Cook with Us #32 - Caramel apple crumble

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Thanksgiving isn't a thing in the UK, but I always loved seeing all of the films with Thanksgiving dinner scenes serving all of those delicious dishes- and now I am actually a part of it!

So excited to present to you all my caramel apple crumble, which for me is such an autumnal dish, served with lashings of hot custard or whipped cream- life can't get any better than this!


To make this pudding, simply rustle up a quick caramel by heating coconut oil and sugar. When the sugar has dissolved, add vanilla extract and coconut milk and allow to thicken. Throw in some sliced apples and ground cinnamon then pour into a deep baking dish.

For the topping, combine oat flour, oats, ground almonds and coconut palm sugar with coconut oil into a breadcrumb-like texture then sprinkle over the caramel apples before baking for 30 minutes.


And there you have it!


This sounds like a delicious dessert for our feast! Oooohhh, love the resulting texture of the combined ingredients that went into the crumble. Thanks for this wonderful dessert!

So are you now based in the UK and not in Asia anymore? Just asking as I wanna know where we should meet as we had planned before. ;D

Oh my word @foodflaneur, great minds think alike ;);) Guess what I made 🙈
We're not going to be short of Apple desserts, @loveself made Apple Pie ;);)

Mmmm, sounds fantastic! This would definitely be welcome at any Thanksgiving table that I am at!

Anything apple...I am in! I can't wait to try this one @foodflaneur. What type of apples do you like to use for your apple desserts?

This caramel apple crumble must taste divine! I love that the recipe is so simple, I had to bookmark it right away! 😋 Also really beautiful photos, seems like you're a natural :)

This dessert looks so satisfying and comforting! It seems so fast and easy to put together too. Thanks for sharing this dish with our pot luck dinner!

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