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Yesterday the situation in Venezuela became an even worse nightmare for the people. The Bolivar, Venezuela's currency was devalued an additional 30% over night! The poor people of the country have maybe the most oppressive government in the world along with N. Korea.

Today I am only posting twice and I am going to save the rest of my upvoting power today for people from Venezuela only. If you are LIVING in Venezuela please comment below and I would like to give you all strong upvotes to help you acquire Crypto currency. If you could post a picture or your 🇻🇪 In your post it would be nice. I wish you all the best and prayers in what is this very hard time. I only have met one Venezuelan in my life (last year actually) but, I understand how serious it is there, because I pay close attention to world events.

If you are NOT living in Venezuela please don't not tell me you are. These people need a little help from us to protect their hard earned money. Let's upvote all their comments and show Venezuela that the Steemit community is here to help the world when your government wacks the buying power of your currency 30% in one day.

The OG Broncnutz-


My name is alberto Arteaga, I am from maracay venezuela. So here we are, it's a difficult situation. I live of the pension (payment that the government gives the elderly) and that really is not enough for anything. I also have to give my daughter monthly money and it is impossible for me. I hope that everything gets better.

Hang in there my man.

De esta salimos señor Alberto.

It´s a such great iniciative, many thanks from myself and from all my fellow countryman who are struggling to save our capital. Thanks again

Here is my full upvote. Good luck

Thank you so much friend for the support For us Venezuelans win $ 1 or $ 2 a day makes a big difference God bless you

Wao this is awsome! God bless you! I am speechless :´(

Hello, I am from Venezuela, I just read all of your post and I am very grateful for your good intentions. I will invite you to read this post I wrote today. It's called, I need help getting out of Venezuela. I speak very accurately because we want to leave and how difficult it is to get us out. Thanks for your help

Here is my full upvote for you! Good luck.

Wow thank you very much blessings my friend. Thanks for your support!!!!!

Hello Brother I was wondering why you have not posted and I Checked your profile and Found this, as you may know am Venezuelan and as I'm Speaking 1$=17.800 Bs. Today I posted like 5 times desperate and nothing, this situation is horrible for many of us. I have no words to thank you enough for what you doing for my people. here's my pic, not the best one but there you go! THANK YOU!

That Pic is with former MLB Pitcher Carlos"El Toro" Zambrano.

Baseball is my game dude! Baseball been very very good to me. Sweet picture.

Thanks a lot Pal!

I really appreciate it man. All of us venezuelans need a lot of help right now. And this is like a little hope for all of us. I don't know if you'll read this in this mountain of comments, but if you do... I don't know how to thank you. More people like you please.


Thank you bud, God bless you!


A todos nos va ir bien en Steemit hermano! y cuando llegue ese día tenemos que dar de vuelta.

Amén a eso hermano.

Por cierto, está genial la foto que tienes con El Toro. Que suerte tienes jajaja.


Si amigo, eso fue en Margarita. muy humilde el toro, me dijo verro eres igualito a Vizquel jajaja!

Here is a photo of us, we are two who are in the account of Venus to help us,
My name is Lidetzabeth
In the photo I'm in Barquisimeto, Santa Rosa, tourist place.

and my friend's name is Hector

What's crackalackin Venezuelan people's? Awesome you posted pictures!

There are many beautiful places here, this town is called Soap, the girl next to me is my cousin

Mann you're so BIGGG, many thanks!, we need more people like you!. I'm from Anzoategui, Venezuela, actually trying with all my soul to save some money to get out of here, pratically, running. And yes the only way to do it is from internet, Because the minimum salary here in Venezuela is less than 10$... I'm only 18 years old, sometimes I don't know what to do, but I know and I'm sure that I'm going to do it, for my family. Many many thanks to you @broncnutz.

Keep plugging away here on Steemit. It's a grind but it can will set you free. Hope this upvote helps you out a little.

Like I said, you're so BIG, I'm so grateful with you right now. I'll see you in my future trip post, to give you the THANKS!

Hi Maxmilan,

Good work on your post about SiaCoin. I hope you to continue to have success here on Steemit!

Thank you so much Matthew, sure, I'll do it. Many thanks!

Hi, my name's Genesis and yes, I live in Venezuela. I had to move from a state to another so I can study in college, my mom does what she can to keep everything well at home and also pay for my residence and university. It's really hard for her so basically I'm in steemit to try to help her with expenses.

Nice and solidarity initiative which you had, thanks for that.

PS: I'm sorry if my english is grammatically incorrect but I'm still learning the language.

Your English looks pretty good to me. 😀

Hola Genesis,

You write well in English. I'm learning Spanish and am not nearly as good at writing in Spanish yet. Followed you.

Hey, thank you.

Really, Spanish is not easy, it requires dedication and practice. My advice: Don't hurry up, go slowly so you can understand it better. Good luck.

Gracias por el consejo.

It won't be easy, my goal is to read and speak a little most days of the week to improve my vocabulary. After that, to find a native speaker I can have conversations with.

Wow, that's incredible. Don't worry, you're going to make it great.

And if you need help, you can tell me, maybe I can help you.

Hello, I'm Venezuelan, thank you very much for the help.

Thank you so much friend for the support For us Venezuelans

Dude I love your idea! I am with you in helping out!
I saw a post by @vancry and asked some questions.
Now I watched a video from @dollarvigilante where Jeff Berwick debates Tone Vays where Jeff admits Dan Larimar or steemit founders upvoted him $15,000 steemit for his first posts. Which is fine, we are grown ups, and free to do what we like. But I ask- If Jeff and steemit creators really want to expand Cryptos into main stream and more importantly change the world, then make a change in your thinking and simultaneous help and expand freedom while making all Venezuelan steemit user's a living advertisment for steem and cryptos. Start really challenging your beliefs by taking action for a difference.
Those steem in your account can make a bigger difference to the worlds future not just yours! Screw working with corrupt gov't systems and promote the system you created/believe in to free humanity.

link to debate video

Dude! Awesome comment! I just sent some donations I received to a few Venezuelans

Great minds think alike!

Uh-oh, great news, maybe we need that help from very heavy users.

Why not get in their faces and ask them? Seems slightly hypocritical to me for these big whales to not get involved. Could be such a positive movement. We can help, but it's not our full time job to pump their site, but I recognize I can't help everyone. Folks hate me the way it is, lol.

I want this token to spread, it's not my money for the upvotes so I don't know why whales would not upvote like crazy.

I posted this could you resteem? How ever many of you care to,thank you.

The situation in the country was difficult now is going to complicate much more because the government is taking more power to enforce its strict laws against people who oppose its dictatorship.

Thank you very much for this noble gesture you are making to help the people of venezuela. Many blessings to you. My name is Maikel Mirabal, I write this from San Fernando de Apure, Venezuela. Thank you, I have upvoted and follow you. Someday the situation in the country will improve.


Hi, My name is Ana Figueroa, I am from Venezuela as you can see in my "present yourself" post=
I have to thank u for keep us in your mind and try to help us in your way, thats awsome. I have to say that in this social network there are too many venezuelan trying to get an additional help to support themselves and their families, tacking into account that right now the minimun wage is around $10 a month! I get that amount in just a week in Steemit is impressive.

Steemit can help your guys so much because is a way to gather up free Crypto that you can turn into bitcoin. Glad I can help you out as well. 😜

Hey!, really thanks you bro. i'm from Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Right now we are running an amazing project called "Project Venezuela", we are triying to support all venezuelan people with the help of some big users here in steemit. Maybe we can work together to doing this. aour account is @provenezuela, we are at discord too. Here is our ]White Paper](



Hey @broncnutz, what a wonderful and noble way to raise awareness on the Venezuela situation. You are very right, any kind of help is very very welcomed. In the name of every countrymen here on steemit I wish to thank you immensely.

You can check one of my posts here (there's a picture of me and all) :-) I'm following you already and I'm sure the entire venezuelan community here on steemit will be doing also.

Thank you so much.

Thanks for following, I will continue to do what I can to help. Fight that government!

Thanks man! You can bet on that. We will soon be over this. It feels like it already. We will see it happen soon ;-)

I've been reading some of the comments, it is good to see people really rising awareness about what is really going on. Good Karma!

Hi, I'm Venezuelan, thank you very much for the help.

Your welcome, hang in there. More help will come soon

Pronta solución para Venezuela

Les deseo una pronta recuperacion de su pais, es inverosimil lo q estan haciendo a Venezuela. Q pena que este grupo de personas todavia no midan el daño q estan haciendo

Thanks for your support, buddy. I'm from the state of Anzoategui, Venezuela. We are really having a hard but I know that with the help of people like you and our effort we can get out of this. As we would say here "Eres alto pana"

Hi! Me and my best friend @atmoxphera are from Venezuela.

I really like your inniciative and I appreciate so so SO much what you're doing for all of us. Bless you @broncnutz, you sir are really an angel!

P.D: I don't have any pics right now, but if you really need it, I could post one here later

Hi Venezuela friend. I tried to upvote you and yours friend posts......but you don't have any :( to upvote. I'll just give your comment a little tip here, tell your friend to come over to my blog and say hi and I'll upvote her as well.

No posts? Maybe you can't see them because I reestemed a few things those days! I posted a few seconds ago a new entry, let me know if you can see it, maybe it's just a little bug on steemit, and again, thank you so much!

I saw it 😜

Thank you again! Just in case, here are the links to my other english posts, tell me if you can actually see them, 'cause I resteemed a few things and it worries me a little if they can't be seen by anyone D:

Oh you can still see them, that the whole point of a blockchain. You just can't make anymore money in them after 7 days. So we need Venezuelans to post all new stuff all the time.

Hi @broncnutz I've published a post about you, check it out if you can, thanks.

30 Best Steemit Bloggers Of The Day To Follow 3rd August 2017

Sweet! Thank you....I just upvoted your post.

Oh I see! I didn't knew that D: thanks for letting me know!

Thanks for helping us. One of the reasons I started at Steemit was because with this I can help to pay the expenses of the university (Yacambu) So, thanks for supporting me through this comment.

Thanks, thanks for all the support, in times of difficulty is where we must shake hands, and who gives the poor! God lends

They should buy cryptos only :)

Good evening, here two Venezuelans, my brother wilker and I, in the casacada of the wine, tourist place of Venezuela, greetings

Hi man! Thanks for you help. I'm from Barquisimeto - Venezuela

Thank you for your intention to help the Venezuelans. You have a great heart. God bless you.

You're so nice sir! thank you to help us.

I'm 20 years and all my life i've been living in Venezuela. firstly, thank you so much again for what you're doing. It means too much. I'm here on Steemit because I want to help to my family with the household expenses. Also, I wanna move on to another country, you know what's the situation actual of Venezuela is really sad. We are more poor everyday... It's difficult to live here when you are young. I'm a Med Student and I'm doing well but you know, I feel bad living in this country with so many limites when you want to reach your goals and make your dreams come true.

Have a good day Sir.

Thanks for commenting

nice post!!

You popped your cherry 🍒's about time. I expect to see you here on the reg, posting comments on the reg, upvoting on the reg, re Steeming on the reg, blogging on the reg, just be regular ya feel me?

Such a good thing you are doing! I have been keeping up with the news in Venezuela and believe it or not my husband and I actually got into cryptocurrency because of the turmoil in Venezuela. Great job man and I hope you can help a bunch of people in Venezuela.

I sure have gotten the opportunity to help a few people from this post but there are many many more that need our help.

Thank you very much for your help the truth we are going through a frustrating political and emocianal moment many of my friends and family left the country because of the situation that god will send you that your post will be successful

I only hope more people will upvote your posts to give you all a little boost.....y'all need it

thanks very much

Hey my name is Stephania, i'm from caracas vzla. thanks for all of your help.

Hey @broncnutz I just Relalized you are the same guy helping minnows!
Way to go!
There are a handfull of steemians I value. You are one of them.

Thanks for noticing, I like to spread this coin around a lot in here because it's a great way to help people get free crypto that is actually very valuable. I'm a giving type of person anyway.

REAL OG right here, seeing through the bullshit and helping a REAL cause

Thank you so much! I got some donations for a few people to spread around to them

I am not from Venezuela but all my moral support are with them, i am financially poor, other wise would have helped with whatever i could, but i am grateful and thankful to @broncnutz for the kind of work and support he is doing for the people of Venezuela, You are a true gentlemen and helping whale sir @bruncnutz, my all the best wishes are with u always and in fact today i have discovered a noble personality of should be known for your philanthropic works in steemit, other whales should take inspiration from you and should extend their support for Venezuela people. Thanks

Que grande eres @broncnutz , creo que steemit se puede usar también para este tipo de cosas !
Fíjese en lo que yo prepare hoy!

Bronco you never cease to amaze me, may god help the people of venzuala. And to all the venzualen people, yes you can defeat that garbage and i'm sure you will.

I am very grateful to you, you do not know how much you are helping each one of us

Hello, I am from Venezuela, a greeting!

It's a really bad situation. Turkey has experienced something similar many years ago. I hope everything goes well in Venezuela. As a really sensitive person, you have taken a good step. I did re-steem your post and, upvote @nina-winchester 's some posts and comments. I hope everythink will be okey.

I have collected a few donations to send some of them from other Steemit users.

Thank you @monomyth it's really appreciated! Don't forget to tag some other venezuelan people you could know <3

i upvoted your post plz upvote me

You didn't even read my post. This is for Venezuelans Steem for you.

Hello, I'm from Venezuela it's really great, I appreciate too much what you do for us.

Wow, I totally support your proposal. My pleasure, my name is sophia, I am from Maracay-Venezuela. This situation really is very difficult, I just saw that the dollar increased again to 16.789 I feel frightened, every so often I update dolartoday to see how the dollar increases ... I really appreciate what you are doing, it is very helpful. Greetings and thanks in advance.

Good Steem members such as @flipstar and @myego13 were nice enough to send me some donations for Venezuelans. I will be sending them to your wallet in a few mins. Please take the time to go over to thier blog and thank them for thier effort to help you.

I voted up a couple of your posts. Stay safe down there.

OMG! Thank you very much, I hope that I can help many of my dear Venezuela that we are getting to know Steemit. A hug! I will be watching your post.

Tell all your people about Steemit. Get them here now! This can help spread Crypto in your country that is convertible to bitcoin. This is how you can win your civil war. We can give you FREE crypto here's a no brainer! Tell everyone! Post about your efforts to do this, people here would love it! U would get upvotes from me with good effort for sure!

In the next few days I will be working to promote steemit in my country, I can promote youtube video. And I will post them so that they come to receive their support. They should join in more than taking the initiative you are carrying out.

Alright good for you Cuz! See that's what I'm talkin about....Action! Crypto is a great neutralizer to bankers and money printers. It's awesome to see crypto and blockchain technology work magic. I always knew it would.

Yes :) the crypto are freedom! And oppressed peoples go a her to free from the clutches of governments and banks.


Good Steem members such as @flipstar and @myego13 were nice enough to send me some donations for Venezuelans. I will be sending them to your wallet in a few mins. Please take the time to go over to thier blog and thank them for thier effort to help you.

Thank you

I visited Venezuela a few years ago, such nice and friendly people, its hard to see the rich and powerful trample over the sweet and kind folk :( upvoted!

Thanks for your upvote 😀

Sir you are doing very Precious Job.... @broncnutz I really appreciate it.... I became a fan of you.... I upvote all your post cause they are unique and the articles have a quality content.... @nina-winchester says right, you are really an angel to all..... @supriya1993

Thank you for the support

Resteemed this post.... @supriya1993

Thanks again for your continued support

It's my pleasure to give you my support..I Know it is very small in front of you.. @supriya1993

Yes you are right @nina-winchester......

That's a huge value down overnight.
i will do my bit as much as possible.

Thanks for the help....I have gotten some donations to send them.

Great post! I'm looking to up-vote them too! I can't believe they devalued more an already worthless and detrimental to it's citizens currency more so? Just goes to show how a populous "can not" give up it's guns for means to protect itself. At the very least they'd have some power to fight back or run these bastards, who I'm sure aren't going hungry at all or without, out........

I'm not from Venezuela but this is a great initiative, upvoted with 100% VP and resteeemed.

Thank you so much for your help.

How is the access of Internet there doing? @broncnutz

One of the commenters on this post explained it above because I asked the same question. It's not good in many places but the Venezuelans are here posting so it has to be working on some levels. Upvote people from Venezuela is a good thing. They can only use crypto to fight this..they have no more gold......Goldman Sacs has it.

Great initiative, my friend!

We here in Brazil are neighbors of Venezuela and we know very well how terrible it is there. This has been occurring for years and is now getting worse very quickly.

This is all a well-prepared plan by the communists in the "Foro de São Paulo", starting by disarming the right people, then increasing the tax burden to end entrepreneurs and increase state power.

The Venezuelan people are unfortunately dying fighting, but as they have no weapons they use what they can, like throwing feces at the Chavista police.

Brazil gradually walks to the same destination, they have managed to disarm the population well and are now suffocating more and more people with taxes.

Thanks again for helping our Venezuelan neighbors.

Upvoted and resteemed

Hello, this kind of post makes many people happy, especially Venezuelans.
Today they stole the phone from my brother, and it is very important for him since many of his university projects need communication, if they can help him, we would thank him

Excellent initiative and great support what you are doing

Hello, I am from Venezuela, I just read all of your post and I am very grateful for your good intentions.

I just full upvoted your last post on your blog.

Thank you, A big hug and excuse my bad english. I wish you a very happy day, and thank you again

Your English is just fine! Upvoted! Cryptocurrency para Venezuela!

Hello Friend! I recently wrote an article where I talk about his initiative to help our country Venezuela. Thanks for everything

Would like to be a part of your community..
Expecting your support for us..
So, Followed, upvoted and resteemed..

Three Venezuelan flags ... in your bio it says Sri Lanka, that's not Venezuela!!!

Yeap.. i'm a Sri Lankan... I puts three flags in my comment to show my support for the Venezuela..

Because of your sentence: 'Expecting your support for us..' I have my doubts

I want to be a part of community.. i told it in my first comment.. don’t think too much bro.. take it easy.. 😊😊

It's all good brother.....I thought the exact same thing at first, but after reading it again I figured out what you meant.

Oh thank you, I just needed help so I could replenish something that a group of people stole from me here in Venezuela