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Rando looks all “super Mario brothers now!” I love it!




Wake him up for unprofitable upvote? Just sent him 5 got 11 upvote? That normal?


He is very specific send 1 SBD... At least ya got 210% next time try multiple posts at 1 sbd he will randomly give you a 300% + upvote


He just had a post saying send 1-5, I was following his instructions


Now i cannot find it, maybe i read an old quide and made a mistake... Ughhh


220% lesson learned

You made a typo @randowhale. "Like" should be "link".

You made a typo @randowhale. "Like" should be "link".


Whales can’t type very well with flippers, give him a break!


I realized that just're so right!


first thing that I noticed as well. And embarrassing if you made such a typo when you're writing just a single sentence!


Everybody makes mistakes. I'm not judging him for it. We can't all be as perfect as you @aatifk


Never said I was perfect. Perfect is just imaginary. #GrammarNazi

havent used you myself. you have my upvote though. One of the few people on here good for the community.

i sent 0.5$ 2 hours ago.. i still didnt got any vote..plz resolve it... @randowhale..

A great man in steem industry.

good afternoon friend @randowhale , yesterday make a transfer of 1 sbs, and I did not get the vote to the post, I did not get a refund mentioning that the publication was old or that the link was invalid, I have already sent two messages to this page . and I still have not received the refund or an answer, I want to know if you have knowledge of how it can be solved in this case.

prueba1 20 de enero.png

prueba 2 20 de enero.png

have't received any delegation rewards in 3 days how come no votes since then so no payout for delegator's like me?

Please vote me @darmian23

I like this pos... thanks 👍


You will have to pay 1 SBD. Just like everybody else.

Am intrested 2

ROI is less then before.


naw got a 3 upvote with 1 sbd


What is your point?


Previously, with 1 SBD , got more a upvote worth 3 plus SBD. Now it is close to 2 SBD upvote with similar cost.


And that is still profit isn't it?

I didnt make it, @randowhale sleeping again.

thank for like my post @randowhale

Sent mine yesterday and thank you very much for the nice upvote! I will definately be using @randowhale in the near future for more upvotes. Thanks again!!!

nice one men...
hope you can upvote my blogs :D


Only if you pay up, just like all the other peeople usibg this great service.

I'm following you
I hope you upvote my blog


Only if you everybody else.

Reward amount is very low.


Really? I got a 3.5 SBD upvote. I don't think that is low.


i send 1SBD but 1get in my post 2.2$ calculate about 0.9SBD How my profit

· get SP as well. So stop being a little bitch.


buena respuesta

So how should I send it@randowhale


Read @randowhale's earlier posts for instructions.

Awesome Idea :)

I t hink you meant "to the LINK*". you put LIKE.

Love you. ;) best wishes

Time to rest rando, your power is getting very low, hope to see you back with more power in coming days.
And i have a question, you used to upvote more than the value people pay. but the last time you were awake, your upvotes was lower than before. Is it going to be like before or the change is going to stay?

Thank you for helping us tho :)

great thinking...about 1 sbd for upvote..
keep it up

@randowhale do not goes sleep and wakes

vote I was new you can sleep okay!



always success @randowhale

I have sent. I wait for your kindness. I love you @randowhale

why not in upvote, when I have sent 1 sbd


Please check your wallet. Your SBD was refunded for a reason.

Good post

@randowwhale I may ask that picture what it means

hay friends do not forget in upvote have me ya


Only if you pay.

Upvoted... For now i m poor... Will do it once i m a pro... :p

@randowhale , can't i sent more than 1 SBD ?

Salam mas randowhale..


I like this post friend

dear rando... when do you wake up ;-)

Time to wake up baby, you are almost 100% on power

@randowhale you are very helpful, increase your return. Thanks!

With the "like" or "link" to post?

Normal to send 5 sbd and get less than a 10 upvote? Seems profitable for one side...?? @randowhale


I must have made mistake reading an old post or quide to send u 5...😒

Sesuatu yang sangat menantang untuk saya, saya menyukai tantangan itu...
Namun saya belum mempunyai kekuatan.
Saya akan melakukannya nanti.

Randowhale is ok, ok, and ok.

I get very little benefit from getting upvote from you 2.60


You need to send in multiples of .5, also 1 sbd is probably the best roi, you get at least 3 sbd for 1.

I want to try....

Wow..the logo is very interesting and gives the impression. perfect design.. good job @randowhale !

welcome back whale:)

Hail the whale!

Flying blue whale small.jpg

Thank you, may you keep flying high!

Dear , @randowhale when is your official awake time ?

Hi @randowhale. I just sent you one 1 today. Thank you

I love it

Nice! but i not have 1sbd!! if u can upvote for my last post!

so u are the whale:))

I like pos you
My love randowhale

hi randowheel can help do sell steam doller

Giving this a try . Hopefully everyone can see how great my content is just want high engagement with this community.

Follow if you want @reginablanco
I follow and review your posts as well.


upvote me.. i have no SBD. you help me.. 1 day i will send you 1 above SBD..


i followed you and you also should follow me

I like here, good jobs

how to send lol :D

Sending 1 Steem sir. Newbie learning. Hope I got it correct. Edit: SENT

I'm always active, please follow me @awimax

hey! I think you're sleeping but you might LOVE my last post:

Hey friends! This is what happened last night when my right brain sat down to learn technical analysis:

Please upvote and follow me on steemit and reach out to say hi! also i would love it if you wanted to make some chART #chartart and share it over on #steemit and start this thing!

Cara yang sangat luar biasa rando

Please visit my blog

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Steemit all the way.
Great post tnx for sharing I just upvoted.
Check out my new posts if you can plz
upvote resteem comment @gclipse

@randowhale, I think you meant “the LINK to post” not like

hi, i really hope we can be friends with you forever. and we can share each other upvote.

@randowhale I was using the chrome extension but for some reason it doenst make the noise to alert me anymore so I just disabled it. Is there specific time intervals Randowhale wakes up or specific time of day? Or is it right when the VP reaches 100%

follow me guys @erjaoktafian
thanks @randowhale

Hello @randowhale.

I recently sent 1 SBD for

I did not receive your upvote nor a refund. I suspect that someone else (or perhaps I) previously used your services however for that post already. I don't recall doing it.

Regardless, it was all an honest mix up. Will you be kindly returning the 1 SBD? Thank you sincerely.

I sent you 1 sd never got anything back

i send 1 sbd to you when u vote me?

Very intaresting post dear @rondowhele

thanks for you upvote @randowhale

please follow and vote @ fandemcobra yes

Excellent picture! Visit my post and see what you think about the sunset that I captured at the edge of the beach. If you liked it, vote! Regards


Quit spamming.

for 1 translation, from me removed 2 SBD (((4 hours ago

let me send 1sbd make @randowhale cook upvote His only 0.57%, we are disappointed @ randowhale, thanks

Sir, i have a question? if i send 1 sbd so how much i receive upvote?

muy fino quedo.... poco dormida

nice post, i like it.

good day, pay attention to my account, I pay a fee for your votes from 50 to 70 % of the program sbdgiveaway, I will be glad to meet and communicate further)))