A Trip To The Hair Dresser Leading To A Handful Of MISSING HAIR... How To React ?

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Since The Beginning Of my Pregnancy, I Found Myself To Be Exhausted, Depleted Of Energy.. No Fire 🔥, No Zest, I was The Hermit in the Major Arcana.. Recuperating my Mental & Emotional Stability.. .

This Also led me to become... VERY... Lazy with Keeping Up With My Hair.. Having Sista Locks is a Quite Tedious Process when it comes time to Retighted all five thousand and fifty of your locks.... Just Kidding! 🤤, I Only Have About 400-500 Of them..

My Exhaustion caused me to neglect my own upkeep.. And I settled to just go and get my hair done professionally. I went in and relaxed in the chair as The Kenyan Woman went to work on 9 weeks of Pregnant Woman Newgrowth.. .

The Whole entire time, she was complaining .. “It’s Ssoo Muchhhh Hair!!” She kept saying. My Response to her finally was reminding her if she needed extra for her extra effort I don’t mind paying. But She refused me. So I relaxed back into the chair.

While finishing my hair , I kept hearing snips in the background .. the First few snips she told me she was trimming the excess hair at my roots.. I was okay with that so I let Her Continue...

By the time I was finished, I Payed Her— Hopped Out Of the chair and saw a lockload Of Hair sprawled out onto the floor. .

WHAT... [email protected]!%#@

I Asked Her Calmly & Politely, to hand me my hair off of the floor... and Also— WHY SHE CUT IT? .

She let me Know The Hair Was Thinning at the root , and it was going to snap out anyway... Now Me Knowing My Own Hair.. & By It Being So Thick— Anytime I had A thinning lock I would just combine it with Another one.... Never would I Discard It Like it was worth Nothing! .

Two Lessons I learned: The Only Person Who will take care of you Just The Way You Like, Is You. When We make ourselves vulnerable to others, they will take care of you in the same way they do for themselves.. She did not have much hair... A Fade actually so She was a lot more comfortable with snipping than Someone with Plenty Hair would have been.. .

Lesson Number Two: I deserved It. How? From all I had been through my hair took on a lot of the hurt.. I feel to even protect my psyche from further damage..& What she cut is Now Time to leave me. I can always grow my thickness back out.. But now it’s time for me to let go. Sometimes the only time we let go is when we have to..A woman’s hair is so precious to her.... I could hold on to these locs with an emotional hurt attached to them but what good would that do me? It’s time to let go .. ⭐️


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Damn I have definitely been the victim of a stylist taking matters into their own hands. I’m so sorry this happened. And you’re right - we are the only ones that are capable of really giving our hair the respect and attention it deserves.

Since I’ve gone natural I have had some serious emotional moments with my hair, but we are finally using the right products, the right amounts of the products, and we are back on track to healing our relationship 😂

Coconut oil & Aloe Vera is the only things you’ll see me poppin in my hair! Some castor oil too. Maybe avocado for some softness.. LOL been natural since I was a youngin, then started the permin and pressing, relaxing and dying. I had to go natural again Hair was thinning out bad!

Yassss that’s the biggest difference I noticed too, my hair definitely doesn’t break as much as it used to and its definitely thicker! I love it.

I do rock a straight style so I mean, I do apply heat to my hair. But it’s just once a week I have to flatiron it if I wrap it every night. Wayyyy less than I was doing with relaxed hair.

I work for an Aveda Institute, so I use Aveda hair products primarily right now, which I like because the products are (mostly) natural and then some Murray’s Beeswax for edge control.

Powerful. I don't have enough words. Hair is a big part of identity and a woman that can acknowledge the loss of hair as a part of life, even by another's hands. Profound! The symbolism of this experience is felt. Bravo Lady 💯♥🌸✨

Thank You! Yes I got a lot of reactions from people telling me they would have went off, not payed her and thrown all types of tantrums but I’ve matured enough to know some things we bring into ourselves. Everything is energy talking to us showing us something about ourselves.. we have to be receptive even when it’s tough to see the bigger picture

As a former hair student, yeah she did the wrong thing. making a bold move like that, she should have consulted you first to make sure it was the right move with you in mind! It really grinds my gears when a stylist takes things in their own hands without consent. It would've been a simple "I see there's extra volume here, is that something you're going for? If not, I can reduce it for you." It should have been a discussion first! That's like an obgyn just sliding their contraptions up in you with no warning, unethical. You are very mature indeed! and you have passed that experience along to your ever absorbing baby to be <3 Already nailing motherhood <3

Hell yeah! Love this comment! 💝

Lol! That little Meep sound coming out of your Soul when you saw those locks on the floor!

Awwww mannn.... How often have we all been there? Been to careless of ourselves to do things right, only to find out the other person we asked to do something royally fucks us up!

They can't know our body, they can't know what we need!!!

I need to remind myself of that often enough when I'm getting lazy and about to order some Chinese take-away.

I'm like "Dude, go in that kitchen, and make that salad! Stop getting sloppy greassy food that's gonna bloat and damage you with all that oil!"

Not everybody eats the same. For many in China, they're used to eating loads of pork!

But when I do it, I literally feel my insides rotting.

Anyways.... Big up to you lol, you already know how it is gurl ^^

The struggle is real sometimes! Take care of your body and your baby yeah? <3 xx

Yes people are literally here to help you understand yourself better, because I swear I wouldn’t have thought for someone to just cut hair out of someone’s head without telling them ! She thought she was doing me a favor, Hair is so sacred though that’s just not something I would ever do! A lot of women getting so careless with the importance of their real hair because everything is a dam weave to them.. LOL

YES healthy body = healthy baby

Hehehe! Awww girls and their hair! Is a sacred affair!
I agree, real hair all the way! And locs even further!
buzz lightyear.gif

When we visit a hairdresser we don't realise how much power over self we do indeed tend to give away to them. I imagine we've all had bad experiences, and once the damage has been done it is too late and we have to wait for the regrowth.
I think we almost always feel powerless to complain or make a fuss. It's crazy.

For a good three weeks after that incident I couldn’t help but look in the mirror, run my fingers through my hair and get sad.. LOL my next hair dresser has to sign a contract before given access to my locs

I love this post, @esaia.mystic!

Just went for my haircut yesterday and always have my hairdresser help me collect my hair. I save it and replant myself.

I was just speaking to my friend @torico about this yesterday, too. (She just posted along these lines, as well.)

this person really was a janky hairdresser! While I do believe we as wombn need to pamper ourselves whenever we can I look at hairdressers the same as I would a doctor or massage therapist--it is a sacred trust to enter. Your hair is gorgeous btw

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