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Me and my two good friends wanted to go on a hike in the heat of the moment. It was really cold but that didn't stop us from having a great experience. We cooked some ramen and quesadilla for lunch on my small gas burner, we said some jokes and had some laughs. Near the end of the day we captured sunset pictures on the precipice of rocky cliffs.



Wednesday walk contest created by @tattoodjay

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I remember back to my hiking days complete witht a gas burner like that, such a fun experience ever time i went hiking

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip and bringing back nice memories for me ;)

Thank you! :) I'm glad I could help.

Beautiful sunset photos! The perfect ending to a day with friends!

Yes, indeed and definitely not the last.

Awaiting warmer weather here for some hiking! Excellent first picture!

Thank you. Same here!

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Howdy there enosh! Very nice shots and an interesting wednesday walk, most people don't have lunch on their walk, lol..good job!

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