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It has been quite a while since I got the chance to do a Wednesday Walk Challenge. Technically I know it is Thursday already, but my day is not quite done as I am not yet heading to bed and I have been meaning to join in on this challenge.

This challenge all began with @tattoodjay, as he is the ultimate creator of it. You can check out his post for this week's Wednesday Walk Challenge here.

I had a fun little treat this week as I procured an interesting subject to photograph, let's go take a look.

The ever curious frog


Taken with Sony a6000 & Carl Zeiss Sonnar 2,8/90 lens - ORIGINAL SIZE

Another angle of my frog visitor


Taken with Sony a6000 & Carl Zeiss Sonnar 2,8/90 lens - ORIGINAL SIZE

I always enjoy the little frogs, they are quite entertaining to watch. They can easily scale walls and they are quiet, these ones can also jump quite high and quite far. This little one seemed every so curious of my every move but yet made very little effort to jump away. I assumed it knew I would not hurt it after a moment or so.

I consider myself lucky to have lived in Florida while I did. I enjoyed going outside and running into numerous birds, insects, and of course frogs.
I do hope that you enjoy my photographs, I certainly enjoyed taking them and sharing them with you.

Do you enjoy running into Frogs?
Have you ever been to Florida?


What is the Wednesday Walk Challenge?

As explained earlier, this is a challenge created by @tattoodjay. Here is a snippet of the guidelines, clipped from his recent post here



Thanks for checking out my post and for being the awesome person you are!



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What a cute little visitor 😎

Well I always used to think until you went to bed the day never changed when young so in that regard it was still Wednesday

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk tip!

Love that you thought the same way 😀

Me think, I never do that it hurts LOL

What a cute little frog! I didn’t know about Wednesday walk challenge, I might give it a try next week.

You should! It’s totally fun. It’s one of the challenges I really try to enter because it’s so easy to do and makes you just get out and experience the outdoors.

What a cute little guy! I love frogs and we used to try to catch them when we were kids, but, only to study them a little closer. Tree frogs used to scare the bejesus out of me, but, I'm all grown up now and I can take it. ;)

I have been to Florida and, in fact, have lived there twice for short periods of time. I know you loved it and sometimes we just don't get to do what we want, but have to settle for what is best.

I wish you well and love your walks. I hope to see some cool Canadian walks in the coming months.

Love to you. xo

There will certainly be some walks continuing up in Canada. I do love tree frogs, they are just so cute with their big eyes and their large leaps. Yes I do enjoy florida so much, but we do things we need to do I agree.

Heeey good to see you back!
How's it going?
I still couldn't force myself to think that frogs can, maybe, sometimes, be cute :p

It's going well! You don't find it cute?! Omg you are crazy! That little one is so super duper cute.

sure it is :p

TOPKPOP! you are back <3 <3 <3 MISSED you!

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