Veganism is on the Rise!

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As a vegan, it’s easy to get discouraged. Most people (at least the majority of the people I come into contact with) view us as extremists. They come at us with defensive attitudes, ready to knock any legitimate argument we may have for the diet because it’s not the norm. They’re ready to say “I have an aunt in the beef industry and if I don’t support that industry, her children will starve” or “but I’m a bodybuilder and I need to eat animal protein” or “it just seems impossible - how do you live without cheese?!?!” Or “I’d never want to be that extreme” (my personal favorite, since somehow NOT torturing and killing animals is the more extreme way of life). This video contains, by far, the best explanation I've heard (don't worry, it doesn't show any animals being tortured and doesn't try to talk anyone into being vegan).

For all of these reasons, all of these arguments, all of this misunderstanding, it’s really easy to feel helpless. But! There is a silver lining and that’s what I’m trying to focus on today!

This morning I’ve spent some time looking up some very exciting statistics regarding the rise of Veganism all over the world.

My favorites are:

6% of people from the US are now vegan (THAT'S OVER 18 MILLION PEOPLE) source

That's a 600% increase in the last three years! Imagine what we can accomplish if we keep growing! source

Some pretty major health organizations are now recommending plant-based diets for their astounding health benefits! Think: Kaiser, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee and the American Institute for Cancer Research! source

People in the UK are now eating 50% less beef!!! source

And my personal favorite, online dating profiles who claim to be vegan get 62% more messages!!! source


Feel free to share more happy news about compassion and/or veganism!

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Oh this video made me blubber like a baby haha. I agree the hardest part isn't the cooking it's talking to other people about it. It is assumed that we are crazy and nutrient-deprived. I feel bad for the people who are still living in a cloud of lies, eating poor defenseless animals, destroying the planet and their own bodies.
I don't think it's a coincidence that veganism is on the rise in the Information Age. Thanks to the internet, it's a lot easier to spread the word.
Thanks for sharing this, I will resteem. Have a great day!

Yep! I’ve watched that video quite a few times and cry every time! It’s amazing how much a dirt can make you feel disconnected from those you know and love and otherwise respect. It’s so hard for me to sort out my feelings towards those (especially those who claim to be animal lovers) who know better and do nothing about it!

I'm here because of your resteem, Caity. Cheers, mate!


Cheers, buddy!! :)

For whatever the reason may be, more and more people are turning to a plant based diet. Whether it's simply because...

...or for ethical reasons -- people are starting to give it a shot. My experience with people trying it out is that they pretty quickly start feeling SIGNIFICANTLY healthier, so long as they doing it the right way (twizzlers and other junk foods are vegan too).

The times... They're a'changin'.

I think vegans and even meat eaters should be growing more of your own food. I'm a meat eater but I still make an effort to grow some stuff. Maybe someday I will even have a pet chicken but for now I still struggle with plants. lol I think vegans would have more credibility if they had some amazing home grown organic veggies in their backyard. I think vegans and non vegans should both agree that even the organic options at the supermarket suck.

I had one summer where I had a HUGE garden and when everything started to be ready to harvest, all I had to buy at the grocery store was butter (I was vegetarian then), pasta and wine! It was great!!!

I am so glad so veganism growing. Veganism is a movement that will benefit our health 💪🌱 our planet 🌍 and all beings that live in it 🐮🐷💚🐣🐠

Right?! It’s so exciting!!!

Definitely the sexiest!

Great message. the more of us that are talking veganism, the better. Great job. Let's keep the conversation alive.

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