Vote Buying

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On other platforms asking for a "Like"(up vote) to be eligible to win a specific reward is a common way of hosting giveaways, but the rules change when that "Like" carries monetary value with it.

The Problem

Many users on Steemit host giveaways often rewarding the winners in SBD when they reach a specific milestone eq. 100 Followers. The problem occurs when they ask for an up vote to enter the giveaway. Asking for up vote is considered "abuse" by the community, because one can potentially make a significant gain from it. Users who tried to host their giveaway asking for an up vote got flagged unless they've changed the rules of the giveaway, this way many reputable members of the community got "punished".

The Solution

Asking for up vote without "vote buying" is allowed if:

  • The users are required to up vote only with 1% vote weight, to enter the giveaway.

Rule where users are required this essentially removes the vote buying aspect of it, since the author doesn't aim to gain any profit from it. Users who don't have access to the vote weight slider up voting with 100% is accepted since they don't have significant vote weight anyways.

I would like to get the communities response on this. What do you think, if someone includes this rule in their giveaway is it still "vote buying"? If your answer is yes, please explain why? Leave a comment below with your answer, every comment counts, let's see if we can reach a community consensus on this, the more response the better.

Thank you!


I said this several weeks ago when Steemit opened up properly, and I will say it again. I do not appreciate people asking for votes and I strongly feel that their work should do all the talking. If someone consistently produces quality content, maintains a solid level of activity and otherwise engages with the community, that someone is bound to gain readers and thus, slowly, upvotes. I would much rather encourage people to focus on producing as opposed to shouting the loudest to get votes, however you wrap the latter.

The question I ask here is, I'll sooner or later reach 200 followers, to celebrate It I will give away to random followers some SBD (assuming I have some SBD at the time) but they will need to up vote celebration post to become eligible to win the SBD. If I do this, It's clearly abuse aka vote buying, but If I set the rule for them to up vote only with 1% vote weight, does that make it acceptable? Now some may ask why do you require them to up vote, well that makes sure the reward is given to someone who actually follows me and isn't following just because..

On that what you are saying in the comment I strongly agree, work should speak for itself and get rewarded accordingly.

Agree. I don't like just asking for votes. However, I have warmed to the idea of experimentation like steemsports. I don't see a lot of difference between that and the many crowdfunding posts. Yes the participants get a potential return but the way it is presented, managed, and marketed also adds value to the platform.

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