VOICESHARES POETRY CONTEST!! 45 voiceshare and 5SBD to be won!! Details inside.

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Attention steemians. Introducing the voiceshares poetry contest.

This is a contest sponsored by @voiceshares


Voice of Steemit is a project that has been started for those who are in need of help... a voice to speak out for those whose voices have been suppressed for far too long. It is a token backed community project to create a support system for those of our fellow Steemians in need of help.
Voice of Steemit addresses various untold stories from social, political, regional and cultural backgrounds.
It is an initiative led by @rideofpassion and backed by @officialfuzzy.
The core team is comprised of @looftee, @rgba, @motionemotion, @l0k1, @mialinnea, @densgirl94, @shrey and @patelincho.

To know more read: Introduction Voice of Steemit Project – Roadmap and Initial Token Offering – Join the Revolution on Steemit!!

The rules:

  1. Create a new post and write an original poem about this week's theme which is "Suicide is not an option"
  2. Upvote and resteem this post for more visibility
  3. Post the link in the comments in this post.
  4. Your post must include the tags #voiceshares and #poetrycontest .
  5. Only ONE entry per user.
  6. Entries can be submitted till this post is paid out.
  7. If an entry doesn't follow all rules, it will be disqualified.
  8. Plagiarism will be reported.
  9. Winners will be determined by the judges which include me and some folks from the voiceshares team.

The pot

The first prize is 30 voiceshare and the prize for the runner up is 15 voiceshare provided by the generous voiceshares team.

I have chipped in an additional 3 SBD for the winner and 2 SBD for the runner up.

There might be some honourable mentions too.

The guidelines

  1. Keep everything child friendly.
  2. Using poetic devices like but not limited to alliteration, metaphors etc. is encouraged.
  3. Poems with a definite rhyme scheme is encouraged.

That's about it. Have fun guys. Cheers.

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Here's my entry :P It's been so long since I've written a poem... LOL
I no longer have any style LOL


Do find my entry here.

my entry https://steemit.com/voiceshares/@artonmysleeve/suicide-is-not-an-option-contest-entry

thank you for giving me this opportunity I enjoyed writing this, I know it's a little short but it has feeling and means something to me.

My ENTRY for this weeks contest.
Revealing issues that have been untold may bring forth unanticipated of solutions. Likely a win-win from my perspective.
Much appreciation and best of luck to all entrants.

very good.
I would be happy if you like to follow me and give your opinion about my posts.

This is not the way to gain followers.

I have just followed you, I will be entering this I think. looks like a fun and interesting contest. thanks for the opportunity

Awesome. Looking forward to your entry.

Thanks for sharing the contest :) I will submit my entry later on tonight.. I must say suicide is quite the topic. Nevertheless, good luck to everyone and I hope to find other great authors to read from.


Awesome. Looking forward to it mate.

Good competition....

Thank you. Will you participate?

Not sure as I have participated in many contests (even poetry) but somewhere I see baised results in some cases and so I don't participate now.

"Suicide is not an option" potentially dark but intriguing.
When is the deadline for entry?

Till this post pays out.

What are voiceshares?

Read this post

Nice opportunity to shed light on a touchy subject. I think I'll enter, thanks.

Good competition. Good luck participants.