Keeping Up with My Weight Loss

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this is what going from clinically obese to clinically overweight feels like. Furthermore, this is what saying fat the Dickens off to takeaways, comfort eating, supersize portions, pork products, and excessive eating feels like. My waistline went from being 38 inches to 34 inches (96 cm to 86 cm), which meant I lost a pants size. Weight-wise, in the span of one year and seven months, I went from 17 stone 3.63 lbs (109.6 kg or 241.63 lbs) to 12 stone 8.37 lbs (80 kg or 176.37 lbs), thus losing 4 stone 9.26 lbs (29.6 kg or 65.26 lbs).

Despite my weight fluctuating this year, I can breathe a sigh of relief that I am no longer clinically obese, which is a major blessing on my health and on my outlook on life, food, career, and education. I feel so much better and more ecstatic within myself and nothing can ever get me down, for better or for worse.

Based on my research focusing on the NHS from London, England and Get Healthy from New South Wales, Australia, I found out that my ideal weight for a guy like me who stands at 5 feet 6.5 inches (169 cm) tall should be between 11 stone 3 lbs to 8 stone 5 lbs (71.4 kg to 53 kg or 157 lbs to 117 lbs). This means I have to lose between 1 stone 4 lbs to 4 stone 3.5 lbs (8.6 kg to 27 kg or 18 lbs to 59.5 lbs) in order to achieve my healthy weight range and ensure my body mass index (BMI) shall remain in the normal range. I suppose to remain in the safe range of the BMI scale is for me to lose a stone and a half to two and a half stone (9.6 kg to 15.9 kg or 21 lbs to 35 lbs) in order for me to not go overboard.

As I said for umpteen times, I need to lose this excess weight because I need to set an example for my nieces and nephews of how they can live a healthy life free from comfort eating and take full control of what they should and should not eat. Though I have no prospects of becoming a father myself, I want to do my duty of ensuring that I can help out my cousins, nieces, and nephews to not go the route I endured and not rely on takeaways and comfort eating to satiate their appetites because, knowing what I went through, I would not wish obesity on them let alone my worst enemies.

I know I have all this excess weight I need to lose all before August of this year, despite my current weight fluctuation. However, I am determined to not be obese ever again and I shall continue to be on the road to Slimsville for the rest of my natural life.

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Man, I appreciate you. I do not see everyday obese people getting to lose so many kilograms. You know, my story is related somehow. I was motivated to work hard for my perfect body for my boyfriend. Since then, I did not care what I ate, where, and how. I realized that only when I had sex with him, and he was so fit and good-looking. I found this online center and believe they did magic. I have a strict diet plan like healthy food, pills, exercise plan, and vitamin injection. But I started to see results in a month and continued to follow it one year after I got 50 kg, and I had 70. So, like a huge difference.

Wow! Amazing story and transformation! I, too, was once overweight and had a very long time to lose it...And then I started focusing too much on food and soon starving myself, which wasn't right at all! However, I was lucky enough to rethink that and start eating right and exercising instead of starving myself. I found a great nutrition and workout program online from whereyourwaist and was very happy. The cool thing is that you can find many programs there to fit your needs and read reviews from real people who have also gone this route. So, I highly recommend it and good luck!

Thanks so much for your story. I am really intrigued to know about your weight loss journey too.

Among those who have decided to increase muscle mass and lose weight, there is an opinion that the so-called anabolic steroids can help to achieve fast and high results. Of course, these drugs contribute to the achievement of a certain effect, but before you start taking them, you need to know and understand what they actually are, all their pros and cons. See for more details.

It is very hard to lose weight. One of the best ways to do it is to follow a diet. I was doing just that some years ago because I was overweight and wanted a change in my life. Though it may seem easy to follow a diet, it is not. The hardest part is to get motivated. I gave up on many diets because I could not see the results. One of my friends suggested buying a digital scale to keep track of the weight I lost every day. I got this one -- Seeing my results motivated me, and I didn't slack after that.

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