Statism Is A Relic Of A Barbaric Epoch

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The urge to be accepted by the tribe and to conform to societal norms is powerful. It is this ancient characteristic that has kept humanity alive throughout our most dangerous and treacherous prehistoric past. At those times conforming to the tribe was a matter of life or death as very few people could survive on their own. All this has changed with technological development and the Industrial Age. We are now no longer so weak and dependent on each other. We can work to earn money to purchase the labor of other skilled artisans. We do not have to be 100% self-sufficient. Indeed this is one reason that humanity has been able to lift itself out of poverty.   

"If goods do not cross borders, soldiers will." Frédéric Bastiat   

Statism Is A Relic Of A Barbaric Epoch    



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Good post, friend. Greetings from a fellow voluntarist!

Thank you my friend. Pleased to make your cyber acquaintance. :-)

Hey @danilo-cuellar , would love to offer to come onto my podcast sometime.

It is all about entrepreneurs; what you are doing, believe in and what difference you are making in the world.

Here is the playlist:

It is audio only over skype. Does this sound of interest to you?

Hello @nantchev. That sounds wonderful! I would love to come onto your podcast. I'm not necessarily an entrepreneur per se but I do accept donations for my work and I do believe I am making a difference in the world. :-)

The podcast is more about people doing remarkable things. It is all about you, your story, what you believe in and what difference you are making in the world.

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Will definitely get your ebook..great work!

Thank you for commenting and for your interest in my work. Cheers! :-)

You voluntaryism guys really do live in a fantasy world of half truths selling $150 dollar per hour snake oil.

I agree with the beginning of the post but the conclusion is way off.
Increases in technology and population demand bigger government but of the people and by the people.

Hello @adconner thank you for commenting. That's an offer. You don't have to take it. :-)

Please elaborate on where exactly you believe I am saying half truths. Do you believe "government" is necessary to the functioning of a healthy society? What is your definition of "government"?

Healthy Government guarantees legal title to private land; exacts the Extortion necessary to provide for itself and to protect its members and supporters from abuses of human rights; to protect And defend Individual Freedom of speech, assembly and travel; and to practice the power of eminent domain to build the physical infrastructure necessary to operate itself and to regulate business as necessary in defense of human rights. But im not limiting it by this post.

Thank you for the article. I will check it out. Cheers! :-)