What we should know about Broccoli?

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A medium stalk of Broccoli fulfill your daily health requirement, it contains Vitamin C, K, dietary fiber, folate, potassium, selenium, vitamin A, manganese, vitamin B6 and phosphorus. Plus, it is a rich source of various antioxidant compounds that boost our health in a major way.

Now what does these scientific nutrients tell us? It means it gives us the following health benefits that are totally essential:

* Aids in treating cancer

* Removes toxins & free radicals from body

* Helps to maintain healthy & glowing skin

* Protects eyes against muscular degenration & cataracts

* Provides relief from stomach disorders

* Helps to maintain a healthy heart

* Strengthens immune system

Hence, not bad! Once bought, don't wash it immediately if you are going to store for a long time, wash when you are ready to cook it in order for its taste and nutrients not to diminish!

Once again, one healthy food won;t solve our health problems. It is all about prevention and a healthy lifestyle.

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Eat Broccoli! High in protein too!