize @mermaidvampire.. Glad to join your awesome contests even if I don`t win anything. You are awesome in all your undertakings helping the newbies and steemit users to feel that they belong to the Steemit community.

See.I got consolation price....Thank you so.much CONGRATULATIONS TO OTOM AND FYCEE....sorry late comment.

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Oyeah let's goat it! HAHAHAHAHAHA...

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