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  • Claims is the first video sharing platform using blockchain.
  • Unrealistic claims of growth with no basis.
  • No technical working of system are provided in whitepaper.
  • 6 pages of whitepaper dedicated to marketing of ICO sale(since removed to 3 pages).
  • Claims of staff who have no involvement(since changed on site).
  • States a company invested $150K which doesn't exist.
  • All posts announcing or related to are after viewlys posts.
  • Claims ownership of servers since 2014 with no change, has had 5 changes in 2017.

I am posting evidence here as there is massive marketing campaign for the scam ICO and needs to be stopped before any more lose funds and im sure there will be backlash from those promoting the scam when i comment on the posts.

I was recently contacted by a user who i had banned from my Discord Server due to suspecting the group he was helping to run of being disingenuous setting up users to auto-vote on false promises also taking votes to promote ICO referral promotions and illegitimate ICO's he was asking to be allowed back in and that they had secured 665 ETH investment for some "great investment" they have planned linking me their recent youtube video detailing

This brought to my attention this article promoting an ICO called Viuly I thought immediately oh I've heard of this and think its a great idea and that @furion was one of the devs working on but when i went to the site alarm bells started ringing.

I proceeded to check out the whitepaper which was nothing more than an advertising pamphlet most of which talked about the marketing of the ICO sale and bounty program with no mention of technical aspects or any sort of future except for a joke of a road map.

Source :viuly.com/Viuly_Whitepaper

Viuly also claims to have $150k funding from Blockchain investment group Krypton Capital which doesn't exist bar the website krypton.capital and the addressgiven are for business centers with no listings for the company.

Leonardo Business Center
19-21, Bohdana Khmelnytskoho Str.

IQ Business Center, Bolsunovska St. 13-15

I think this was given so investors would stumble upon UK based investment firm of the same name

I checked out some of the team they had listed and was suspicious of one in particular who was a real person working in blockchain space Karthik Iyer founder and CEO of BlockchainMonk so i contacted on twitter.

Twitter post and response

Twitter users

Karthik Iyer


they have since changed their site and removed listing of Karthik Iyer

Previous version saved on waybackmachine via web.archive.org

Updated site

Here are the dates of first posts to different social media/forums sites.

First Medium post

ViewlyIntroducing Viewly27/08/2017
ViulyIntroducing Viuly19/08/2017

Medium Users



First = Viewly Introducing Viewly

First Twitter post

ViewlyVia @Stakepool27/08/2017
ViulyVia ViulyOfficial19/09/2017



Twitter Accounts



First = Viewly Via @Stakepool

First Bitcointalk posts

Viewly Viewly - Viewly is a decentralized YouTube powered by STEEM+IPFS30/07/2017
Viuly[ [PRE-ICO] VIULY: 🔷 Decentralized Video Sharing Platform 🔷 (OCT. 10th)19/09/2017

Bitcointalk users



First Viewly via ViewlyApp

First steemit posts

ViewlyIntroducing Viewly15/07/2017
ViulyViuly’s Blockchain Based Video Sharing Platform Announces Pre-ICO)30/09/2017

steemit users

Viewly @furion

Viuly @coinidol

First Viewly via @furion Introducing Viewly

whois data

view.ly via w3snoop.com

view.ly fully transparent with info on registrant shown.

viuly.com via w3snoop.com

Viuly.com data hidden

Real site = View.ly

Its evident from the information provided that Viuly is the scam ICO and have spent a lot of money trying to push promotions to get some investors who might think they are investing in Viewly which im sure will do well regardless of this scam.

Using the information gathered i will do my best to spread the word so that no more duped into investing they already have received 77 ETH if their site is too be believed this is crazy and should be put an end to.

A post from @furion warning of copycat ICO Beware of impostors and scams trying to mimic Viewly

The recent announcement for Viewly Pre-ICO is starting soon, please follow the security precautions


I hope this information helps some people and you will consider looking at Viewly in preparation for the ICO token sale on the ethereum platform

For information regarding Viewly

Webpage: https://view.ly

Telegram: https://t.me/Viewly

Alpha : https://alpha.view.ly

Whitepaper: http://view.ly/Whitepaper.pdf

Blog: https://blog.view.ly

Email: [email protected]

Contact Email Address

[email protected]

Image source : 3dman_eu via pixabay.com


Great Job on the writeup!

I noticed that the scammers actually didn't even post to Medium until September. This was a great writeup though. Let's hope these people go away.

the proof is in that they listed Karthik Iyer as a founder who i contacted on twitter and he denied then they edited site removing his listing

another main point is that site they list https://krypton.capital/ doesnt exist in real life

theisacoin isacoin tweeted @ 12 Oct 2017 - 12:39 UTC

@karthix :( this is your old picture they used since removed web.archive.org/web/2017101022… https://t.co/dKGyEDwxHu

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

I will answer the parts of your post that attempt to be fact and are not just speculation (which actually turns out to be very little of your post).
Krypton Capital is a real company, and they made a real investment in Viuly which you are jeopardizing and may have to one day answer in court for.

  1. Karthix actually left as an advisor because we did not agree with the Advisor contract he wanted us to sign. We have proof of this, but we are not in the business of embarrassing people by posting screenshots of things that should be kept private, at least not on Medium.
  2. Ruslan has owned Viuly.com since 2014. On the 19th of September 2017 it was temporarily transferred to Krypton Capital during our ICO period as part of their investor agreement. We have already explained that we have owned this domain name since 2014, which is much longer than you have owned yours which you obtained in June of this year.
  3. So your bitcointalk thread was posted before ours. What does that prove? Nothing, except the fact that you closed it immediately after opening shows that you can’t stomach the thought of having your community on a platform where you can’t bury negative posts and comments with money, which is exactly what you do all day on Steemit. While also bullying other projects, that by the way, have not stooped to your level of public shaming.
  4. Plenty of people on the internet use whois domain name protection to protect themselves from obsessive stalkers and anonymous trolls. Oh anonymous that’s right, so one person on your team has their name linked to your domain name (which they bought in JUNE of THIS year), while yourself and Furion hide behind your ANONYMOUS handles while ceaselessly bullying us with “facts” that are nothing more than opinions.
    Dear reader, if you have read this far I salute you! No I am not going to say viewly is the scam and we are the real project, that would just be immature now wouldn’t it?

Please provide your evidence below or you'll probably gonna have to live with the bad publicity until release. This is nothing personal and not meant to aggrevate you, it's just how things work on this platform.


Another great post thanks for the warning

Hi, I'm seeing your publications are very good. I promise to give it to all of them. as long as you give me a please

I don't particularly support view.ly either b/c it's by the guy who got all those upvotes for steemq to bring video to steem. I waited for steemq for more than 6 months and he delivered nothing and now wants to do ICO and it says they might use non-steem blockchain.

dtube.video has my vote. no ICO. delivered product first. and works on steem helping the network.

DTube is the leader so far, that much should be clear.

if you look at the viuly whitepaper says nothing about actual function and has 6 pages dedicated to marketing and the ICO with no technical

IPFS is an established technology. No need to waste pages on a tech that most savvy crypto people already understand Ruslan (CEO) wanted to keep the whitepaper simple and readable for content creators such as yourself to understand and get excited about the platform. Clearly, it was a sound decision. Thank you very much @isacoin for sharing our whitepaper. Apparently it was simple enough for even you to understand.

And for those of you who really hate to read, our platform is 95% complete, so you can just checkout our ALPHA

Competition is healthy for free markets fellas. Don't call us a scam. We don't even call you competition.

If the project really is not a scam, you'll do well to announce a rebranding and make some code public. @furion is an established account in this ecosystem, while you - currently - seem to be at best a copycat.

from an investment point of view not adding full details lacks transparency what legitimate business seeking millions in funding would not disclose full working of

great work! keep it up!

ViulyOfficial Viuly video sharing tweeted @ 14 Sep 2017 - 12:23 UTC

We are a revolutionary solution that changes the market of online video forever. hbr.org/2017/03/blockc… #streaming #YouTubers #blockchain

theisacoin isacoin tweeted @ 12 Oct 2017 - 12:39 UTC

@karthix :( this is your old picture they used since removed web.archive.org/web/2017101022… https://t.co/dKGyEDwxHu

StakepoolCom Stakepool tweeted @ 14 Jul 2017 - 02:08 UTC

Viewly - The Future Of Youtube Check It Out! ift.tt/2ufMRtX #technology #steem

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

nice job! Good to know. I was actually looking for view.ly and finished by signing up for Viuly. Very very hepful, @isacoin!

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