Water drop photography 💧 Collisions are not enough... 💥

in #waterdrop6 years ago (edited)

"It's about uniqueness..."

This is what will set us apart from the rest of the creators! From the start, as I join the platform, this was my goal. My work should be unique and you could only find it here! ...No other platform! Not bad for start, ha!?... In the time, I did try some other strategies and I brake some my own rules... And what I have learned...?
( It's wasn't bad, but it costed me time - For me, the most valuable thing )

Do what you love and stick to it!

"With a twist"
Cam: Sony a6000
Lens: Sony 90mm macro G OSS 1:1
Set: F7.1 / shutter 1/160/ Iso 200
Light: Ex. flash, 2x led light
Trigger & Valve: Pluto

I hope you enjoy the photo and if you are excited to see more amazing footage, don't forget to follow me 👍

Till next time...
Yours truly, @marjanko



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Resteemed -It’s beautiful and a really intriguing shape and colour. Your work is phenomenal ❤️🌈🍀🦋🌴

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this is really awesome click my friend..
great photograph my friend...

😍😍😍😍@marjanko I often see the results of your work truly amazing and this macrophotography is also very amazing..

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It is unique and fascinating, marjanko :D

hello friend.. waiting for your new post with amazing photograph..

Its good to set goals but sometimes we have to break or adapt them, I love your style of shots and this is no exception

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