Chocolate Cake (Simple, fast, VEGAN)

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Chocolate Cake


Firstly a lot is happening right now on #newsteem and i'm looking forward to our coming evolution. It almost feels like we could take the world by surprise anytime now. Or maybe we will get flooded by new users understanding what freedom and liberty truly is, when it comes to value? I am here, staying with my tribes and I won't miss the revolution!

Today I wanted to share a very pragmatic chocolate cake recipe with you. Before we begin, I want to mention that I started baking vegan cakes even when I was still vegetarian around ten years ago. The flavour of eggs always seemed strange and what it is and why we eat it questionable, but I won't get into it this time. The first thing I noticed after making vegan cakes, was that your taste buds can get accustomed to tasting the flavour of your cake. The chocolate, mango, apple or whatever you use to make your cake will get their distinct space while unfolding in your mouth. Most cakes then just tasted like egg and sugar. I never use refined sugar, because it's dehydrated and has a different molecular structure from fructose, present in natural fruits. Although absorbed directly by the liver as well, it's still much better because it contains more moisture. A lot of sweet fruits or dry fruits contain potassium, which gives your body energy it can convert, provided it has a healthy gut to synthesise it.

For a while, I have been wanting to write about the human microbiome and how it's changing the face of general medicine. I would also like to mention how even processed foods regulated by the FAO and synthesised so called phytopharma, nutritional supplements and many of traditional herbal medicine products fall under certain traditional herbal medicine product directives implemented in April 2011 within the EU. They are licensed by pharmaceutical companies, which I am sure is even more the case in the US through the FDA. This is why I would like to point out that the magic of getting power from your food happens in your gut. If some gut microbes run out of a job because they have nothing to convert, then they might go extinct, right? Like a planet, imagine an Atmosphere thriving with life. What makes us who we are could have even adapted to become our consciousness(microtubules)? Like a mechanism of universal conciousness? Back to earth, our microbial genome is as important and the hottest thing in Genomic Research. You don't wanna pour to much acid on your colon and it's biome, so I encourage anyone to have an alkaline to acid balance and watch the pH values of your food. This balance reduces mucus in the body and disease lives in excessive and unhealthy mucus also produced by the goblet cells. With our intake of substances in form of pills that have nutrients in their synthesised form, most bioavailable according to your regular physician, it might still be disadvantageous to your gut. For our gut microbes to work better it might not be good to have too little input. In-vitro colon stimulation and dietary modulation of the human microbiota have revealed in studies how our bodies do this. In some cases, like in the one of cobalamin, the biota in epithelial cells, that interact locally to control intestinal function and physiology convert B12 vitamins for it to be synthesised. Bacteria and Archaea in human microbiota is essential for nutritional synthesis. It surely matters that some microbes that thrive in your mouth, already begin this process and is related to chewing, releasing enzymes and how we time and combine our foods. Some foods therefore, I suggest are best taken in their raw form and to be processed at home with a mortar and pestle, a hand blender, a normal blender or nutrition center.


I use cups to measure. The italic ingredients are not necessary or can be substituted to make this as practical as possible

  • Cocoa Powder 3 TBSP

  • A Bar of Good Black Chocolate at least above 72% Cacoa

  • Apple Cider Vinegar / Just Apple Mousse (even with some cinnamon) 1-2 TBSP

  • 1 Cup of White Flour/ Gluten Free Flour 128 g/4.5 oz

  • Coconut oil / Coconut Butter / Margarine100ml of circa 7TBSP

  • Some Nuts (if you like), Walnuts/Hazelnuts,/Almonds/etc. 6-8 pieces or more, crushed smaller

  • Rice Milk/ Almond Milk /Hazelnut Rice Milk/ Water /Mix a few nuts in a NutriBullet or Blender with Water 1 1/2 Cups - 192g/6.75oz/0.35l

  • Dates 225 g/7.9 oz /200g is enough

  • Baking Powder 3 tbs

  • A pinch of salt

Lets start


After adding the cup of flower, I added 3 tsp of baking powder, 3 TBSP of Cacao powder, some vegan margarine(100ml or approx 7 TBSP, a few nuts, 2 TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar and a pinch of salt.


Next I added some Almond Milk with a few dates. Approx 150-200 grams is more than enough. It really depends how sweet you want it. Adding more will bind the cake with the dates really well.


Blend Dates with Almond Milk.


Next, mix the liquid with the flour mass using a whisk and then pour it into a form of your choice. Break the bar of chocolate into pieces and put it in the cake mass. Make sure the pieces are sort of in the middle of the mass and somewhat submerged, without touching the form floor.


Bake at around 220 Degrees Celsius for around 20-25 min or more and keep checking with a fork. It could take up to 30min depending on your mix and depending on your oven. If the fork does not have much on it, turn of the oven off and keep the cake in the oven for a for 10 min.

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Empty your cup! Don't fill it! Become the water, loose the form of the cup that shaped you and reinvent the infinite shapes you can adapt to. - Soan Shinobi a @yangyanje original

The above was inspired by bruce lee, hanging out with Max, Katharine Lorena and Steemian @nowargraffiti in Berlin.

[ NOTE: The pictures were taken during my trip to the Netherlands in Gouda, while baking cake for coffee breaks with Vincent's parents and one for @vincentnijman 's little sister, who baked some insanely delicious brownies. Chocolate!]

I'm and enthusiast about #cleanplanet, #freedomtribe, #ecotrain, #homesteaderscoop #tribesteemup and i'm from the #naturalmedicine corner of #mindfullife. Steemian's also meditate together on very power discord group meditations:



The best explanation (dry/ wet) of the difference between cane/beet sugar and fructose I've ever come across, and I've been talking about sugars for decades. It may still vary per individual which sugar works best for what purpose (fructose dizzies many a mind; cane or beet sugar have their medicinal properties in say an Anthroposophic homeopathic medication), but the point is that we need to start to move away from the strictly molecular level of what nourishes us and promotes our spiritual powers to move and groove; we have to understand that hormones are the cart and not the ox in a transubstantial and intangible process.

Only your consideration on what makes us stick out as more than life-forms is more ingenious.

The work we need to give our gut is quintessential to health and its finer, multiplex and very subtle side is utterly neglected by nearly all diets and healthy living counsellors.

Balancing out alkaline with acid is a great place to start. Respecting the life that enables our living well (restored, built up anew each moment) is the next: we are killing ourselves by not considering our dearest and nearest pets (bacteria and archaea). One may even argue that some are so culinary expert that they would object to a blender when a pestle could suffice....

Not quite a vegan but for cakes it makes a lot of sense!

So the dates and the chocolate bar pieces are the only sweeteners? I see that the other ingredients might add a hint of sweetness too. What are some good alternatives if you do not use dates, or prefer a smoother cake?

Looks delicious. Thank you for sharing.

@creativetruth, thank you for your comment. If you use rice milk, thats very sweet, date sirup, maple leaf sirup are also great alternatives. You are right about the chocolate bar pieces. Some chocolate brands already use different sweeteners. For a smoother cake i suggest lupine flour or add some nut powder too and play with the quantities. This recipe does vary, depending on how you play with the ingredients. Your comment reminds me that i really have to make a post on making vegan chocolate.

You really know your ingredients well. I am not vegan at all, but sometimes I see vegan recipe posts and drool over these flavorful confectionery wonders. I think what I meant by smoother, was less lumpy because of the inserted chocolate bar chunks and dates.

Ohh yes, i see what you mean now. I use a vitamix which makes cream out of cashews. Kitchen tools that are robust and sustainable are a good investment for food processing and essential in a kitchen. Trying to be experimental therefore is essential. I stumble across trials of pestos and even cheese made from other nuts and combos of seeds recently that taste out of this world and always make my own spreads to stock ip my fridge. That way i don’t even cook more than 8min during lunches. Creative vegans live large and really don’t miss out like most people think. They just take another path and sometimes one that is unexplored and not the groupthink established version. Veganism also be can be a religion to some 😅, i for the matter really just like the alternative from the perspective of my moral views. If we claim ourselves on top of the food chain, then that also depends what choices we make as individuals or collective. I just don‘t wanna harm. Got too much love for all beings. Like plants that i eat. I would like to reach light. I know it might sound pseudo to some. I would never judge some ones choice or ethical disposition. 😊 i feel the world of plant based alternatives and what is possible, is just being discovered. Take for instance beyond burger and pea protein. I am not a fan of soy, so i am curious what revolutionary foods humans will eat in the future. We might actually see molecular cuisine evolving to be true to it‘s name, right? Who knows.

I once shuffled this cake to have the melted chocolate bar pieces remain liquid while the cake was still warm making cup cakes. Or even just reheating the cakes. Melted liquid chocolate on the inside. The ingredients allow for a lot of creativity. It takes almost no time. I try to post pragmatic stuff. I can also spend days making vegan ch**ze or other stuff that i haven‘t bothered to post yet because i need to experiment more. Btw. There are some recipes, that when made vegan, you wont like the original vegetarian version more. Thats something that intrigued me and made me go vegan, not the hype. When i tried being vegan first for a year in 2005, people didn’t even know the term and vegetarians thought you’re crazy 😂 Thanks for your reply! 😊

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Wow, thanks for sharing some of your personal story with me. I think 1995 was probably my first encounter with a vegan. In school we had a vegan teacher, and when he answered questions about it, the students could hardly believe some of the super human traits he described about himself. He claimed that he did not have any body odor. When he passed gas, it too was odorless. OMG!?

It really is a divergent lifestyle from the mainstream, and requires a certain moral compass based on love for animals and natural things.

I found this post thanks to @miti-blog work, and his Curation Project: Undervalued Deserving Contents. Your work deserves way better, I'm happy to give you my upvote. Cheers, Nicola @knfitaly

Coltellinaio per passione e non solo...

Trentino - Italy

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Cake looks tasty in #newsteem. 😀👌👍