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Sharing links, recourse and what I am reading about VIVA coin on steemit before diving back into the whitepaper, website, chat, and tradeqwik.

I invite everyone to check out recent posts related to Viva coin along with their great energy, interest, and sometimes humor as well! Sharing a collection of links this way to reach more followers as some have far less followers than myself and thinking numerous of my followers may be interested in checking out Viva coin and/or the humor along with useful information here and there in learning about the upcoming ico. :)

I want to share some of the exciting business applications Team VIVA and our early investors are working on within the VIVA project. These business models are intended to jump start the VIVA ecosystem with real world uses.

CEO of VIVA Discusses Real World Businesses Being Developed for the VIVAconomy by @badassbarbie

In conclusion

The VIVA project is building an entire ecosystem which encourages the general public to participate. You can sign up for updates and download our whitepaper at If you have further questions or want to speak with our development team, join our chat channel at ~ @badassbarbie

Check out VivaCoin and a thank you to VivaCoin welcome me on board! by @virtualgrowth

Crown Me In Viva - @MrWang by @MrWang

I've finally found something that looks and sounds quite interesting.. another community that has my attention.. a community that is asking the right questions, proposing some pretty cool ideas and plans that I would like to possibly be a part of. Today my friends.. I finally answered to Viva Coin. Of course I'm still learning of their project and coin.. but I'm already impressed with how fast they are moving and how excited they are to work with users like me. ~ @MrWang

CryptoCurrency:The VIVA ICO Exercise Plan by @lexikon082

I've been waking up in the morning with my legs super sore. The first day I woke up and they were sore I wondered why. Then it dawned on me...Making the Viva Videos and all the shots it takes to get it right is like a VIVA Exercise Plan! My family can't wait for me to make a new one and the children are always cracking up. It's made the last few days extremely fun and amusing around our home. I am sure the neighbor across the field can even hear me:-) ~ @lexikon082

CryptoCurrency: VIVA COIN Steemit Competition Remix Video by @lexikon082

I posted a video competition to see who could create the best rendition or remix of the VIVA LAS CROWN Video. I wanted to share an example with the community of a remix video created using the original video. I hope you enjoy. Remember the VIVA Initial Coin Offering is May 1st, 2017. We are only 8 days away! ~ @lexikon082

He missed the train by @vivacoin

Which brings me to the point of today's email.
The VIVA project I've been talking to you about lately is an important train you don't want to miss.
Just a few years ago, a handful of bitcoins wasn't worth more than a good pair of jeans.
Now you could use them to put a down payment on a house.
Believe me, VIVA Crowns hold much more intrinsic value than a bitcoin could ever hope to achieve. ~ @vivacoin

How to buy VIVA coin from SBD with TradeQwik by @chrisaiki

I just bought my first VIVAcoin from SBD.
If you don't know what to do with all the SBD you have earn on Steemit,
Here is how to do it. ~ @chrisaiki

It's Like Uber and Airbnb; But For Your Computer. by @fisteganos

Did you know that when your computer is idle (or mostly idle from normal use), there is a lot of wasted processing power that never gets used? All that the VIVA network does is to take advantage of the unused resources on your computer and put it to work solving complex calculations, processing transactions, and providing services to the VIVAconomy (VIVA Economy). Now you do not need to bother your head about how these complex calculations are being solved. ~ @fisteganos

Ode to VIVAcoin by @elementm

I am perhaps the opposite of a social media addict. That’s why I offered my vocals to the VIVA promotion efforts. Unfortunately, I'm unable to sing this week due to a bad case of the sniffles (sorry @merej99) but all is not lost. I may not be able to make a video but I can still write lyrics! I’ve come up with two short jingles for VIVAcoin. Anyone can use them (and I’m hoping at least someone will) ~ @elementm

[Raffle Inside!] Welcome to the VIVAconomy! The future of finance & your financial future. by @ash

Download the white paper at - and enter the VIVA Raffle! ~ @ash

VIVAconomy: The Better Version of Steemit/Steem? Comparison Matrix Included by @edje

"I was very positively surprised on VIVA's story!" ~ @edje

VIVA Coin Links / Resources

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Download the VIVA Coin white paper here
VIVA Business Applications and an Expanding VIVAconomy

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