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hi dear all, and welcome to St.Petersburg, Russia. I\Relax, it will be a small blog, minimum text and very few pics. Everything about 5 minutes... well, maybe 12, not 5.


I left my bike at home, cause I had a planned meeting in the centre, and cause it was Wednesday, I borrowed camera with me (equipped it today with my favourite 50-mm 1.4 Sigma lens). It was already late evening, when I exit the tube station on my way back home. No problem, I turned camera to b-w mode and continued enjoying the photo process. Here is what I came up with.


A lovers pair.


The tube station 'Victory Park' (construction time: April 1961, right about the time Yuri Gagarin made its 1st space flight around Earth. (I have in my plans to make a little special post about that station, have a few cool facts and pics in my pocket). And yeah, the park I walk so many times, is devoted to the WWII victory.

!IMG_1707  .jpg

One of the famous 'Stalin's Skyscrapers buildings' can be seen on the background. (Warshawa and Moscow have a few others like this).


This is Moskovskii Avenue -- one of the main streets in the southern part of the city. (This is a view from the suburbs side to center). I love this cityscape, I think I have captured it a thousand times already :P


But its so good. Never enough.
So, its one of the main streets -- it heads from the Pulkovo airport to the center of the city, if you will visit the city one day, your transportation from the airport will be exactly this way. So, every time the Government 'honcho' and Putin arrives to the city, they go this way... and Suddenly Everything Becomes SO Special... This is one of the reasons the street is kept under some excessive 'decoration care', as it should 'present the city' to its guests the best way...


Probably, enough words, at night it looks better without it all... I am running home, and on the run doing just a few more captures. No comments.



The fences! I wonder, when @melinda010100 will arrange a weekly shadows challenge with this topic?..


A piece of streetphoto. I noticed this mummy with a Giant WHite Unicorn, and without any hesitation asked permission to shoot her. She agreed... posed... and nothing good turned out of this great frame that I have noticed. Sadly. I'd better shoot her un-posed and an-asked....


Its my neightbour's cat (right at the backyard's entrance). She used to take this observation point a lot, I have seen her here so many times.

The last capture for you, before we part. St.Petersburg is known as the city of lions, did you know? Lions everywhere and they watch you. Well, and the cameras, as well.

@galenkp, this post is also for you! as promised.
@bambuka, I love night photography -- this post is a proofpic

this post is also my entry to the Neoxian city challenge by @zaku

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Always keep a folder full of shadow pictures. You just never know when one will fit the weeks theme! Too bad those benches aren't casting shadows. They would have been great for this weeks 'bench shadows'! Always love your photos!

grand merci!.. you know, its like a water for the desert cacti, to hear such a kind words for an amateur like me!
i dont copy these to a selected folder (yet) ))))))) at least I started adding 'shadow' to a certain files' names :-) @melinda010100

Organizing photos is difficult and time consuming! I've never done much night photography, and am impressed by your photos!

oh, nite one is very... rewarding. especially in the big city, with all its neon lights and car movement, when its afterrain, and the asphalt is wet, all these reflections give a fantastic result! try, and you definitely have fun. very ordinary and plain things become intrigue and intresting, after they receive some alternate lighting, and shaaadeeeessssss :P

but imo, one will need a decent camera for this. or it all will end up in noise and blur, and some muddy unpleasant colours.. :/

Well, you did it really well!

Some great night shots mono worked well for them giving a cool mood to the images, the 50mm 1.4 is perfect so this type of shooting by the looks of it

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)


спасибо, @ludmila.kyriakou! вот такой он, наш питерюшечко. мрачный но не унылый, всегда есть что поснимать. лично мне больше всего нравится последняя 9видеонаблюдение) и лежащий на скамейке человек (не пьяный и не спавший. просто лежал, никуда не шел, обнимал ногу и думал небо).

Отличная прогулка! И даже тень от скамейки получилось ночью сфотографировать, что меня больше всего поразило - каждый раз, как вспоминаю про этот конкурс, оказывается, что погода пасмурная и никаких теней нет:)

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Enjoyed the street photography, using mono showing up the features. Wide city roads with trams still in use by the look of it @qwerrie something we no longer have.

Look forward to your post about the station with the history!

I have never been to St,Petersburg (or Russia) before, but my cousin told me it's a beautiful place.

Maybe when crypto is moon and we have a little more to spend from all our rewards I'll have that chance to see it with my own eyes.

Right now, your photos are my best choice.

oh! hmm... well... the sad-funny thing, my friends and me joked like that about WeKu koins -- like, when it goes up, we could travel to Iceland, Bali, etc.. now, the value of the whole weku tokens released, is less that 50 dollars... hehe. so these dreams probably never come true. but, we can enjoy the pics, yea. this is one of purposes me coming here.

maybe my blog isnt the best thing in terms of giving an account to St.Petersburg official parade look-up, I am mostly intrested in deppicting some 'backyard' stories... but anyway. have a pleasure to check this three of my posts, @littlenewthings.

and on a rainy day:

PS. once upon a time, this city have been created as a 'replica' of italian cities (thats why its 2nd name is the Northern Venice), so if you can travel to Italy, it probably be a better choice (a better weather, more intresting / more ancient stuff, and pizza!)

это чб режим камеры так снимает или ты корректировал её результаты?
Отличная вышла прогулка))

признаюсь: и гамму корректировал, и контраст, и немного оверлеем в фотошопе взбодрил. напоследок чуть чуть посинил через вьювер faststone (у него есть базовые и мощные встроенные инструменты, рекомендую). @bambuka. но черно-белый режим камеры тоже иногда очень классно отрабатывает.

А не пробовал переводить из цвета в чб, к примеру, в Камера РАВ?

если имеешь в виду FastStone Image Viewer, у меня он есть, но им только горизонт ровняю, обрезаю, водяной знак могу поставить. Корректировать не пробовал. Действительно хорош?

простые вещи -- делает быстро. и контрольные клавиши. и ресайз он умеет тоже ок.

надо будет приглядеться) опций то там всяких дохрена по бокам выскакивает)