One Year of Free VPS Hosting from Vultr - Limited Time New Customer Special!

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Vultr an easy to use VPS provider that can inexpensively host a reliable server with 20GB SSD + 512MB and 500GB of bandwidth for more than a year using this offer. There are also 1GB memory servers for $5 a month, so you could run that for ten months free. That is ample space to run whatever you'd like, be it Wordpress, Joomla, a cryptocurrency node, MineCraft server, or Docker! These virtual servers can get up and running in just a few minutes.

It's easy. Just sign up with a referral link below to be credited with $50 to your new account. You can use this one:

Here's also a little bit more info about what is available on their hosting platform:

Server Locations

Server Types

One Click Applications

More Server Sizes Include:

Vultr also is known for excellent customer service, so it's defnitely worth trying them out:

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Hey. As for me, there is never anything free, there are always disadvantages of free services and for this I’ll sometimes pay better than using a stripped-down free service. Personally, my site is on a European vds server and it more than suits me, especially since the price there is very attractive.

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