AYAHUASCA: My Experience With It + What To Expect!

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First things first - I have missed y'all!!! I hope all of you are doing awesome and Happy New Years!!!! 

Sooooo, I have been wanting to try ayahuasca for a reallly long time now and I finally did (a few times :)

Watch my experience and what happened with it! Mwah!



Remember Who You Are


Hey wow i make steem post about ayahuasca i grow ayahuasca and clone them

id love to do steemahuasca!

pablo amaringo art

Ayahuasca is not a plant it's a brew made of plants! Psychotria viridis (chacruna) and caapi vine. So tell me how you grow and clone the caapi vine.

@ackza Interesting! Those pics are some of the same images and vivid colors I saw in my 1st ceremony :D

Beautiful lady with beautiful mind, equals to beautiful post.

I have taken Ayahuasca four times myself, three times of it in Iquitos, Peru. Surrounded by the Amazon. It was also a profound experience for me and to all people I have ever met who took it as well. To me it was the ultimate proof for a higher existence. And I agree, a good shaman is very important!

I did never meet Mother Aya in my ceremonies, though. It was never very visual for me. Instead I felt the connection to everything around me and the universe with my body and my mind. I want to continue to write but then I cannot stop anymore.

Did you every try Peyote?

I give you 100% upvote for this video. Since we spoke last that has grown considerably in value and even more when you sell the SBD next week on a market. But next time you should consider uploading it exclusively to DTube. They are now upvoting videos with whale power and it has become very profitable to do so. The platform also works much better than it did a few months ago.

I was living in Iquitos, Peru and my brother had a Hotel there for 2 years where people around the world did ayahuasca ceremonies. I did 68 in total and my brother far more then 100. To meet Mother Aya you need to do more then 10 ceremonies I meet her after 12 ceremonies and it was awesome. I also did 15 times Iboga which was a much longer and stronger trip. But the best of all psychedelics is 5MeO DMT you get it natural from the Bufo alvarius - Colorado River Toad and a synthetic one which is much stronger. If you want to kill your ego for a few mins then the 5MeO DMT is the way to go. Peyote, San Pedro, Shrooms and LSD are great as well but like I said 5MeO DMT is the KING of them all.

You are an OG at it, wow @danyelk! You have had a massive amount of ceremonies!!!

Did you ever have a hard time with integration after the ceremonies?

My last ceremony I just did (few days ago) has been more of a interesting integration than the one prior :)

That camp picture looks heavenly!

Oh yes I had and will have again ;)))

I had hard times since I am 18 years old with integration and yes after coming back from Peru it was even harder that's why I left Europe and moved to Mauritius but that didn't played out good as well for me you know.
It's not easy when you are awake and the rest is still sleeping (brain washed) but I can manage.

Yes the camp was very nice my bro sold it for $ 100K after two years. The cool thing was we had a pool not a lot camps there have that.

I had a great and very spiritual time there and learned a lot about plants and the jungle.


Wow, that is some massive experience you have there. I got the extract DMT from the Shakruna plant when I was there.

Do you know Freddy from the Casa Shakruna? And Ian?

No I don't know them I was only in my brothers camp "Vida Libre" with his shamans. But the first time I was in Peru I was in the camp from Scott Petersen sadly he died not long after we left the snow in Peru was to much for him.
This was my bros camp but he sold it because of some problems with his partners but it was 2 awesome years :)

@flauwy Thank you so much! You are awesome =)!

I have never tried Peyote but I have always wanted too. I will be making two more posts coming up soon on the other two stuff I tried in these last months since I have been gone so stay tuned :)

I will definitely need to remember to upload it to DTube!

Your Ayahuasca experience sounds blissful and I bet it was such a treat doing it in Peru and surrounded by the Amazon. Would you ever do it again? :)

Would you ever do it again? :)

Without hesitation!

:D Yes, me as well!

Oh Hannah, glad you are back :-)

Very intereating topic, we also get a huge DmT flash, when we die. I tried almost everything in a spiritual setting. But in my last mushroom journey years ago, I had this moment where I transcended all the drug related katalysts and came to the insight, that they are also part of Maya, the great illusion. Yes, they open up out perception, they open doors, they can be healingful (also a door to our personal hell), but they dont bring us to the primordial source. Since this trip I am convinced there are higher levels, where "plant medicine" cannot bring us.

@art-universe I love how you phrased that! Nice perspective my friend!

It's an uplifting experience hun! Tea is the way to go. If your shaman ever gives you the honey, it is quite something as well.

I've done DMT the Chemical also many times.

I can tell you that with DMT the chemical there is no comparison to doing it the right way (AYAHUASCA). It smells like mothballs, tastes even worse and if you don't get a nice white it will really only be a body high like smoking crack. When you do get a nice white, it comes on so powerfully and quickly that it can be scary. It really kills the lungs also, in a very painful way too.

Seeing a group of people smoking DMT is much worse. From third person it does not look good, it looks and feels dark when looking in on a circle of smokers.

However, all that said... It is definitely an experience worth having a time or two. There is nothing like the feeling of a 10 strip of LSD hitting you at peak faster than you can count to 3. In fact, if you can count to three you did not get the proper hit. Gone very fast also. Personally, I never suggest this experience to people however it is one to know about.

From my experiences with it, it was the only hallucinogenic experience that just never brought enlightenment of any kind.

In my personal an spiritual opinion there is something very wrong with smoking DMT. I don't believe great spirit is not very happy that we have done this with such a perfect plant.

Try 5MeO DMT ;)

Perhaps... sometime

Unbelievable @michaeldavid! You literally just discussed DMT the exact way the other people did at the ceremony when they were telling me about it! They did not recommend it at all and they said that their experience was NOTHING like Madre Aya.

It's crazy I've heard so many people have the same experience with DMT. Bet it's super harsh on the lungs and throat!

Yea, it definitely does not bring you to Madre Aya. I'm not a fan.

Glad your back sis and I am happy you did Aya :)
You produce every day a bit of DMT with your pineal gland it does so at birth during dreaming and before death.

I told you before that I did Aya 68 times and 2 times of it was not in the Amazon jungle it was 1 time in Germany and 1 time in the US my brother is an awesome shaman but it was not the same as in the Amazon jungle.

I told you before the moment I am in SD I call you and we do a nice 5MeO DMT ceremony.

Okay I am glad your back and I am happy that you had a great experience with Aya.

LOVE&LIGHT for you and family


@danyelk Thank you so much fam for your support! Is your brother still a shaman? :)

I can't wait for SD! :D

Yes he is ones you are it's for ever he is also a very good Reiki master :)
I can't wait myself for SD I need some soul medicine and there I will get it ;)
Nice to have you back on Steemit!
LOVE&LIGHT see you soon in SD

🍄 great to see you back from your trip @awarenessraiser! 🍄

😁 glad you had such an awesome experience! 😁

(I can't stop smiling either, 😁 now that you're back and all!)

@alexpmorris Omg yay!! Thank you for the welcome back! :D

It is awesome to see you as well and all the warm welcomes :)

I have more stories to come on the other two experiences I have had in the last few months so stay tuned, my friend!

Great got to go try it and maybe I will grow it here on my house too

@d4rkflow I believe Ayahuasca appears when it is your time. You won't have to go looking for it, it will come to you. :)

You know it is made of two plants!

Oh my gosh it's been agesss since I've seen you post! So I guess this is one of the reasons why?! How amazing <3

It's a long time dream of mine to try Ayahuasca! I'm watching your vid now :)

I know it has been forever! I miss you guys! Thank you for watching my vid :D lmk what you think about it <3 <3 <3 <3

What a powerful experience. That was really insightful and informative, and just further confirmed my desire to have this experience!

Really interesting that you did choose to take another dose, and it ended up being a more "face your fears" experience. If that experience had come with your first dose, would you have chosen to take another, I wonder.

I definitely want my own ayahuasca experience, and I think I am finally close to being ready for it. I'll definitely want details of where you had yours, if you don't mind. Something like this just might manifest for me this year! We can chat on discord or steemit.chat if you prefer :)

Thank you for watching my vid Queen! I am excited for when Madre Aya will appear to you! She will come to you when it is time and it will be awesome! It's so funny how for 5 years - I was searching for it and then I forgot and she came to me when I least expected it! <3

Can't wait :)

Missed you here! Happy New Year!

Big 100% upvote for you! :)

I missed all of you as well! Happy New Year and glad to be back! :D

Ayahuasca has absolutely nothing to do with getting high.

Your right not at all!!! But people believe what is in this damn media and die knowing nothing.

Well, if you think throwing up and having diarrhea is a recreational, getting high, experience... Then by all means.

You will find though, if you do ever try this, that you do indeed "get high" but it is far deeper than that.

If getting high is your objective you will find many demons in the beginning that you will face.

The thing most never mention about this plant is that the first phase is the facing of demons within. They come to the surface as you sit or even fall asleep. During this phase you will lay, sometimes unable to move, sometimes falling asleep and even other times quite fearful or very uncomfortable. Often it is your deepest and darkest ones that come to light first. Those with many or that are not willing to face them have very intensely scary experiences. Often, even if awake your eyes will close and these demons will stand before you waiting for approval from you as they are part of you. If you have things you hide or are ashamed of you will not have a good time because you will fight your demons instead of accepting their part of you.

After that you will purge or as they say in Colombia, heal. This is where you will throw up and shit yourself, runny explosive diarrhea shits.

When using this sacred plant you always walk through the dark before seeing the light. It is just the nature of it.

If you are accepting of your darkest parts then you will do just fine.

If you had a mirror that reflected to you the darkest parts within you, parts that you have long forgotten or parts that you have attempted to hide or shun or bury deep hoping they will never surface again....

You know, those utterly shameful things you've done or that were done to you that you never want to remember...

What would you see? Would it scare you? Would you accept it as a crucially integral part of yourself? Would you hide from it?

These are the questions you must ask yourself. Because these are demons that you WILL face.

If it calls to you then try it. Just remember that you are not getting high without sinking quite low first.

Sound fun?

runny explosive diarrhea shits. when demons run out your ass.

basically, yes

These responses were so dead on and yeah it is nothing like getting high!
Getting high off of weed would make me escape everything, whereas Aya makes me FACE everything!

Very true indeed :)

Wild stuff lol :)

wonderful experience i must say. Where have you been my friend, i have checked you several time, but your know where to be found. I am glad that your back with a lot of wonderful experience. Your tattoo looks very unique. I love it. You are looking more refresh. good job.

Damn. You're back :)

@maxizee About time, right! :)

I have enjoyed your post so I will try the ayahuasca

@desmond41 I am glad you enjoyed my post, thank you :)

There she go! Welcome back!!

@opinizeunltd Brooooo! It's been forever! Great to be back, thank you!

I've been wondering what that trip would be like. I'm afraid I wouldn't want to comeback lol. Glad to see your back.

@alao hahaha well, when you're on it - you forget time exists!

Thank you, I am glad to be back! :D

Happy New Year! Yes i have tried it . The experience different for many people . Its beautiful ..Thank you for posting!

@orlena Happy New Year to you as well Queen! It is fascinating how many people have tried it - you're welcome and thank you for watching! :D