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Hello Wafricans, Happy New Month and Happy New Week as well, I wish you a month and week full of success and love. On behalf of the #Wafrica team, I say thank you for continuously making effort to add value to the blockchain. My name is @julietisrael and here are the daily picks for Monday 5TH AUGUST 2019.

As usual, everyone is a winner as long as you're using the #wafrica tag.


@seyiodusWhen Favour Speakshttps://steemit.com/thevoiceofrevelation/@seyiodus/when-favour-speaks
@olaexcelIntegrity without being honest and transparency is a fail lifehttps://steemit.com/honest/@olaexcel/integrity-without-being-honest-and-transparency-is-a-fail-life
@oxygen02Is Schooling Really A Scam?https://steemit.com/esteem/@oxygen02/is-schooling-really-a-scam
@amoslivingwordMy steemit storyhttps://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@amoslivingword/my-steemit-steemit-story
@preciousebuWAYS TO ENHANCE BRAND PATRONAGEhttps://steemit.com/business/@preciousebu/ways-to-enhance-brand-patronage

Congratulations, you will all get an upvote from @wafrica.curators


@Wafrica is built for Africa, made for Africans and will grow with Africans.

Don't forget that for your post to be upvoted daily by @wafrica you must use #wafrica among as one of your tags, you must also be following @wafrica, and your post must contain at least 300 characters with a minimum of 1 image or photo. Do use English to write or provide a translation so the curators can comprehend your content.

The curators includes....

@surfyogi, @gloglo, @gee1, @nmalove, @jeaniepearl, @chiama, @lordjames, @kofpato, @prettyjules158, @phunke, @steemgh, @mcsamm, @julietisrael, @mediahousent

Do join us on Discord here

My name is Juliet Israel and I am awe-mazing 😉😉

Thanks for reading.

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N/B: All winners will receive upvotes from @wafrica.curators, as well as WAFRO Tokens.

Each month in 2019 we will reward holders of WAFRO tokens with further airdrops, based on how much they currently have in their steem wallet. Please use steempeak to see your Steem-engine tokens.

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