The World of Natural Healing series - introduction

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Humans have always been connected with nature. “All come from dust, and to dust all return” as the old saying goes; but its meaning is much deeper than dust and ash. We as human beings have a connection with the natural world and always will. In today’s society, many people suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, and other emotional problems. More and more, many people are getting what is called nature therapy, green therapy or even sometime called wilderness therapy. Nature therapy can heal the mind and soul causing many to have a positive outlook on life.


In times of old, people had to survive with what they had and lived simple lives (Nebbe, Linda Lloyd 4). With great understanding they knew the land they live in, they depended on the land and the land depended them. People hunted, gathered, wandered, farmed, and made shelters with which nature produced (3). Whether they were from one side of the planet or the other, they knew were they came from (3). Having no understanding of natural forces, they made gods of wind, lighting, thunder, salt water, sweet water, earth, sun, moon, stars and many more (3). Making these gods of wood and stone they yearned for protection and would please these gods for it (3). Humans have always had a connection with nature. Why do we as human beings have such a powerful connection with the natural world? Nature inspires, moves, and makes one feel refreshed by immersing oneself in the natural world.

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The next part of this series will cover more in dept on what nature therapy is... STAY TUNE FOR THE NEXT PART OF THE SERIES.

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Howdy there enosh! I've never heard of natural healing or nature healing but it sounds interesing enosh!

Yea when I first found out about it I was amazed

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yes sir me too, it's a great topic for posting about sir enosh, I commend you!

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