This demo app lets you publish videos on Steem

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Today we are releasing our prototype app, that lets anyone upload raw videos, as well as cross upload from YouTube.

If you don't feel like uploading anything, here a video by @rerez.

How it works

Videos are being distributed to our small cluster (just 2 nodes in Europe at the moment). We are using IPFS to sync the underlying files between the nodes, and the Steem blockchain for immutable storage of root hashes and video metadata.

What is missing?

For the system to be able to scale, there are two critical components that need to be implemented:

1.) An efficient, server-less mechanism for video encoding.
2.) Fair and cost effective incentive system for node providers to store and stream content.

We are currently preparing proposals for addressing both challenges.

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Great stuff... will we be able to embed video into Steemit posts eventually?

We will ship the embeddable player in the next few weeks. Any app (Steemit, Busy, chainbb) or website could then integrate these videos.

Good to hear - really looking forward to see where this goes. Demo app works well. Very clean, simple and easy-to-use.

It's very exciting to see this project coming to life.

I bet a lot of us had this idea of using IPFS and matching it with blockchain tech while not lot of us had the competences to make it happen. Steem is particularly well suited for this match.

I'm eager to see how efficient, server-less mechanism for video encoding and fair and cost effective incentive system for node providers to store and stream content can be implemented.

I'm also glad to help support this project.

Congrats to you @furion!

@furion This is soooo exciting and incredible wow!! Some next level stuff taking place!

this sounds great!

And don't forget bitchute, although I don't know the benefits webtorrent vs IPFS!

it going to be a boost. would love to see a user friendly interface

holy hell this is big news!!

holy ship, ur SHIPPPING it?? That makes it sound so official! dude embeddable player!?!?!

so wait so we can now embed non youtube non vimeo ? once your embeddable player is available?
what form does it come in? Like...isnt this going to have to be embedded into code? isnt a hard form needed for that? Or no? can just be upgraded at anytime by the people who run steemit right? steem BOCKCHAInis the underlying decentrallized system...chainbb and will be able to allow people to embedd videos now? and too? I think people need a visual graphic to explain how works and how steem blockchain works and how steem blockchainand are different (most people think is everything)

Anyway you could explain how the embeddable player exists? wwhat foorm does it come in ? An you refer to steemit an or chainBB as "apps" and maybe we all need to view this all like you do? viewing not as a website but as an application ?

What good they are going to put to publish videos is a fable way to express ourselves better thanks :-)

Awesome dude i will try in next post i have a video that i just want to post on steemit
and by you gave me a news Thanks alot bro

Wow! Looking forward for the updates on this player.

Such awesome!

Image of Yaktocat

great work @furion, and perhaps you may find a few additional ideas in my latest post to help deal with some of the "monetization" issues...!

Link: Ultimate STEEMIT: Post Vote Slider and Past Payout Monetizer... and next, here comes SteemTUBE!!! 😲

So is SteemQ now Viewly or are these two different things, or one is the player and Viewly is the service?

This is amazing! Somebody just dropped the link of this article in my blog, I'm glad he did and like that I found your project. It will be groundbreaking!

Great. Im from aceh

That is really cool man! Can't wait to use the app when it starts shipping. I am assuming it will be available for both main platforms?

Hi @Furion, Though lots and lots of people are joining on regular basis and this social media is turning into something big. Still, there are some points that used to make me think something was missing in it. That something was absence/little presence of visual content that we see in all other major social media channels. @Viewly changed my views and now I am think steemit has more chances to stay in the industry and compete with mainstream social media sites.

Great job done and I'm definitely going to try it for my future posts.

looking forward to upload!! ;-)video-meme-maker-12-grandma-finds-the-internet.jpg

server is overloaded :( I hope they will fix it soon, I like to post video and I like the idea, it's just amazing ☺

isn't this already possible with youtube ?

Another steem browser site can support this feature first. If it gets popular and works well Steemit will want to support it so it will be easier to see the video in those post. They will have the chance to investigate their own video player for security and features etc.

hehe it works, uploaded 2560x1440 60fps webm :-)

Woah, it looks fantastic.

Will need to spin up a few more nodes to increase streaming speed :)

Well yeah but what about initiatives like BitChute, is IPFS better than webtorrent?

Wow that looks amazing! How did you shoot that? And is there something about this platform that streams better quality than I'm used to from Youtube?

It was shot with a Yi4k+ on a M5 Fotopro mini tripod. Recorded in 4K60fps in Medium quality.
Then uploaded to Youtube. Then downloaded the [email protected] webm version from Youtube with winx ytd. And then uploaded this YT webm file from my computer to Viewly (4K webm was over 100MB limit)

Fantastic quality and the scene made my day...thank you, @pagandance. Is it possible to upload raw videos captured on an iPhone ?

I think it accepts everything, but you should ask @furion

I am a novist in shooting a video for online usage, so I will not even ask how it's done to confuse myself, but commendation is in order to the Steemian who did that video. Very good - woot, woot.

wow!! Nice job, awesome quality!!

Nice one Furion! My faith in you is somewhat restored; I knew you were one of the good guys :-)


My favorite comment on the thread.....Unfortunately no response. That means something....

I got an error; so I thought i'd show it to you, it's UHD video, 3840x2160p, 30fps. 95mb file
Chrome, MacOS Sierra, and straight out of my camera, no compression, just cut a 95mb file from it.

Uploading...Done. Generating thumbnails...Done. Syncing...FAILED.

Looked good, right up to when I got this error.
I figure it's the huge resolution, if you have other HD stuff that works, maybe this is past it's capabilities?

Lot's of PCs will not play this video without dropping frames, so it could be pushing the capabilities of your system..

I would suggest uploading to YT first. Then let them do the conversion ;-) Wait for 4K version to appear.
Then with winx ytd, you download the webm version that fits in 100MB - the higher resolution the better.
Then upload this file to the blockchain. The webm file is really small and the quality is amazing.

What was the size of the original? Could you dropbox the original for me for encoding permutations study?

Yes, here is a link; I'm pretty sure it's under 100Mb, I made a few edits to be sure it was inside your file limit size.

I'd like to see it working, so here is a link to gdrive, shared file, straight out of camera, cut down to 97mb:

I'll check this out asap :-)

My UFO video got put up there.. that worked great. It's a small 9MB file.

Works good!

Such awesome!

Great news! i'm so excited and can't wait.

Good job.

i have been struggling to embed videos in my new blog but i couldn't .i dont have a youtube channel to upload from . i hope this will be the solution as to just copy and paste. thank you for trying to make it happen. i am new to steem and still learning about it.

Upvoted and followed. I just created a YouTube channel for LibertyTeeth and it was surprisingly easy. I think this is a great development as I won't need to maintain two separate accounts in order to host videos here.

Here's how I did it:

  1. Buy the domain for $6 ($0.99 for the first year, and $5 for privacy protection).
  2. Add it to my hosting (I have a hosting account allowing up to 15 domains that I have fewer than 15 hosted on). If you don't have hosting you can get a hosting package supporting up to 3 domains for $2.50/month.
  3. Install WordPress, and update the background image (I don't think I made any other changes; in fact, I don't think anybody can sign up, which is fine).
  4. Sign up for the YouTube account using that email address. Was concerned that my cell phone number would be detected as being used in another account or something, but it allowed me to create a second account (which, again, I suppose makes sense; a business owner might have both personal and business accounts, linked to their one cell phone).
  5. Upload the video!


I waited for this! Hope you'll succeed scaling this. Good luck!

I would like to say thank you very much to @furion for giving us a very useful app.
The app you've released helps us steemers to publish useful videos.
I hope with this application can increase the motivation of all steemers to further improve the post to be published.

I'm @aroyl start subscribing to your post

Haven't been on Steem long and there's already rapid growth

Great app @furion and thank you for your effort! I did some test post and it's working smoothly. Playback/streaming speed is ok for now. Here's my humble review about Viewly:

Awesome bro i just try this in new posts

Good information

Have you considered LBRY integration?

Thank you for your sharing on the demo on uploading video to internet, I think it is a good prototype and it is very great for you to share it on the steemit to share the video as steemit is really a good platform for those who want to share their demo to the platform so everyone can have a try on and have some opinion on it.I hope you can continue to share.Thanks

Nice! I can upload video without using YouTube!

badass.. great to see ya back on this project and trying to make it happen.. I look forward to the success and participation of this project

Great Project! Will keep myself updated, definitely joining the telegram chat group

can you upload webm? h.265?


great !

I see people on Steemit uploading their youtube videos, does anyone know how to do this? is there a post somewhere? I am making my introduction post and it has a video I would like to add. Is it an easy process? Thanks again for making this app @furion

no they are not uploading theeir youtube videos
they are just pasting the youtube URL thats it, nothing to it
just copy and paste it into this comment , look

LOL here is an old ass video showing what looks like a completely diferent steemit, wow steemit sure has changed their GUI over the last year!

Thank you this was very helpful! Will have to test it before for sure :)

Hi! So what I did to upload a video on my Introduction video, you copy/paste the URL of the video into the text box. As soon as you hit the Post button, It will automatically embed the video into your post! Good luck!

Resteemed. Very excited for this to work. Tried to upload a video and got an internal server error.


Nice! Got to upload some cute videos sometime!

wawo thats good , must i will try it

This is so cool! At one point we should totally run a STEEM StartUp-Weekend, where steemians with ideas for how to develop the platform further, and developers looking for new opportunities, can come together to rapid prototype new ideas :)

Would love to help facilitate that!

Im resteeming this because it should be $1000 or more
Posts like this deserve to get the MOST money because if we cant support people making upgrades to steemit, wtf are we doing?!?! this post should be WAY higher! WAY WAY higher! omg it should go UP UP UP PUP PUP PUh PUH PPPP

and predict it WILl hit $1000 before the end of the day!

I completely agree, but there are also tons of amazing and Very Good posts (albeit less awesome than this) that are getting missed 99.9999% because a thousand others are 'retweeting' Beyonce's or Kim Kardtards's ass here on Steemit and diluting the good stuff.
THAT is a problem, whose solution, deserves 1Million upvotes and Resteems.
Just sayin

Does this mean I can upload a video from my iPhone or laptop straight to Steemit? If it does fantastic. Cheers mike

Steem != Steemit
You are able to "publish" the video on the Steem blockchain, but the video itself is not stored there - only its root hash.

Very cool @Furion! I hope this gets some serious traction.
I have added this post to the @Steemit Twitter queue.

Looks awesome. Thanks for all your hard work :)

great post. very helpfull

Amazing, this is an opportunity for me to upload videos in steemit, strengthen my post in macro photography.

thank for sharing my friend,,,

I will see how it works! i will search more information because this project looks fascinating. Thanks a lot it was very useful

This app will be the downfall of stoneage media platforms.

This is some good stuff... makes everything much easier. Can't wait to test it out 🙌🏼

It llok like a good apps, This will help lot of steemains

This is a great idea, but I just tried it with a link from youtube and it said processing...Failed.

I just tried it, too. I get this message: "Uploading...Done. Generating thumbnails...Done. Syncing...FAILED."

I'll try again another time. This is a great idea and I'm really excited about it!

Fuck yeah! Progress

This I like

Am sorry but since the 2 nodes are in Europe right now , that means i can upload from outside Europe ??? @furion

I was able to upload from here in Canada, seems to work fine:

Thanks @ryn for ur reply
I think it might thr quality of my vids

It was the quality yeah.
I did upload something with a better quality and workerd very well.

This is great news. Thanks so much. I tried to open the video on your post from my iPhone and it said that the browser is not supported. Which browser should I use?

This could be one of the KILLER apps for the steem blockchain.

This is cool. Definitely will try to use

Small step for Steemit,
Giant threat to all the other plattforms.

I dont quite understand yet how the data storage works on Steemit.
Anyone has a good link for me?
Thank you in advance.

Maybe you heard about Siacoin and the related network.
It is all about distributed storage plus blockchain.
Maybe it would be a good match for Steemit to store the Data?

International Federation of Palynological Societies?
International Fluid Power Society?
International Federation for Produce Standards?
Interactive Financial Planning System?

Help me, my Google-fu must not be working today on IFPS <3
Maybe this helps or it wasn't a misspelling and I didn't get the Joke.
Could imagine it could be mispelled as Joke like HODL but I don't know.

thats IPFS not IFPS

Ah, man. And I was still looking up Palynological Societies.

You party pooper.

true :)

"thats a RIGHT triangle you idiot!"

lol i was wondering the same

Your effort is great, but i think YouTube videos are working great at this time, maybe you will get success with it but if you got tons of uploads, then i am afraid that you won't be able to sustain the costs of the servers, because bandwidth is very expensive for video streaming i guess @furion

The idea with IPFS is that you don't need a central server. The files are distributed across the internet on many computers similar to the way BitTorrent works. But I guess for the time being they will need to be hosted, until IPFS is more widespread.

Right on!

Yeah, currently we only pull videos encoded with VP9, and yours is not. We will add support for more formats in the future.

Wow brother, excellent post charm me! Vote for my comment, you would be helping me a lot, thanks

hi @furion does it act like the LBRY credit type or it is still under steem?

Upload video from YouTube this is great anty censorship /anty geoblock way for some countries.

Awwwwwwww yeah!

Excellent and great feature ! Steemit is getting more
and more Competitive against the big dogs
competition in the internet game, Yeah SteemOn !

This is going to be HUGE!!!

@furion The First VR Headset! Video is don't working for me, it's endless loading. I think it's because to many people try to watch it and this is simply to much for the 2 Nodes. I will try it later, but its lovely to see how fast this project evolved actually.
Edit: also tried it from another PC, but the same issue happens

What continent are you on?

Europe to be exactly Germany

Strange, because one of the nodes is in Germany.

I tried it several times from 3 different notebooks yet. OS are win10 and win 7
EDIT: Tried to open the link in esteem on Android there it loaded but only give a Blackscreen while timeline was moving, when I click on the timeline I can see the Thumbnails of the Video.

We found the issue, will have the fallback format in place in the next few weeks. It will look like this

It seems to work with esteem on Android, but I'm only watched for some seconds, because I'm at work. It started here on mobile internet immediately, much faster as every other Videostreamingservice. Will try it after work with different Notebooks and give here feedback.

Thanks for this very helpful posting for Youtubers. Followed!

here is what is given to me, I waited a long time time uploading my video :(, can you fix it please ? ( The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application. )

Awesome. I look forward to contributing with a node. As for video encoding, plenty of cloud encoding services using fixed function hardware, but probably too expensive. It'll be quite an achievement if you figure this out, build it into the Viewly node daemon. Perhaps use Quick Sync or GPU encoding, then scale up to dedicated encoders. With enough incentive, node providers can invest in it. But of course, the challenge here is the funding. All the best! Keep up the good work.

I belive funding is his biggest problem as its time consuming and expensive.
I didn't knew that there are cloud encoding services, thanks!
...You learn something new on steemit everyday :)!

This does sounds brilliant, but how many transcodings would be required for the different formats and adaptive streaming, as this would significantly increase bandwidth requirements between the Viewly node and the network when uploading (essentially each video would need to be uploaded several times). So from an average end-users perspective, that may go down so well.

Still there has to be some price for freedom, and I'm happy with longer uploads!

The other tricky issue would be licensing the encoders though I guess.

Really like the ifps protocol, great work :)

I will upload this first

giphy-downsized (22).gif

i like this and iam very excited for this project

Good so like This post
Thank you @furionI need This Post
I follow you and I wait for your next post
follow me back So we can be friends

muy buena información, buen aporte... Quien quiera pueda seguirme que devolveré el follow y daré mi voto

Please, create an app for streaming videos. That would be amazing!

bạn có thể hiểu tôi nói không ?

ya its good, but can whats the benefit of this as the same work is happening when we paste the link of youtube, vimeo etc

I don't think personally its good as functional but through user interface point of view its a good start.

I've tried it, I really like what you launched ...
This is very interesting and this is an amazing thing ...
good work..

Thank you for the information

Great... this is what i need now... UPLOAD VIDEO
Keep Up Guys...

Psalm 37:4
Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

have good day guys

This is awesome, you've done a great job. Thanks to people like you Steemit continues to develop and grow.

Thanks for all the hard work. I'm looking forward to this. Upvoted and resteemed.

This will be awesome I have a lot of moon and wildlife videos i've been wanting to post but it's a pain to process them in youtube then link to them. Thanks for the great work!

Thanks I will have to make a video tonight to try this out.

A good post is very useful friend salam know from me @abupasi.alachy