Wednesday Walk - A wander through someone's yard last week

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Before anyone asks, I supposed I should explain my title a bit - yes, I did wander with my camera though someone's yard last week, but I had permission to be there! 😂

The longer story - our eldest has been doing some work as a pet sitter and home caretaker over the past couple of years. One of the few silver linings to hubby being out of work this past month, is that he's been able to help her out by driving over to places with things she's needed, or in this case, to pick up some of her stuff as she got ready to leave. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to ride shotgun, and since I was having a mild tremor day, I couldn't resist snapping a few million shots as I wandered a bit outside while we were there.

Speaking of wandering, don't forget to wander on over to @tattoodjay's latest post, called Wednesday walk challenge Central park and Steem Basic Income Give away, which has some great shots of people walking in Central Park while he was walking in Central Park. 😊

Now, on to my wander through someone's yard last week

  wander through someone's yard last week
I was standing in the driveway next to our car, when I heard a familiar sound. It's hard to tell from the photo, but a Mourning Dove was sitting on the wires across the street
  wander through someone's yard last week
I noticed this guy sitting to the right, and at first thought it was a dove too. However, that bright streak of white didn't look very Mourning Dove-ish, so I angled around a bit and changed the exposure...
  wander through someone's yard last week
...and look at that! Definitely not a dove at all! I'm guessing it's a pigeon, and given it looks like there's an orange band on its leg, it's quite possibly a homing pigeon.
  wander through someone's yard last week
I'm not one hundred percent certain, but I believe these flowers are hydrangeas.
  wander through someone's yard last week
Also not certain, but Google seems to think these flowers are Hollyhocks. And who am I to argue? 😊

EDITED TO ADD: Thanks to a suggestion from @melinda010100, I think these are actually hibiscus.
  wander through someone's yard last week
One thing I do know for certain is that these flowers are bee magnets!
  wander through someone's yard last week
Every bud seemed to have a visitor....
  wander through someone's yard last week
....even if you had to really look to see them!
The bees weren't at all camera shy either!
They were too focused on all the pollen... even BEE concerned about me!
Google also said these were Hollyhocks, but they were about 5 times the size of the ones the bees were going crazy over.
I didn't think to take a comparison shot to show the size difference...
...but I think you can see they're much bigger!
One last shot of one of the monster blooms in the fading light before it was time to head back home.

Thanks for coming along with me on my wander through someone's yard last week! Happy walking & see you next week!

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Beautiful. What I can see of the leaves look like rose of sharon, but the flowers very much look like those of hibiscus, just much smaller. Possibly holly hock - was it a shrub or not-shrub (no coffee no words) A mystery flower!

LOL! I hear you on the "no coffee no words" thing, @owasco!

The smaller flowers were on a big bush - as in, the flowers were at eye level. The big blooms were grouped together so I assume it was a small bush. Our eldest actually shared the shots with the homeowners, and I'm hoping they'll know the names and solve the mystery, although it's been lots of fun guessing. 😊

The tremors didn't stop you from getting some awesome shots, I really love the ones of the bees in the flowers such cool details
thats a lovely walk you got it there

thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thanks, @tattoodjay! I've found that when my tremors are mild, I can work around them, and taking a bazillion shots increases the odds that I'll get some in focus. I'm hoping to get a few more walks in that neighborhood (although without traipsing through random yards...LOL) before the winter weather sets in. I figure I have at least a week or two... 😂

I hope you can get a few more walks in and stock up on photos before winter sets in I am trying to do the same but have been struggling to get motivation this week but today I hope to get a morning walk in before heading to the office

Some yards just look so inviting to traipse through but sadly some people don’t seem to appreciate it’s a compliment that there yard is so nice people want to walk through it and take photos lol

That's the plan, but so far every day I've thought to do it, something always comes up... silly life, interfering with my hobbies... 😂

Not sure if the weather will be the same down your way, but we're supposed to get a stretch of summer weather again this week. At least, that's the rumor, and while I don't mind the departure of the humidity, I wouldn't mind a bit of warmth...especially as it's still officially summer. 😜 At any rate, I hope you're able to take advantage, and get in some good walks while it's nice.

And I agree! I've taken a few shots of flowers and such from the street before (hiding in my car...LOL), and always hope I won't get yelled at. 😂

Ohh yes between the weather work and life getting in the way sometimes our hobbies have to take the back burner sadly
I would like summer to hang on a little longer, to be honest, I did get in a nice beach walk this morning which was a plus and maybe even tomorrow, with Appointments and telecommuting, then back to the City on Wednesday for work in the office

I have been lucky to not get yelled at yet for taking photos of flowers in gardens, even popping on to the property but i know one day it will happen LOL

Yeah, sad part of being an adult. 😜

I wouldn't mind summer hanging around, as long as it kicked its buddy humidity to the curb. Glad to hear about the beach walk - now that we're between tourist crowds (that wonderful little slice of time between beach fanatic and leaf peepers) I'm hoping to get some beach walking in too. Hubby mentioned last week that we should plan a day soon, so fingers crossed.

And hey, I bet the day that it happens, it will make for a great story/blog post! 😂

Yeah being an adult some days is overrated LOL
Yes the humidity is the worst part for sure, I hope you can get a beach walk in soon I find them so relaxing and refreshing myself and look forward to seeign a post or posts about yours

I think you are right with the hydrangea. I have several in my yard. The 'Hollyhock' is really a hibiscus, I think.

So glad you had an opportunity to take some photos! And I am so glad you were having a good day!

Coolness, @melinda010100 - thanks so much for the hydrangea validation, and for the hibiscus suggestion (and I can't believe I didn't recognize them - I used to work at a place that had a wall covered in gorgeous hibiscus blooms!).

And thanks so much - I'm always happy when I can take advantage of my good days when they come around. Hope you're having a good day too! 😊 🤗

I'm spending the day recovering from a fall yesterday. Just stiff and bruised. But I had to call my daughter to come and help me up off the floor. Damn MS.

Oh no, Melinda! While I'm glad you were able to get your daughter to come over, it still hurts my heart to think of you falling like that. Stupid, stupid disease!

I know it's not much, but with your permission, I'd like to ask members of a FB community I belong to if they could send healing thoughts your way. Regardless, I hope the aches and pains go away quickly.

sending steem hug, red heart.gif

I'll take all the healing energy I can get! Thank you. Hopefully a good night's sleep will help, too.

Done. And sweet dreams!

request for Melinda.jpg

Those are definitely hydrangeas - not the variety I like, I have to admit. Here's a link for you:

And the other flowers are hibiscus - another link for you - they are really easy to grow from a cutting. And, I think yesterday was world bee day?

Those are great photos, @traciyork and happy to hear about beating the beastly tremors!

Thanks so much for the links, @fionasfavourites - they were wicked helpful. And much appreciate your kind words too - I'm one of the lucky ones, in that my tremors ebb and flow. I enjoy the ebbs whenever I can! 😊

What a great walk... wandering moment or two!
The flowers are so beautiful!

Thank you, @goldendawne! It was such a beautiful yard to wander in, and I got a bunch of other photos that I didn't share, since I didn't want to give away the home's location (especially since our eldest will be house sitting there again). However, the home owners are planning to sell in the near future, so I'm saving those shots for a winter wayback Wednesday walk! 😊

Look forward to that! Actually, I wish more folk were as sensitive. You have no idea how many people just stop and stare and then take photos of our house.... Rarely, if ever, a

May I?


Do you mind?

Rant over.

Yeah, I can see how disconcerting that would be - it's one thing to take photos of beautiful flowers in a yard (obviously without actually setting foot on the property) and quite another to snap shots of the house. I mean I get that the outside of your house is technically public, but you have to wonder if those same people would feel just as bold as to take a picture of you in the same way if you were walking down the street...

Also, while I had permission, I still didn't take photos of their house, other than a couple of cool decorations on the porch. Seems a bit intrusive to me, and in this day and age of doxxing, it just doesn't feel safe to do so.

Well, funny you should say that: on one occasion, when The Husband was building the outside shower, peeps stopped and actually took photos of him...and we can be sitting on the stoep.... Anyhow... I have to say that in the day of Google satellite, and in a village where we don't have high walls...

Seems a bit intrusive to me, and in this day and age of doxxing, it just doesn't feel safe to do so.

Exactly. Urgh! let me stop...

Oh, I can't even... people are just....ugh...


Beautiful shots today @tracyyork :) That bee was just posing for you, lol So fun, glad to see you were able to get that camera out and have fun with it.

It was so cool how the bees didn't seem to care that my camera lens was inches from them, @birdsinparadise! And thank you so much - I'm glad you enjoyed them as much as I did in taking them. 😊

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I fell in love with each of these pictures, what beautiful flowers, really wonderful shots!

Aww, that's such a sweet thing to say, @fmbs25! Thank you so much! 😊

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Girl do you always Carry your camera? I love the dove

LOL! Actually, most times that I head out the door, I have my Nikon in hand, just in case. Hubby had to have an MRI on his shoulder last week, and I walked into the waiting room with him, carrying my phone and camera - the receptionist gave me a bit of a look, but I just smiled... 😂 And thanks, @brittandjosie!

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You found some real treasure wandering in that family's yard. The bees don't GAF. They know we're all terrified of them by how we all flinch when they fly near us. It's kind of ironic that even though we are a threat to them, face to face they see us as the chumps we are! :)

LOL! Yep, bees could give honey badger, a run for his money, @free-reign! And thanks so much - they have a beautiful yard, and it was so much fun wandering in it! 😊

That last image was wonderful and captured the fading light so beautifully. It's captures like this that make it all worthwhile and give such satisfaction.

Nice shots! I particularly like the flowers with the bee's in them. It makes me happy to see bee's doing their thing.

Any time I see a busy bee, it makes me happy too, @wwwiebe! Which is probably why I took ten thousand photos of these bees... LOL! And thanks so much. 😊

Nice shots! I particularly like the flowers with the bee's in them. It makes me happy to see bee's doing their thing.

Great shots @traciyork

Those Hollyhocks are really pretty. It's great to see the Bees out in force. We definitely need them.


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Thanks, @cheese4ead! And yes, we really do need them, and I was so happy to see how many of them were busily gathering pollen. Definitely gives me hope for the future. 😊

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I could totally see you sneaking in someone's backyard to take some snapshots lol I need a meme for this... Let me see...

And look at those bees! Great shots capturing them all covered in pollen!

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LOLOL! That gif totally made my day, @foxyspirit!

And I was totally spoiled by the bees - they took their time gathering the pollen, and the blooms were at eye level so it was easy to position my camera. Thanks for the compliment and the giggles!

foxyspirit thank you.gif

Right on! I'm glad I could do that for you. A laugh always helps a day get better 😉

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I vote that it is a hibiscus. I have a pink one and they also come in orange commonly.

Coolness, @old-guy-photos - thanks for the info! I'm hoping to hear back from the homeowner at some point, and I'll be sure to shout out and let everyone know. 😊

Beautiful photos! It really is an amazing world when stop and take a look and get up close!
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much in return, @porters! And agreed - it's one of the reasons I love taking pictures so much, because it helps me see things in such great detail. 😊

Petals in perfect white, what great photography with the bee covered in pollen, I would have also been going wild with enjoying the moment @traciyork

I was going a bit too wild, @joanstewart (based on the gazillion bee photos I now have...LOL)! And thank you, @joanstewart - much appreciate your kind words. 😊

Great the hear that you got permission to take those love photos Lady Traci.
A resident here at our new place handed in a complaint about me walking about with a camera, as she fears that I will take photos of her house (which is exactly the same as ours) and her small garden.
I was informed that the management of the place laughed at the complaint, as they know that I only take photos of wildlife and nature.
Oh, and she also complained about our little barking dog and the management has answered the complaint by stating that there are 10 other little barking dogs in the complex.
One always has to be careful of bitter people.
Your post is lovely indeed.

Oh, people like that try my patience, Sir Stephen! I'm so glad the management had your back, and didn't trouble you with useless complaints. And thank you, as always, for your kind words and wonderful compliments. 😊

Wonderful walk @traciyork. The bee is so cute. It's wonderful to see them covered in pollen.

Thanks, @tryskele! There were actually a number of different bees buzzing about, and all covered in pollen, which was such a wonderful sight to see. So glad I was able to get so many clear shots to share with everyone! 😊

Good for you, Traci!!! I love when you get out into nature and then treat us later with the goods!

Hydrangea is spot on and sometimes hard to detect as there are so many different kinds. I want to disagree with the Hibiscus as I think that it is a Rose of Sharon, especially with the way the buds are balled up looking like they do. Oh, yes! I could be wrong!! But, that is what I think they are. Also, are they planted in the ground? Rose of Sharon can take the climate if they are and hibiscus is tropical and grows best in warmer climates.

The large ones like dinner plates, I believe are hybiscuas.. . That is my story and I'm sticking to it!

Have a great day!


Regardless of whether or not you're right about the ID, I just have to say that I love the name, "Rose of Sharon" - it sounds so wonderfully Irish! 💚

And I have high regard for your story, and you are most likely correct. Hopefully the homeowners will shout out at some point (the eldest sent them a link to the WordPress version of this post) and clear up the mystery. Much appreciate your flower detective skills, Denise!

Oh, and to answer your questions, the bush with the smaller buds is planted in the ground and it was huge - big enough that I could take the pictures without having to bend down. The huge flowers were in the ground, along the fence, and only about two or three feet tall.

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Howdy traciyork! This is such a beautiful post! The text is excellent as well as the photos, stunning macro shots!

Hey there, @janton! Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your kind words - both are greatly appreciated! 😊

Howdy traciyork! You are so welcome, it was a great post!

You got some beautiful shots Traci. Now go sneak into someone's else's backyard. 😁

LOL! That's the plan, @wonderwop... wait, I mean I would never do something like that! 😂

And thank you! 😊


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Beautiful shots, girl. I liked the title and thinking about you sneaking around in the neighbor's yard to get shots of all those flowers. But you had to pop my bubble right away and let us know you had permission. Party pooper! But seriously you took some really fantastic photos!

That gif is ALL THE THINGS, Tammy! LOL! I can't stop staring at it! 😆

Sorry to burst your bubble like that - how about if I promise to sneak into someone's yard to take pictures without permission to make up for it? And afterwards, maybe we could do a Steem fundraiser for my bail money... 😂 😂

And seriously, thank you so much. 😊

That's some nice capture!
I also didn't know the name of the flower.

That's some nice capture!
I also didn't know the
Name of the flower.

                 - rem-steem

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I'm hoping to do a followup post some day with the names, after I hear back from the homeowners, @rem-steem. And thank you very much! 😊

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I would have said they are Hybiscus but then I didn't know about 'Rose of Sharon' till I say Denise's comment. And the bush looks perhaps more compact. And the white flower with the tiny flowers is a Hydrangea. Of all the colours hydrangeas come in, the white are the most delicate and beautiful ~ For me anyway.

Fabulous article. All the images are really beautiful. Great to see so many bees in someone else's backyard. Love the shades and light in the flowers. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

I'd never heard of the Rose of Sharon either, @allyinspirit - I love the tidbits of info I get from other Steemians like this! I'll be sure to shout out if/when I hear back from the homeowners as to what they are officially called. And thank you so much for your wonderful compliments - much appreciated. 😊

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I admit your title caught me by surprise...
I was thinking what journey will you bring unto this time around .. ha ha

LOL! Yeah, I was having a bit of fun with that, @ireenchew! 😂