🍔 Share your Vegan Burger and Win 5 SBD 💰#veganburgercontest

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Vegan burgers have come a long way, with companies like Beyond Meat and The Impossible Burger producing great plant-based patties that appeal to vegans and non-vegans alike.


We are on the hunt for the best vegan burger so this week's contest is the #VeganBurgerContest 🍔

We're giving away some awesome prizes! 💰

The 1st Place Winner will receive

  • SBD
  • A resteem of your submission

The 2nd Place Winner will receive

  • 1 SBD

The 3rd Place Winner will receive

  • 0.5 SBD

All entries to the #VeganBurgerContest will receive an upvote

To enter all you need to do is:

  • Upvote and resteem this post
  • Post your vegan burger with the hashtag #VeganBurgerContest
  • Comment the link to your entry on this post

Winners will be announced on Wednesday 7 February, I can't wait to see all of your burgers 🍔🔥

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Thank you for your entry @veggiekittykelly! 🌱


Hi @deliciousplants, don't forget about my entry here. Sorry i couldnt comment sooner all my bandwidth was gone yesterday.


Thank you for your entry @vegan-Vienna - I love jackfruit so much and this has just given me some inspiration for a recipe coming soon! 😆

Good luck for the #veganburgercontest! 🌱


Thank you 😁 jackfruit is really awesome! ☺️

This contest will be a good excuse to treat myself to a nice vegan burg.


Hahaha right? 😂 I’m looking at all of these submissions and I think I’m going to be eating burgers all week 🎉

Great contest. Thank you for making it. 😃

Joining also in, here is my post:

I love a great vegan burger! Can't wait to whip up one for this contest entry.

delicious food photography follow now

YAY, I'm super excited about this contest! Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to share our best vegan burgers. Here's my first entry (I couldn't decide between two recipes, so I'll enter twice if that's allowed?!): https://steemit.com/food/@isshappy/giant-raw-vegan-burgers-recipe-veganburgercontest


Of course it’s allowed! The more the merrier I say 😆 wow these look amazing!!

Thank you for your entry @isshappy 🌱


Amazing! Then I'll post my 2nd entry right away :) Thanks so much ♥

yayyy I love competitions! i'm definitely gonna participate :D


Hi @mermaid - I tried to look at your submission but the images weren’t loading. I will have to check on my laptop at home later but I can’t wait to see it 😆😆


I hope it works 🤔


OMG that burger is exactly what I need right now 😱 it looks so good! 😍

Thank you for your entry @Finance2Nomad! 🌱

Mmmmh it looks good haha

That is such a great contest :) looove vegan burgers :)

Fantastic!!! I'll be back tomorrow 😊

Here comes my second entry for the contest, I'm suuuper excited about this week's topic ♥ https://steemit.com/food/@isshappy/vegan-sweet-potato-chickpea-burger-recipe-veganburgercontest

Ich liebe vegane Burger, kann mich gar nicht mehr erinnern wie der mit Fleisch schmeckt ...
Danke für die Inspiration.

This is my entry: https://steemit.com/vegan/@veganstudent/gua-burger-recipe-veganburgercontest


Good luck to everyone participating :)

As @celestialcow has run out of bandwidth, I am posting this link to her entry for her: https://steemit.com/veganburgercontest/@celestialcow/tender-and-tasty-vegan-burger-recipe-for-the-veganburgercontest Please don't forget about her!

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