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There has been quite a bit of talk about me lately...

Sure, I may have donated some STEEM to a steemian in need and I may have taken a drive to help a steemian who needed some money.... I may try to encourage and help others, and bless them when I can... Doing things is one thing, but today I want to tell you why.

Simply put, other than what I have already shared, most of you know very little about my past. Even what you do know is only what I have chosen to share or present. I may seem like a good example and a caring, loving guy, but there is much more to the story than that, and I certainly was not always the way that I am now.

I used to be a very greedy, deceitful and selfish person. I would not have cared much about any of you, seriously. So what made the difference, and why is @papa-pepper the way that he is now?


Until next time…

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Wow you really changed your life, I can see the intensity and passion in your eyes, you made me cry, but in a good way. Isn't it amazing to look back and see how far you have come because we all have struggles in life and when you are strong enough to overcome them, especially when you believe in yourself and the big MAN upstairs nothing can stop you.
Thanks For Sharing papa


Yeah, he's real.

God Bless you for the sharing the gospel @papa-pepper


@steemtruth he is a good man indeed :)


Wow nice word . Many as argued that Christian posts won't attract reward on steem but they forgot that the word of God is light . Seek he first the kingdom of God and all other things will follow.


That's correct @crownsamuel
@papa-pepper is knows how I feel about censorship lol God Bless

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Life is tough, and thats why people become greedy. Survival. anyways Im new around Steemit so really I don't know pappa pepper but hey, nice to meet you all!!

I just wrote a story here on Steemit about something I witnessed back in 2011, the Fight At The Long Beach Pier

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Be Blessed.

Dear @papa-pepper, would you please let me add something else to your amazing video?
1- your mentality of GIVING instead of just RECEIVING is what i praised the most! Us humans continue to reinvent technology and wealth but we tend to centralise everything again and again, selfishness looks like to be inherited in human DNA. All this STEEM thing...man... its an opportunity to everyone become a little less selfish, and realise that GIVING is the only way to change the world and ourselves!
2- you are brave of coming here to share your story. The decision you made of changing your life (being enpowered by the life of Christ) id a daily decision we all must do; should I tell the truth? Shoould i pay my taxes...or should i help that person in need... its a matter of choice we make every single day. Today, 5am in Australia, i want to choose to live for like Christ did.


Thank you for that!

my goodness! you have sticken the love chord here on steemit! It absolutely thrills me to see you doing so well on here and becoming a staple in the steemit community. You are exactly what this platform needs more users like you. Engaging, encouraging, and informative always. much love and success to you. I really see a great future ahead for you and the fam. much love always
I still sing meet me at the bottom of the cross randomly from time to time..... mostly while walking through super markets and standing in check out lines.. strange really....lol


Lol! Thanks @soundlegion.

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I have met some people in life that have only been around for a very short time yet have touched so many peoples lives. It's amazing what we can achieve in even a short time here on earth.

The reason I write this is because no matter how bad your life has been you always still have time to make a huge positive difference here.

A truly inspiring post.

Can't live in the past or the future only the now............ You're a good guy. Heart felt and honest. Not hard to sit and say but we've all been there in one form or another. Keep doin' what you do. I think we all appreciate it and your efforts. Thanks. Enjoyed.


Thanks @stillwater.

wow man..... just saw your video you are one of a kind and I am grateful for your video.. I am trying to change my self as well to be more I guess human.. seeing this made me cry and damn it was deep for me.

Thank you a million times.


I am glad to hear that. I have been around a lot and in a lot of different situations. I would not trade what I have in Jesus Christ for anything. Thanks for letting me know!

Suspense or Investigation or are we doing some kind of Crime Patrol with @papa-pepper's life...sounds interesting 😊


We know @papa-pepper you are the 'steem-star' 💥
We are not interested in what you were in your past as we know that you will never reflect the negativity of you past in today or future. I am sure you are an inspiration to many on this platform.


LOL, thank you @bhavnapatel68. Hopefully I can inspire honesty and humility too.


Whoa! Just joined Steemit and already ran into a star? Cool!!! :)



What a testimony! Thank God for change that we know can only come from the power of God. At some point in all our lives we come to this crossroad of choosing to serve our own fleshly desires or the will of God. I haven't met one single person who has regretted the choice to let God lead their lives. Change them for the better, turn their life around 180 degrees. He protected you from you own self destruction.
No matter what others belief we can all be thankful for the impact of God in your life and the faith that you have that has brought about this change for the good. We are all indeed blessed because you allowed God to change you and use you to help others. He's given you a giving and compassionate heart to serve others. Thank you and be bless papa pepper!


Thank you for that!


I had a feeling, man.


Thanks @shayne!

Your gift has blessed me. Thank you.

We all deserve the right to grow and be better.

You are appreciated.

I may seem like a good example and a caring, loving guy, but there is much more to the story than that, and I certainly was not always the way that I am now.


You are one of the fathers on Steemit.
Thank you, @papa-pepper
Happy #FathersDay

Father helping Son.gif

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Everyone should use this Media email list (3000+ contacts)

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Brother, your story will reach countless others. You embody a quote attributed to St. Francis of Assisi, "Go out and preach the gospel, use words when necessary." God bless you brother.


Thanks @homesteaddad!

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Beautiful.... papa pepper you have really helped peoples life with your story and you have been a source of joy to several steemian most especially minnows. Great job mentor, i love the video


Thanks, that means a lot to me!


my pleasure @papa-pepper thanks for acknowledging my comment, i really appreciate

Right there with you bro, without Christ I'd be in a ditch somewhere.


Glad to hear it @bfhomestead!

Mr. Pepper where can I buy those Steemit sweaters ??

Lovin it


It is just a t-shirt with a hoodie under it.


Just heard about Steemit and you from An American Homestead so I thought I'd check it out. Thanks for the honesty brother. Inspirational! You are going to be my first subscription! Tina


Very cool! I am pleased to see the homesteading community booming right now!
Welcome to steemit!


Same here.


Found it :)

This is life and we are blessed to have the chance for eternal life thru Christ. That beats any worldly possession any day.



What an amazing testimony and inspiration for others! Continue to fight the good fight and stand firm in your beliefs as a stone in the river--guiding others who may cross the river by you. ✝️

When you put God first He makes everything else fall into place. :) Matthew 6:33 ... God bless you, brother, and praise God for your Testimony!


Yes, Matthew 6:33!

Respect, you one of my role model here on steemit @Papa-pepper


AMEN BROTHER!! That all the people of the earth my know that the LORD is God, and that there is none else.


Thanks @provider! You know it!


You can model me as I model Him. Thanks @steemcollator!

Hey man, you got me thinking about what I am doing with my own life... thanks for sharing your story.


I am glad to hear it, we really one get one run through this thing down here.

2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.


Congratulations @papa-pepper!
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I was amazed to hear this. Things do change as life progresses. We build ourselves and constantly create better versions!
Just keep on creating ;)


Thank you for checking it out @velimir!

Stop I'm only at 3:00 mins and I'm crying. Bless you.


Wow, I might be doing a little too much making people cry around here.



no it's good to cry it shows that we are human and care for others.



God bless you, a big hug from spain


A big hug back at you!

Although I am agnostic I still have belief.
There are many valuable lessons to learn in life and many come from the New Testament of the Christian bible.

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thanks for sharing @papa-pepper and hope all the peppers are well.

Everybody gets lost for some time and must find there way. For some it may take decades, for others, it may happen right in the beginning of adulthood. The world is a complex place and we are thrown into it among billions of people with guidance from 2 people, and too often guidance from 1 person.

In the end it's all about love. One love. Best of luck in the future.


Best wishes to you too!

And how does it feel to be you today?
Does it feel right? Does it feel good? Does it feel like 'this is really you?'

If it does, then you were living a lie in your youth.
You are not the only one to have a history that is less than pristine. But it is what you choose to do now and in the future that counts.

You are the way you are because of the way you were - it made you the man you are today. Be grateful for the experience that has grown you into a man that can care, and love and share freely. Not everyone can do that.

Also, it is ok to be proud of yourself for seeing a better path and choosing to take that path. Not everyone has the courage to do that.

It is a real treat for me (and probably others) to see your family growing and to see your success. You work hard at being the best dad and husband you can be, so you deserve your success.

I'm really looking forward to watching as you build your house and transform your land and grow a good batch of happy health little peppers.

So don't sweat that you have a past. Be grateful that you have a future. Just as the rest of us on Steemit are grateful that you are here, and that you are you.

When I saw those 1000.00 Steems, I was amazed at your generosity and the concern you showed for a person in need. Since then, I try to follow you and thank you VERY MUCH for sharing this post and video. It is an inspiration for me and I hope to be able to help people in need all around my community.

A wonderful story. An amazing transformation. Only God could do that! It's an honor to know you @papa-pepper. Sometimes you gotta go through the bad times to know what is good. Sometimes you have to go through the darkness to recognize the light.

@papa-pepper Amen Brother! Truly moving. I'm glad you shared that with all of us Steemians. I am thankful for God and all that he has done for me so far and I am glad that he could take that evil from you and put it away. There's been a fair share of evil in my life as well. Nobody's perfect by any means! So whether you were good or bad. I thank god for a spiritual guide such as yourself sir. I am glad that you have an amazing wife and family to keep you seeing that good part of life that can exist if you so choose to make it so. I am happy that God allows you to do these good deeds. It is great to see his work taking place! Thank you for such a great post once again man.

Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful)

I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance. Luke 15:7

Bless the Most High! @ironshield

I'm very happy i have had the time to find this video of yours, I'm sure the Good Lord guided me here. I had spoken to you before , I said I felt like you got your deep thoughts had came from the same place as mine. At the time I didn't want to talk about the Lord our God, simply because we didn't know each other and sometimes people can be offended when we talk about God. When we last spoke It was on a topic the was worrying me greatly, as children where at risk, from being exposed to the dangers of people going off grid, that are far to inexperienced to do so. Going off grid can be outright dangerous if poorly informed or prepared . The romantic fantasy is very different to the reality.
Now having watched your video, I can see that you are reformed man and endeavoring to commit to the Lord and also fellow a Christian, I must say, i believe your intention to be honest and true. I too, had a background that was somewhat unsavory and gives me no pride, but as you, the Good Lord Our God has given me the opportunity to do and be all I can. Though I am not rich in dollars or steem, i give all I can to those I have the opportunity to do so too.
The worry I expressed to @mericanhomestead has been resolved , not by me, but by him. He has been doing a good job at including the need for caution in recent posts and I take my hat of to the man, that can see the potential dangers that may come from a lifestyle that he, or any one else for that matter, is promoting to the world at large. I hope we can talk again some time, it would be nice.

Take care brother, may you and your family continue to be blessed and protected by our Lord and God


legend :)

i did not understand your post but upvoted please follow me

You did what you did in the past, there is no undoïng it. Just do what you feel like doing to be a good guy, don't try to make up for bad decisions in the past.

Wow, Papa. Stellar. Luke 12:8

Hey bro!

Very excited for you.

Jesus is awesome!! :)

There is no past , present or future. You simply make yourself the way you are.

Steem on.

great motivation papa pepper :)

Yep remember that post. wow nice donation! You seem true and honest. Glad "An American Homestead" recommended you. Your video sounds a lot like how my life was. Praise GOD he changed my life. Love your vids. Keep em coming! GOD Bless you friend!

If you can change one mind to what your message to day was, you've done god's will my man. Powerful video.


Thank you! I appreciate it @steemitqa!

I'm glad that you stopped sniffing blow on a daily basis and turned your life around. The only thing that you retained from your past life is the Pimp chain that you sport in your posts! We will let that slide though because it is harmless and we all love it!
Great post!


LOL! Yeah down with the blow and keep the chain.

Thanks for sharing your testimony brother. Jesus is real and He has changed my life too. Kudos to you for giving the glory to God. :]

i like it

I really think that you are awesome, Papa!

your post is very crafty and well organised.upvoted.follow back

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You are and always will be an inspiration for the steemit community and a Icon for us. The way you are working for steemit and helping to make it more better and stronger place is truly admirable.We appreciate your innovative thinking.I really want you to thank you from my heart for all the hard work and dedication.With best regards [email protected] to @papa-pepper

nice talk papa-pepper!
feel free to help me out with my last post;)

You're a good egg, for sure, @papa-pepper. I've been following you from the beginning (I think we both got started on here around the same time, though I took a break and you didn't). I always enjoy your posts, and your generosity is an example to everyone.

Respect to you papa-pepper!

I do think the reason is you. Your faith in Jesus may have given you the motivation to change, but the actual "work" was done by you. And thats the only way it can be done.
I mean, look at what people have done in the name of Jesus. Or what they have done (and still do) taking for granted that they get away with it, because they believe in Jesus, God, Allah or what ever. But thats not what matters. Its always you who has to make the decision how to act, all by yourself.
But if you found your guidance in the teachings of Jesus, thats also fine. The only thing that counts is the result.

@papa-pepper amazing i upvoted and following you.
you can read my story too


To @papa-pepper
People are truly amazing. In our past life yeah i can say we are doing bad things to everyone, we can lie, we can cheat, we can say anything what we want to say bad things to other. But we doesn't know what is in the future. God the creator make us like his image. It means, God is good and cheerful giver so he make us like him. This the reason why people change from the bad to being good. Have a nice day

This is great! We all have the opportunity every day to be the person that we want others to see....you have done a fantastic job of being the better person than you were. We are lucky to have you in this community. A great leader and a genuine help to others. Thanks @papa-pepper!

@papa-pepper You can be so Proud of yourself and i am sure The Lord is smiling right now for the witness you are for Him as our reward is in heaven and not on earth but this testimony of yours will change a lot of lives May God's blessings follow you and your Family for ever

I cried when I watched this video. Thank you, @papa-pepper, for sharing!


Thank you for watching it @oleg326756!

Where is PAPA PEPPER ? :D


Like "where's Waldo?"

I'm inclined in front of such a soul opening!

I have heard of this STEEMIT guy Pappa-Peppa … this is the 1st post of yours i've seen… I support goodness… Following you Pappa.. here and on youTube.. Steemit has already opened my eyes to some things already.. i Follow EVERYONE who Follows me.. Seems like the right thing to do.. Thanks for the positive vibes; and sharing your story.. ..i like to write.. i'll check out your contests when i get a chance... ..

Hi @pappa-pepper. I'd appreciate your thoughts on my last post about forgiveness. https://steemit.com/life/@struggles/forgiveness-give-it-a-try
It sounds like you had a tough life. But I think you should forgive yourself. Look at what The Lord has blessed you with! And we have been blessed by you! 🙏🏽

Thank you for the love!

Real motivation to see someone changing their perspective in life about others, afterall people help other people in time of need

Awesome @papa-pepper! Thanks for sharing.

An American Homestead said that I should check you out, and now I know why. Awesome testimony, brother.



@papa-pepper That was a amazing post, glad you have changed your ways and WOKE UP!!

I need some MINNOWS and WHALES to Help!
Lets prove my WIFE wrong! :)!
(Like The Gif? View The Blog For More) (Free 2 Use)

Yep, that's the gospel. Rom 7:7 I had not known sin, but by the law. Great post! Yes we appreciate you!


Thanks, and thanks for sending so many people over to my blog too. Let's try for Monday.


Yeah i gave you a mention in my latest video post. Monday is perfect! Do you have an email or way I can send you my address?

I appreciate your honest sharing about your life. It so amazes me how available God is right now.
Keep up the good work while raising 5 beautiful children!

you are allowed to learn from your past. Now you are helping others, and are on a better path, steem on good man

@papa-pepper Powerful message. And inspiration to be charitable.


Thank you man. Glad that you appreciated it.

What and awesome video! Thanks for opening yourself up to the community and revealing your past. The challenges you've been through have made you the great person that you are! :)


I try to be real. Since I have no history in online interaction, perhaps I'm breaking some "rules", but I do what I do, and it seems that people enjoy it! Thanks @cyberblock.

You're a good man @papa-pepper. You just made me cry with this video!

Good to see someone give credit where it is due. Bless you man. New here, not to sure how it all works with Steemit, Zac over at American Homestead turned me on to Steemit and suggested I check you out, glad I did. TTFN


Very cool, glad to hear it!

wow.. I am glad you look back and realize you made mistakes. Most people in this world just continue on that path. You are lucky, because whatever your religious background, you go to heaven when you self reflect and change for the better. Don't believe in heaven? Even more reward in my book because it's even more truly selfless. Good for you.

This was truly inspiring. I think you conveyed that whether you've always been "good" or "bad" doesn't matter and that self-righteousness doesn't get you anywhere. The decisions that you make every day are the ones that determine who you are, and I admire the selfless decisions that you make.

If there is one thing that @papa-pepper proves to us is that it's never to late to change!


Never too late! I agree! Thanks @synesthesia!


You're welcome! Though I think you should also thank yourself, your wonderful spirit was always inside you, you just needed to find it! @papa-pepper

Keep speaking the truth papa and thanks for sharing!

Great post @papa-pepper !!
Its crazy how people can change so dramatically
Keep it up! :)


It certainly was a complete change, inside and out! Thanks @dontstopmenow!

WEll said. That was then, this is now. Good choice man. You have a lucky family and an extended family on steemit, welcome to the now ! Best wishes for your future.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Watched the entire video! Must say, you are a real nice person! We've all done bad things, we've all had a bad past, but it's what we do about it and how we change that defines who we are, and who we're going to become.

I was a bad person as well, I've done some horrible things to people I said I loved the most, I don't know why, but that's how I was. Only thing to do now is to become a better person, and really care about others and their happiness and lives. It's a good feeling to help people :)

Thanks for this video @papa-pepper! :D


You are welcome, and thank you for your honesty!

hi can you help me starting in steem my local money is not convertible to usd

Wow. I loved this. Someone who is not afraid to show who he was and who he is now. I find this very encouraging. You are doing very well in God's eyes. It is so hard for someone to turn themselves around. Believe me when I say this. Hugs to you papa, and thank you again for choosing my meme in the contest. Lots of luv your way to you and your family :)

you the man bro, hope all is well

You really are a great person and it's great to see you're helping others when they are in need. You are truly an inspiration for a lot of people keep up the great work!

very inspiring!
I don't like peppers, but i like this one!


The pain in your eyes made me cry. HE helped you find your true self... the self that was buried below the surface. You're a good man @papa-pepper. God bless you and your family!

gran trabajo amigo felicidades muchas gracias por compartirlo con la comunidad steemit

Wow... I always thought the answer was, "It's gotta be the pepper." ;-)

Well said @papa-pepper

Great papa pepper..really appreciated to be a good sensible men, god bless u and we all pray we will do the same 1 day and care for people around us.