Wednesday Walk Challenge Just Say No and Steem Basic Income Give away

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Wednesday Walk Challenge Just Say No

Wednesday Walk is a challenge started by me, the idea is to get out for a short walk and get some shots of what you can see within a short distance of your home office or wherever you start. And this is my entry for this week, but first, let me explain the challenge.

This is my post for the Wednesday Walk challenge hosted by myself, let me first explain the guidelines

Try and get out once a week for a short walk, can be from your office, home or anywhere really and walk for a few blocks or a few minutes looking for things to get shots of.

Your walk does not have to be on a Wednesday I just ask if possible to share your walk photos on a Wednesday.

Try and get a few shots not just one

You can look for anything in general or decide on one subject you want to get shots off.

Try to limit yourself to a set distance or time from the starting location, say 5 Blocks, 5 Minutes walk or whatever and see what you can find in that short distance

Make a point of looking around and up and see what you can find to get shots of that otherwise you may miss

Do a post with the shots you get on a Wednesday and tag it with #wednesdaywalk, also if you happen to join, please leave a link to your post in a comment on this post and I will try and visit them all.

Following me and resteeming the post so more see it would be appreciated but isn't a rule just a suggestion, but you may have a better chance of receiving a Steem Basic Income Share if you do.

I am not strict about these rules and hence why they are called guidelines and not rules

I will try and visit, resteem and upvote all who take part in the Wednesday Walk, plus I will be sending @steembasicincomeshares to a selection of those who participate.

My Post for this week

I went for a long walk the other morning, but all these shots came from the last few minutes of my walk when I walked through Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza and noticed all the signs and they got me thinking,

1 Wednesday Walk Just say No_.jpg

Sony A7iii 50mm F5 1/60 ISO 500
*Click here to view larger

This first one is saying as you can see no smoking in the park in a few languages, as an ex-smoker I kind of agree with the sign, but I can tell you that many ignore it, and it's not that they just have this one there is a few throughout the park.

1 Wednesday Walk Just say No_-2.jpg

Sony A7iii 48mm F5 1/60 ISO 200
*Click here to view larger

And another sign standing out on its green background, letting people know that No Skateboarding, Rolling blading or Cycling Sports is allowed in the park, and for a park where you get a good variety of people, Workers taking a break, people walking their children in Strollers, Elderly enjoying some time outside, I guess it is a good thing to try and enforce.

But it was at this stage I decided on this theme for this weeks post, all these signs telling us what we can't do in the park, they far out way the couple of signs with the name of the park.

I know there was the Just Say No Campaign a few years ago, to educate kids to avoid drugs, which was hard to miss with signs up and adverts everywhere for the campaign, but here in NYC and perhaps in other cities and maybe even in other Countries, it just seems to me that the signs telling us what we do are becoming more and more common and in a way are over the top.

What about in your area, are there signs all over telling you what you cannot do?

1 Wednesday Walk Just say No_-3.jpg

Sony A7iii 70mm F7.1 1/60 ISO 250
*Click here to view larger

By the time I saw this one I was feeling a bit rebellious about all the signs telling me what I could not do, So I choose to stand for a minute and took this photo.

But seriously I think this sign is for the cars driving down the street, that they cannot Park there between 6AM to ^PM probably to allow traffic to flow.

1 Wednesday Walk Just say No_-5.jpg

Sony A7iii 34mm F7.1 1/60 ISO 2000
*Click here to view larger

And incase you missed the other no Skateboarding sign, they have it again

1 Wednesday Walk Just say No_-4.jpg

Sony A7iii 38mm F7.1 1/60 ISO 1000
*Click here to view larger

And finally, in case one was not paying attention and missed all the other signs in the park, there is this one, which has a long list of things you cannot do in the park in three languages, and if your language isnt there, they include graphics as well.

are all these signs telling us what not to do really needed I wonder?

Well that's enough on NO for this post, just say yes and do a Wednesday walk post :) y

Steem Basic Income give away

I mentioned in the guidelines that from this week I will be sponsoring a few who join the #wednesdaywalk challenge with shares on Steem Basic Income

What is Steem Basic Income you may ask well here is how they explain it

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content. so I have decided to randomly send some Steem to add shares for some of my followers so on the weekend I sponsored the following people
@enginewitty, @unicornquiffe, @starjewel, @deerjay, @tali72, @ironshield, @sgbonus, @girlbeforemirror, @hangin,

All people who joined in last weeks Wednesday walk, I would love to be able to give everyone who joins a Steem Basic Income share, but I don't make enough steem each week to do so, but I will try and share them around fairly between those that join the challenge

I hope a few of you may find this an interesting challenge and decide to join in.

Unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.

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!steemitworldmap 40.752145 lat -73.968577 long Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza NYC d3scr

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Most of the icons on the last sign are easy to understand, like put your trash in the can, keep your dog on leash, no smoking, no bonfires... but the last two are very specific .......
NYC Park Sign (2).jpg
No Martinis and No Falconeering. Do you have a problems with an abundance of people drinking martinis and doing falconeering in the park? :)


Drunk falcons are quite dangerous i've heard




My poor attempt at dry humor didn't come out so well in text


Best comment I've seen in a while, thanks for the giggle! ;)


Darn it! There goes my weekend plans....


Oh you should come over our way. People around here embrace drunken falconeering along with many other drunken activities ;)


Bah ha ha! Sounds like a fun place!

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So many limitations in this park. I reckon that they are required in order to keep everybody happy but seeing them listed all over the place it's a little annoying.
Great photos, my friend. I simply love them. 👍


Thanks, YEs I am asure your right but I do feel they go overboard with them

lol basically it means DO NOT FAVE FUN whatsoever! LOL. The no skating one is one I've always ignored...


LOl You could well be right and I think Most Skateboarders ignore it as well:)

You know what? This took my attention! LOL


Its hard to miss :)

That makes me think for the No signs in my neighborhood and by far I recall one in the local small park saying it is forbidden to walk your dog without a lead. I am afraid some dogs do not agree and their humans disregard the sign. :-)
But seriously some signs do make sense when you consider safety first.


Yes I agree some are safety related and should be followed but some are just taking it to far

Not standing too?! Whaaaaat the beeeep?! 😐


LOL yeah but I do think its for cars and not pedestrians :)

I did a post like this way back when at a County beach with all the signs that spoiled your fun. They even had no swimming sign at the beach.


I think they have gone a bit overboard with all the signs myself, NO swimming at a beach thats a prime example

Just do it. Wednesday walk. Nice post @tattoodjay. No standing is definitely approaching the absurd


LOL Yeah but the no standing i think is meant for cars and not pedestrians, but I could be wrong

U & R. I was surprised not to see a sign with “No spitting.” 😊 My link :


Thats a good point i am surprised they didnt have that on any of the signs

Smoking is injurious to health. so do not smoke. haha
Beautiful photographs friend.. your article are always nice..
Thanks for sharing it..

Those signs always make me feel rebellious too. I understand the point of some of them, but really, they go overboard sometimes...


Yes some make sense but so many is taking it to the extreme i think

I wish I could get out for a good walk today, but my lists do not permit it...yet!

I hate the no smoking in parks and such, it's silliness. @winstonalden works at the oldest Tobacconist in the USA in Boston and they have to fight to keep their smoking allowed IN their store, but now the Boston Common and Public Garden (our very small version of Central Park) is smoke free and it's literally out the door from the shop, so if you go into the park you are not allowed to smoke even a pipe! Odd old world.


Understood, my day today is crazy so I may not do a walk myself

Yes the rules and signs are going crazy there’s days its getting ridiculous


Signs, signs. Everywhere the signs.
Blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind.
Do this, don't do that.
Can't you read the signs...

Well, at least when the attorney general told us we had to take our "Pipes and Cigars" sign down because it was too close to the park, we fought it to the Supreme Court and won!

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All I could think of when I saw your title was this... 😂


Love your (sometimes rebellious) photos, @tattoodjay! Also, fun fact (at least I think it's!) - I share my birth date (albeit sixty years apart) with Dag Hammarskjöld. 😊

Oh, and here's my entry, taken yesterday and posted today (in my usual timely fashion). Thanks again for hosting this!


LOL that Gif gave me a good chuckle :)
So were not to far of in age he was born 55 years before me :)

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk :)

I get just about X number of 'no' answers and I go crazy. The signs tend to really aggravate me.

Tooooo many rules and not enough fun. Thanks for a just unsettling walk!


Sorry for it being unsettling, and i feel exactly the same, there is far to much signs telling us what we can not do

A very familiar situation :))) in Israel, there are similar stands in the parks too. on some there is an inscription - at night and daytime by noon: speak quietly! but most often we are warned that shashlyk cant be made in this park :) my post:

That sure is a lot of "no" signs! There are signs posted around the parks here too but I think you have way more there..possibly because you have way more people there too and some bigger parks. Thanks so much for sponsoring me Jay, it is very much appreciated. I wasn't able to go for a walk today but hope to get a walk in next week. xoxo


Ohh yes I agree far to many of them I think, and there was more

Your welcome and hope you can join next week :)

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No standing??? Seriously? That's just too much. Must be crazy busy there.

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LOL thats what I thought the first time I saw this sign, but i now realise it is meant for cars and not people ;)

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It really spoils the look of the park having signs planted everywhere it just should be up to the individual if they have enough common sense not treat us like a nanny state :)

Sorry @tattoodjay a bit late i think i walked to long....hehe !!

Wednesday Walk - Discovering more of my Local Area !!



Not to late at all just saw your post

Sadly I think common sense is not so common these days


Thank you and yeah unfortunately your right today's generation have got no commom sense or street value :)


Maybe I am getting Old I am surprised how uncommon common sense and common decency is these days


Na your not getting old it's the way of life now they are to busy with there heads buried in there phones no more interaction or communication with humans anymore only to the small screen in front of them 24/7


Ohh yeah, I saw a couple at lunch the other day, they were texting each other over lunch, and not talking to me thatis bizarre

Ah, wish I'd noticed this earlier
I just posted a photography post that would've worked great for this!


There’s always next week :) it’s a regular thing with me now

Great article Jay. I'm a bit of a rebel when it comes to being told what not to do as well. Not that I skateboard ~ But if I did ~ I'd probably be watching out for non skaters, to notice any signs.

My favourite sign was at a one-way entrance to a freeway saying 'Go Back. Wrong way.' Imagine wrapping your head around that as you headed towards the freeway. How on earth would you be able to do a U turn?

I just posted my entry for #WednesdayWalk on your other #WednesdayWalk post. I have a feeling it may be a little late, but it was great to do. 🦋

Wednesday Walk: Walking around my own front yard Garden.



I am sure many ignore these signs
And the one you mention must confuse so many

Are you sure your allowed to walk as they seem pretty strict about you having any fun :)


I am not sure if that is allowed LOL but I walk through it almost every day


Be a rebel and run LOL :)


LOL I have problems walking some days let alone running :)


Me too, I can just manage a few steps :(


Well we do what we can

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