#WednesdayWalk in Nova Scotia, Canada (Video & Photos)

in wednesdaywalk •  7 months ago

@TattoodJay started a cool initiative to get people out of their homes and offices, for even just ONE day a week. It's called #wednesdaywalk and it's growing more and more!

I love to see stuff like this spreading, if there's one thing we need, it's more time in Mother Nature appreciating the little things in life.


I used my 18-55 mm lens today to really give you a feel of being on the road with me.


The first thing I have to say is: My God it smelled so amazing out there! I can't even tell you what the culprit (or culprits) were. I must have looked like a deranged hound dog sniffing the air trying to find the source. I had forgotten the smell of late spring, I swear it got me high! Absolutely. In. My. Glory.


It looks cloudy in the photos, but it was actually really warm out and not as dark as it appears. Perfect walking weather if you ask me, the black flies weren't that bad either.


Low Tide




Nice to see a Lobster boat out on the water, I love the Maritimes.


A home with a name.



I love this little house, and check out their view...



That's the first Lupin flower bud I've seen so far! Ooooooh you guys are going to love it when they're blooming in all of the ditches here. Only in Nova Scotia could you have a beautiful ditch...


I'm pretty sure that is one of the Heavenly smell culprits! Lilac flower buds. Mmmmm..... *drools.


And my tribute to @davedickeyyall, a video!

I'm pretty sure "tribute" isn't the right word, but let's just go with it.

Bwa hahhahaa! He dedicated a walk video to me today and it made me LOL, so here's one back Dave :)

(Video 2:34)

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I likea you video Lyndsay.

Gives a me the chancea to see Bigga Smokie doing hisa job asa my pimp.

Also stop fugging around witha the front yard, you can starta the new tag.....
#yardworkwithme where you invita you friends and family round and you film a them doing the work, itsa called delegation, capishe!?


Aw thanks for watching the video TremendosPercy, I can't tell you how good it is to see you every day, I'm glad that you're still here, though I miss the fuck out of your awesome articles, I miss my true History teacher!!!!

I didn't realize Big Smokie was SO BIG before! Woah! Biiiiiig Smokie!
You like big buns, and you cannot lie
Those other humans can't deny
When you need some carbs and and you might be kinda high
And Lyndsay's dough begins to rise
You get hung ...(er)!
I tried. 😂


OMG LULZ!!!!!!! It worked hahahaa!!!!




Hey dear lyndssay, I do not know why i can not forgot you. :) that is intersted for me to have friends like you. I never forgot you when i had been a newbie. all good for you.


Thanks for joining @wednesdaywalk I am glad to see it slowly growing :)

Loved your walk such a beautiful area, and I to love the aromas of Spring after winter the color and smell is so refreshing

Some beautiful views along the way

thanks again


It's my pleasure, and thank you again too! You rock TattoodJay!

I agree! The springs smells are heavenly! Spring sounds too!! Spring sights! Ahhh! All the growing & green!! Loves it 💚 it must be a bit extra hard to get to the work in the garden, with the move also in the horizon. Do you have a place picked out to move to? How's Edgar and her growing belly? The chickens are just all like 'let us outta here!' We'll destroy your newly sprouted lettuces! Haha. Mmmmm, fresh buns with butter & jam 🍓 have a swell day!!!!

Wow! You have awesome collection of hens and cocks. Even we have around 40 hens, 5 Buffalos, 2 cows and 6 goats...raising them is fun and they are like our family. The best part is these beings run home listening
to my father voice even if they 1-2 miles distant away. Such is the connection between my father and all these pets.
Thank you for such love towards pets.


Just beautiful, I'm definitely envious of your huge homestead, that's our goal one day, bless you @kpreddy!!

You live in a very beautiful place! I love these walks u take. And the chickens!!!! My friend in GJ that runs a pitbull rescue, she just rescued a rooster that someone dumped in the desert. TG for her! 😒 Why someone would do that... it's just evil. Ty for your gorgeous posts! 😊


Hiiiiiya Luanne, thanks so much for stopping by! We have people dump roosters around here too, there was a pack of them running wild around Peggy's Cove lighthouse, no one wants roosters, but they should just man up and take care of them instead of making it someone elses problem. Lord knows we've had our share of rooster stews!!


Yeah...I know they can be a pain! I agree though. Don't get chickens if ya can't handle the roosters. It's heartbreaking how cruel humans can be though.
Here's a pic of the rooster they took in

And this is a pic of Peanut the runt they have that's become a family pet and her boy's best bud (they take her into the house at night n crate her so she's safe even)
And her house is apparently very popular with the pets cause even her goats come to the door! Lol

And she had someone post this tee to her FB and it reminded me of you too! If you wanna order it lemme know n I'll get ya the link.
You 2 have alot in common. I should suggest you as friends to each other. If ya want, lemme know! 😊👍😁❤️🦋

I can't believe you can plant lettuce out like that wihtout fencing, I'm jealous. We have a far to healthy society of rabbits that call Toad Hall home. I swear they have an intricate mansion and a series of pubs and shops under our lawns (hmm that'd be a cute children's book...I always get ideas commenting on Steemit) Anyway, sorry about my tangent, but yes I need a fence. My little veg patch has a fence with plastic chicken wire stapled on the inside and dug town a foot outwards (as they are keen diggers). Since I moved my veg patch to my tinier new location, still not rabbit nibbles on my salad greens, but I see them each morning racing by my studio window, the little buggers.

Puss, of course, can't be bothered to eat as many any more. She used to proudly bring in their heads to demonstrate her worth to me, but has, over the past year, grown lazy and spends more time lazily watching them through the window then going out and diminishing their numbers.

I love your chicken run, it's like a pavilion! I want to see Chinese lanterns hung from the ceiling and they involved in a dinner dance with a live orchestra :) Don't you love the run! That waddle run when they come running to you, it makes me laugh every day!

I LOVE the smell of Spring. Yes, Lilacs and one of my favourite scents happens this time of year: Lily of the Valley! I have a huge bed of it at our little cottage (Fern cottage, I know I name everything!) and the scent is like heaven. My next favourite scent to arrive will be when the honeysuckle is in bloom. Oh my that scent!

Lupines! I love lupines! Ditches filled with lupines sounds like heaven to me.

Well, a wonderful walk indeed. I like this new #wendesdaywalk, Maybe I'll try to fit one in next week.


Omg Donna you are too awesome!! Little pubs and shops and lawns underground, I can visualize it perfectly!! And don't forget the Organic SALAD BAR they feature down there daily, only the freshest veggies! Wow, we are so lucky all we have to contend with are slugs and deer. I find the deer leave me alone, but a lot of other gardeners around here have big fences around their gardens. I guess it's because we live so close to the highway!

Mmmmmmm....honeysuckle time....I cannot wait to see your flora and fauna explode!! Another video walk maybe?

For sure join in next weds, I'll remind you!!

Oh, Lilac buds! Lilacs are my favourite flower ever. None here :} But I don't have black flies here! Yay! Love the chicken video! Will you plant as large a garden as last year? I am expanding mine as we have more mouths to feed this year...


I'm slowly getting the gardens going, yes, there will be as much as last year if I can ever get around to it hahaha! I'm not doing corn this year, I've had enough failure at that, instead going to be doing a LOT more beans, because we really eat a lot of those, and they freeze so well for my winter soups!

What's your most hated bug that lives there?

I'm so glad you're going to be growing even more and coming together with your community to share the bounty, I cannot wait to see all of your garden updates this year Ceci.


Caterpillars! e get thousands of them and they hungry little buggers eat everything! We don't use chemicals so the hens have to eat faster!

Yay loved the walk. Your chicken coop is soooooooo sumptuous and the chucks look so plump and healthy it’s amazing. I love the dark crimson colour it’s painted, funny I used to run a vegetarian cafe painted exactly that same colour 🤣🤣🤣 super fun video too, so nice to catch your surroundings like that, and hear your lovely cheerful voice you angel ❤️ The water in your photos looked wonderful. The air must smell so good?. And lilac on the way , wow that is a favourite scent of mine. It’s all just so beautiful .


So lovely of you to stop by SallyBeth, do lilacs grow there?


I think maybe but my best memories of lilacs are from my childhood in Europe 🌹

in my opinion, it was a very exciting journey. extraordinary!! 😊😊😊hihihih

That's a good motivation..but goodluck all of you who live that close to the mother nature..

Chickens have a nice big pen to do their Chicken thing in. #wednesdaywalk is cool by @tattoodjay. I just posted a #paddlewithme tag today. Used your idea.


Ooooh right on! HHAAA!!

what a photography..

Oh I found lupines sprouting up. I can't wait. I believe we are the only province that has them all over like that. I know they are not in Ontario, Quebec, or New Brunswick. Driven that so many times, we have our own rut in the road. lol

I love your walkwithme !!! It's just like I'm there and your neck of the woods looks diiiiivvvviiinnneee


Awesome, I'm so glad you enjoyed the scenery of the day @riverflows! <3 xo

@lyndsaybowes, That was very cool initiative who started @tattoodjay #wednesdaywalk. It's really impressive images took still your walking. Around location ever green trees indeed given nice shades and reflections. Cloud looks dark and better weather for walk. Ocean scenery outstanding. Woot nice to see chikenbitches viseo after long time run. Thanks for whole effort.


HAHAHA! Wonderful, wonderful I'm so happy to reunite you with your beloved #chickenbitchez! :)

Hahaha Greetings, I like how you narrate your walk. I'm going to see if I join next week. Thanks for sharing...


Yesss! Please do join in that would be terrific @blessed-girl xo :) :) :) :)

really beautiful natural scenery, to get rid of the tiredness required to walk and meniimati nature. i like the idea sister @lyndsaybowes show. thank you and success always for you.


Success always for you too Musliwadi!

in my opinion, it was a very exciting journey. extraordinary!! 😊😊😊hihihih

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