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RE: This demo app lets you publish videos on Steem

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Great stuff... will we be able to embed video into Steemit posts eventually?


We will ship the embeddable player in the next few weeks. Any app (Steemit, Busy, chainbb) or website could then integrate these videos.

Good to hear - really looking forward to see where this goes. Demo app works well. Very clean, simple and easy-to-use.

It's very exciting to see this project coming to life.

I bet a lot of us had this idea of using IPFS and matching it with blockchain tech while not lot of us had the competences to make it happen. Steem is particularly well suited for this match.

I'm eager to see how efficient, server-less mechanism for video encoding and fair and cost effective incentive system for node providers to store and stream content can be implemented.

I'm also glad to help support this project.

Congrats to you @furion!

@furion This is soooo exciting and incredible wow!! Some next level stuff taking place!

this sounds great!

And don't forget bitchute, although I don't know the benefits webtorrent vs IPFS!

it going to be a boost. would love to see a user friendly interface

holy hell this is big news!!

holy ship, ur SHIPPPING it?? That makes it sound so official! dude embeddable player!?!?!

so wait so we can now embed non youtube non vimeo ? once your embeddable player is available?
what form does it come in? Like...isnt this going to have to be embedded into code? isnt a hard form needed for that? Or no? can just be upgraded at anytime by the people who run steemit right? steem BOCKCHAInis the underlying decentrallized system...chainbb and will be able to allow people to embedd videos now? and too? I think people need a visual graphic to explain how works and how steem blockchain works and how steem blockchainand are different (most people think is everything)

Anyway you could explain how the embeddable player exists? wwhat foorm does it come in ? An you refer to steemit an or chainBB as "apps" and maybe we all need to view this all like you do? viewing not as a website but as an application ?

What good they are going to put to publish videos is a fable way to express ourselves better thanks :-)

Awesome dude i will try in next post i have a video that i just want to post on steemit
and by you gave me a news Thanks alot bro

Wow! Looking forward for the updates on this player.

Such awesome!

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great work @furion, and perhaps you may find a few additional ideas in my latest post to help deal with some of the "monetization" issues...!

Link: Ultimate STEEMIT: Post Vote Slider and Past Payout Monetizer... and next, here comes SteemTUBE!!! 😲

So is SteemQ now Viewly or are these two different things, or one is the player and Viewly is the service?

This is amazing! Somebody just dropped the link of this article in my blog, I'm glad he did and like that I found your project. It will be groundbreaking!

Great. Im from aceh

That is really cool man! Can't wait to use the app when it starts shipping. I am assuming it will be available for both main platforms?

Hi @Furion, Though lots and lots of people are joining on regular basis and this social media is turning into something big. Still, there are some points that used to make me think something was missing in it. That something was absence/little presence of visual content that we see in all other major social media channels. @Viewly changed my views and now I am think steemit has more chances to stay in the industry and compete with mainstream social media sites.

Great job done and I'm definitely going to try it for my future posts.

looking forward to upload!! ;-)video-meme-maker-12-grandma-finds-the-internet.jpg

server is overloaded :( I hope they will fix it soon, I like to post video and I like the idea, it's just amazing ☺

isn't this already possible with youtube ?

Another steem browser site can support this feature first. If it gets popular and works well Steemit will want to support it so it will be easier to see the video in those post. They will have the chance to investigate their own video player for security and features etc.