Weekly Newsletter - 12th Edition

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Authored by @evecab

Dear readers,

Welcome to week #12 of the Vegans of Steemit Newsletter! Let's see what happened in the vegan & veggie community these past days and catch up with some of the best posts out there!

The goal of this Newsletter is to showcase the most interesting publications from our vegan Steemit community during the week, and introduce new members worth checking out. We also feature a Q&A section at the end of the newsletter, in which non-vegans can ask anything they need to know about veganism and how to get there. Help us spread the vegan love!


  • This week I want to feature a Steemian who has been very busy posting on the platform. She's a personal trainer, vegan and also a nutritionist. More importantly, @hollybrownfit cares about the environment and is showing us where we can buy eco-friendly sports apparel:

vegan recipes

Many people believe that vegans don't have a lot of food choices, but they are wrong! The purpose of this section is to portray just how many different delicious meal recipes there are to choose from, the options are endless! Each week, we'll show you at least three different recipes, one for breakfast, lunch / dinner, as well as some mouth watering desserts.

  • Remember those days when you ate meatballs, and didn't really think about it being shredded, seasoned dead cow? Gross I know, but maybe you remember loving them also . Now you can eat them without the guilt, thanks to @krakenpei:

  • Today I stumbled on the most delicious looking quiche I have ever seen! Check out this fantastic dish, courtesy of @gguy773:

  • Everyone, please meet @foodflaneur: she's a chef, and loves cooking vegan dishes! This week, she's presenting this surprisingly easy to make apple crumble:


  • As I mentioned earlier, today I discovered @hollybrownfit who has been a member on Steemit for a long time, but has become very active again the past days. If you're interested in fitness for vegans, check her out! Here's one of her workouts:


If you wish to be featured on the Vegans of Steemit blog, please DM @evecab in Discord and join our community. Please also consider supporting our voting trail here, so that we can provide our vloggers & bloggers with higher rewards.



Everything seems top quality content but that caramel apple crumble by @foodflaneur made my mouth water! 😋
Keep up the good work with this newsletter! :)

thank you @jasmink =) I thought so too! will definitely try it

Thanks for the mention, your awesome!

Thanks for the mention!

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