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Now you're paid

Viuly is the great site for earning money by just making an video and you can also get free reward for watching videos.Viuly is a video sharing platform where authors are paid for their content, and users are rewarded for watching free videos

It is the better video sharing site other than Youtube.And the best thing is you can monitized your youtube video's by the help of viuly .Our software code is open source and based on the Ethereum blockchain smart-contract. Video content storage is decentralized and built on top of the IPFS protocol.

Some few Viuly key features:-

  •    Upload free videos and create channels
  •     Sell access to your premium content
  •     Support and donate to content creators
  •     Be rewarded for watching free videos
  •     Buy premium content with VIU tokens
  •     Advertise and pay directly to our users

Well you can saw that time it is the pre-sale starts in that time or visit or more information 

OR you can read a whitepaper from site for more information.

IT'S features is lightly similar to youtube as you all know about youtube so, it is similar to youtube.

Thanks for reading this bolg

For more information visit

Keep visiting @bikalsiwakoti

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The VIU Token Presale is in the next 20 minutes. It offers an immediate 40% profit compared to the crowdsale on November.

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Joined Viuly a while back. Challenge is - Could not upload any videos on their platform. Time over and over. Eventually put them on D.Tube. Viuly does not have any YouTube videos on how to use Viuly, as opposed to Steemit, which has dozens of various tutorials. On Telegram, the Viuly folks are just a bunch of pump and dumpers who will never accomplish anything because they are looking for a free lunch and no one seems to know how to tutor anyone concerning this platform they say they love so much. Then someone says, if you have videos on YouTube and D.Tube it should be quite easy to use Viuly.' Of course that isn't the reality. If it were so simple the videos would already be there. It will probably be a decent site, but a competitor will improve on them if they don't get to work. They will just be a second rate video platform not worth investing in. They will really have to get to work for it to be a precision platform. It will be okay, but winners know -okay- isn't good enough. If is already surpassing them, and if they don't step up soon, with the attitude of understanding they are competing in a billion dollar industry, they will be just a second-rateanother coin'. So no matter if they are a fair investment in a year or two, fact is their platform needs to work much better for customer and user interaction, because without that, their coin will be just another coin. Wish 'em the best, but for now I use the product that works most productive, simple and straight-forward.