He missed the train

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It really happened.

I know because I saw the tear in his eye.

Quite a few years ago (and no, I'm not saying how many :-) my best friend Larry and I went to Spain to “learn Spanish” and “see the world”. I ended up meeting my wife and soulmate and staying there for over twenty years.

Larry, who's still a dear friend, went home about a year later - with his tail between his legs.

So, what went down?

Well, running out of money didn't help, but what ended the journey I think was the day he missed the train.

You see, Larry had been seeing this nice Spanish girl named Merce. She was a real sweetie, and I know they had a good thing going.

Unfortunately, Merce had to leave Alicante where we were living and go back to Barcelona to study. (I'm not sure her parents were that thrilled with her seeing an American with a mane of flaming red hair).

And just a day or two before she was to leave they had a fight.

Larry had been thinking about moving to Barcelona, but he was hesitant (and poor). She wasn't the kind of girl who was looking for just a summer romance. Sparks flew, words that were better left unsaid were spoken, and they both were pretty down.

Which brings me to that Saturday morning in September.

I woke to hear Larry rushing around the house. “Dennis, I'm going to Barcelona! I've decided she's worth the risk.”

It was a quarter to 9 in the morning and the train was leaving at 9.

We literally ran across Alicante to the station.

And we arrived in time to see the train, with Merce inside, pulling out of the station.

Back then we didn't have cell phones, and I think Larry took it as a sign...

A few weeks later he was on a plane back to New Mexico.

To this day I know he regrets missing that train.

Which brings me to the point of today's email.

The VIVA project I've been talking to you about lately is an important train you don't want to miss.

Just a few years ago, a handful of bitcoins wasn't worth more than a good pair of jeans. Now you could use them to put a down payment on a house.

Believe me, VIVA Crowns hold much more intrinsic value than a bitcoin could ever hope to achieve.

Obviously, I don't have a crystal ball and I can't foretell the future.

However, the only thing I can say is to ask you a simple question...

“Twenty years from now do you want to be thinking about Merce and the train you missed?”

If not, come over to http://chat.vivaco.in and get to know the people behind this project.

We'll be delighted to answer your questions and help make sure you get your suitcase on the train.

Take care,

@storyteller in chief
Listen. Think. Do.


Don't miss that train!

Please do come visit our chat. There are dozens of people there, most from Steemit so you ready know us. Hope to see YOU there! :-)

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This may be the first "train" I will have ever caught in time! Funny, this "train" seems more like a spaceship! I'm on it!

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