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Project Hope Steemit Top 3 Posts Reviews


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Welcome to the weekly digest of project hope , As active member we always review good and quality publications that subscribers and members post in Project Hope Steemit. In its Weekly review you can find the 3 most interesting articles about Blockchain, Crypto, AI, Technology and Philosophy, product of the effort and creativity of our friends.

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two-month-of-sps-staking-or-current-apr-70 by @reeta0119


"This is the snapshot of my SPS wallet and I have accumulated 3624 tokens in total that values $2395 as of now where the token price is $0.66. if I take an example that I will earn 1700 approx tokens in a month then after 12 months I will have more than 20k tokens in my account. 20k tokens is not a small amount and even at the current price I can expect it to be around 15k USD worth value but if it goes to $1 price then its simply more than 20K USD. My plan is to hold all these tokens and I am not going to sell these. I am even trying to accumulate more DEC so that I earn more SPS tokens."

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trust-wallet-3-step by @janettyanez


"To receive, the wallet provides you with a public address for each token that you will send to whoever is going to send them, you can copy it, share it through the networks or scan the QR code (Fig. 4).The other option is to purchase, which upon selecting it takes you to the provider's page where it provides you with all the information required to make the purchase (Fig. 5 and 6)"

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an-attacking-mindset-for-an-entrepreneur by @devotedman


"Name anything at all that you think that your best bet is to defend all through? Probably nothing - although, sometimes people get victories out of defending, but if you take a deeper look at it, you'll see that their strongest attack came from their defending. Hence, they were not coming from a mindset of defense, but rather they were coming from a mindset of attack."

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