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Neoxian City, the newest tribe has already made a shout on Steemit blockchain. From the beginning, the city providing boundless support to members who have made quality contents. I have already been rewarding members in a variety of ways by Neoxian coins. Now I come with another new project to encourage the members more.

Photography is an art, a way to capture moments, a language anywhere anyone can understand. Photography comes from two words. Photo and Graphy. Photo is a Greek word which means light. And Graphy means drawing. Photography means drawing with light. Let's have fun to share some visual memories with us and earn some prizes along the way!

We are happy to invite you all to participate in "Neoxian City Photo Challenge!"


How does it work?

Every Friday I will publish a post with the contest theme and open the challenge for submission. And every Thursday I will announce the winning shots from the previous week by publishing ''Winners for the week''. So you have Friday to Wednesday to take pictures and participate. For this, you don't have to be a professional photographer. You just have to share with us your best captures.

The theme for this week is:


Snap taken: 1 August 2019
Device: NOKIA 6
ISO: 100
Location: GEC, Chittagong.


How to join and Contest Rules

  1. This contest is open to all Steemians and only one entry per steemit account is allowed.
  2. Submit your post under the tag #neoxianphotochallenge.
  3. Your submitted photography must be YOUR OWN WORK.
  4. The plagiarism works will be disqualified from this competition and will be reported.
  5. Your entry must be published on your personal Steemit account with the title "Neoxian City Photo Challenge".
  6. Follow and Resteem will help to spread the contest in other users.
  7. Leave a link of your entry in the comments below.
  8. Let us know what camera or phone was used and the location and you may use a watermark on the photos.
  9. Multiple photos can all go in one post, just put the details under the image.



You should submit your entries by Wednesday 14th August. Winner announcement post will come on Thursday 15th August.


  • FIRST PRIZE: 40%
  • THIRD PRIZE: 15%

30% will be distributed between all participators equally

(from total prize money)
All Prize will be sendout as NEOXAG POWER


@zaku(me) - 1000 NEOXAG
@neoxian - 1000 NEOXAG
@r2cornell - 1000 NEOXAG
@thereikiforest - 2000 NEOXAG
@xawi - 1000 NEOXAG
@anikys3reasure - 500 NEOXAG

How to support this project:

If you are interested in contributing, just send NEOXAG to @neoxian-city with the memo of ''NEOXIAN CITY Photo Challenge'' and you will have your name listed as an sponsor in the contest post.

We are looking forward to seeing all of your great submissions!!




The Tribe of Neoxian
Neoxian City - A New Scot Tribe On the Steem Blockchainneox-silver.gif
The Monetary Policy of Neoxian
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LowCard Game - First Steem-Engine Token Based Discord Game Bot BY NEOXIAN CITY TRIBE


That's all for today , I am inviting you to visit our city : Click on this icon to enter 👉 imageedit_25_4507760003.gif Though some used to call it Discord channel , but we(citizens) call it our city .



The contest window closed for now , Winners list and New Contest Announcement Post Will Published Soon...


Awesome idea, no let's see what I can capture by Wednesday.....

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Neoxian City Photo Challenge / ROAD VIEW / The Road to Sunset

Winter sunset view to the gates of the port of Klaipeda, Lithuania. Stitched panorama from few frames shows very very wide view catching many details from both sides of the Norther gates wave breaker
Calm and very cold winter sunset with stunning colors due high humidity

And this road seems really endless....

Enjoy it!


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

Very nice shot right here.... And the winner is..... @axeman

Hahaha, don't be so fast.. :D

That's what my wife says.....🤣🤣🤣

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Nice one . Best of luck

late but still ;)

So Far, Ukraine

This used to be the signature shot during the years I spent on the road.
It's shot from the roof of The Bus using a large format (8x10) camera.

id love to enter something like this but i feel its a waste of my time since the prize will just go to one of the professionals. perhaps you could consider using tiers to award three different levels?

well the rewards tiers is set to reward everyone , 30% of the prize pool (6500 NEOXAG , value : 182 steem atm) will be distributed between all participator , so if you don't win you will get something too .. though if you think its a waste of time so i better suggest you to spend that time somewhere worthy place ;)

i just dislike that a huge reward tends to go to the same people who happen to win in numerous photography contests and happen to be professionals in the field. why reward them when they already get paid elsewhere over and over? they dont need encouragement in their craft.

i am not here only to rake in rewards, i am here to curate everyone, reward effort put in to learning and exploration, and notice people who dont already get noticed.

doing the math, participators would get maybe 2.5 steem, (50c) while the winner gets close to 73 steem. thats about $14, bit inequitable dont you think?

Hmmm good point , i think we can do something about that on our next contest , if you have any plan feel free to share with us ..

i will let you take responsibility to make this something fair for everyone. also, please encourage all to use creativecoin in other contests. I will be curating the entries :)

make it 4k ;) i am contributing 1 k neoxag ;)

after this contribution am i allowed to partake? :P XD

Thanks for your contribution , amount has been added to prize pool . Yeah you can participate the contest

i hope i win

Hey @ospro , this is not the right theme for this week , please read the rules and the theme .

Hello @zaku
Thank you for these challenge, it got me nostalgic 😁, wish I could go back to switzerland
Here is my entry

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Here is my entry:

And a little preview of what's inside the post. :)
Click image for larger view

Hi. Hope a countryside dirt road is a valid entry :)
You can check the original post here



Here is my entry:

Thank you for the competition. There have been really great pictures submitted.

Hi @zaku, here is my entry, thank you!

Thank you for all the support!

Have a great photo! :P


This should be fun seeing all the different photographs.

Thanks for your contribution , amount has been added to prize pool .

My road is a train track. If it's too far fetched, then just ignore my post. :D

Wow! A very nice contest. If I have a lot of neoxag I will contribute to the prize

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@zaku, Good one brother. Great opportunity to accumulate and to hold more NEOXAG. Stay blessed brother.

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I added to the prize.

Thanks for your contribution , amount has been added to prize pool .

Awesome, good luck fam....... Now lets see some more shots......

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