White pine needle tea: How you can identify and make your own

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The white pine is favored for its healing properties. First discovered by the Native Americans and later introduced to early settlers as a cure for scurvy (lack of vitamin C). The white pine contains 5 times the amount of vitamin C then a lemon.

Caution: pregnant woman should NOT drink this. Do the proper research before consuming!!!!!


The white pine can be identified by its long needles, it will also have FIVE needles within one cluster.

How to make pine needle tea

Once you successively identified that it is indeed a white pine, you should grab the amount you feel that is necessary. Rinse or clean the needles off. Then cut the needles in to smaller parts. Lastly let the needles soak in hot water. There you go now you have a healthy drink that all you need to do is go outside.

Here are some links if you are interested



howdy there enosh! This is interesting, what does the tea taste like? I'm almost afraid to ask!

Well it tastes just like it smells if that makes any sense to you. Like a lot of pine teas it has a pine taste to it Although he can vary. All evergreens have a unique and different taste some tastes just like They smell, Some are strong and some on the vary faint.

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howdy sir enosh! well, I've never tasted it but we do have pine trees so I think I might try some!

That was interesting. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for commenting :)

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