What Would You Do If You Are A Steemit Whale? @mermaidvampire Contest

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If I could dream, and wished to be a whale I will definitely imagine an achievable one.

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Being a whale involves a lot of responsibility towards everyone else but I would rather choose to be silent and just watching people from afar.
Or create another account that I could just simply be a minnow where I can mingle with everyone without the worries of my wallet being hacked or always be the subject of scrutiny.

I would definitely acknowledge people who are really making this platform a great place to dwell wherein I am considered a whale with a big heart just like the size of my wallet that defines this common dream that we all wanted to be. 🐋

If I am a whale, I would never manipulate the volume of trading internally or even externally. Let's all admit that anybody who has a million or just even a hundred thousands of units of cryptocurrencies they hold can really have a big impact with the current price of Steem or SBD if they wanted to.

I will never ever use my power or influence to threaten someone just because my ego was being stepped upon. Rather, I would use my connections being a whale to recommend really deserving individuals. @ankarlie and @mermaidvampire are a few of the ones I have spotted who deserve to be given recognition and great rewards.
Would also give more support to @surpassinggoogle, @maverickinvictus and to some community building great connection and friendship.

If I am a whale, I will still be myself and just continue to be happy creating wonderful posts that would encourage everyone to be active here on steemit. Welcome newbies with real gladness, join contests with enthusiasm, post comments on really deserving contents worthy of my praises and interact with fellow steemians from the long threads of conversation they create just by responding their opinions regarding a certain topic.

I would act as if I am a minnow like them just as they would wanna act like a whale even if they are a minnow.

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Whales are already born as whales. If a plankton became very successful then it becomes a huge plankton.

Let's make this platform still abides with the laws of nature.

Thank you for reading my blog and have a wonderful weekend.
Yours truly a whale by heart 💓💓💓

Inviting my friends @lapilipinas @alfren @zephalexia @sarimanok @bloghound and @vegasgambler to join this challenge.

There is the link of the contest.
Writing contest: What would you do if you were a steemit whale

Let's stay active in this wonderful platform.

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Hi, @fycee, a good post, I think you'll be some day a good whale (If you don't change your mind) because you are thinking of use your power or influence for do good thing for the others. Good luck in this contest!


Thanks for this comment. Yes, even if I am already successful here on steemit, the things should become huge is the heart. Not the head. Enjoy the rest of the week.