I Will Be Releasing The Vaporchain Protocol Later This Month. Prepare For Tokenization!

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I think I figured out how to run a blockchain on top of #Steem. I will be launching my own token in the coming weeks! The protocol will be open-sourced and allow other "virtual chains" to trade with one another.

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If this is like everything else posted on your twitter account, it’s a bunch of bullshit only whack jobs believe. No offense.

I guess time will tell. Make sure you don't ninja mine any #Vaporchains once it rolls out if you don't like my idea.

But, that's what I do best.

@fulltimegeek in the interest of not reinventing the wheel, @harpagon has built a full-fledged smart contract enabled side chain system on top of the Steem blockchain. We are planning to use it in the near future for some things related to Steem Monsters and I've been working with him to get it to a point where anyone can easily create tokens and even have an internal market to trade them against STEEM.

I'm not doing anything with smart contracts so I doubt I'm reinventing what he's got. What I have is just a protocol that will allow anyone to:

  • create their own token/blockchain,
  • trade tokens between different vaporchains,
  • compete for block production on any vaporchain

This will all make sense once I have a "testnet" up and running and some example transactions to reference back to. Keep checking #Vaporchain for updates.

Ok, it just sounds very similar to what he has done aside from the smart contracts piece. Either way, the more the merrier!

We were talking yesterday about how we could use SMTs to create an pristine microeconomy inside of Steem to address the present corrupt system. Perhaps, what you have cooking will help us get there sooner.

It would be nice to have an alternative economy that is unaffected by things like bid bots and more people will thus be eager to contribute and build out this more ideal vision.

A vision of a network in which the bulk of the benefits aren't just funnelled to a few accounts but rather the many as long as they are willing to work for it.

My main concern is node availability in the event that Steem continues to lose value and / or the solutions to reduce node resource utilization doesn't pan out resulting in inevitable node shutdowns as they become more expensive to operate.

I would hate for people to work to build a utopian bubble society (coining that term now. Lol) and to have the body of water around it (analogous with the Steem network) to dry up.

Personally, I don't think this will happen but it's good to consider contingencies. For example, would vaporchain be able to exist independently of Steem if necessary?

Looking forward to see what you come up with.

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Without Steem Vaporchains can't exist. It's developed from the ground up specifically for a Steem-like blockchain.

I would hate for people to work to build a utopian bubble society

If these mircoeconomies do catch on, it should strengthen Steem over time. This is due to how Vaporchains work -- requiring you to burn liquid STEEM in order to create new chains or mine blocks.

If you can pull this off it will be quite a coup! The best innovations come from individuals or small teams in a supportive environment.

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These Vaporchains will most likely boost the price of STEEM. So, this "coup" will be a good thing for everybody :)

In the medium term it will be a big boost for Steem. At the moment the markets are completely detached from what is happening on the ground so I wouldn’t expect an immediate boost.

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Yes, if not medium term - definitely long-term. The way I designed this will cause STEEM to be more deflationary than it already is. The increase of scarcity should lead to a higher price in theory.

Interesting, will be lookin’ forward what you come up with! 😎

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An early Christmas Gift! Thank you FT!!!

Quick! Someone get me to my fainting couch... got a case of the vapors!

Omg I loves it :) :) :) :)

Soooo SMTs go bye bye or is this just a stop gap solution? Or could this be a long term solution so we never need SMT and steemit inc can scrap it from the roadmap?

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Vaporchains will keep running if SMTs are implemented or not. They are on totally separate layers. If this new protocol catches on, I don't think we'll need SMTs. But, both can co-exist without a problem.

Thanks for the explanation very cool that they can co-exist gives developers ever more freedom! Can only be good for the ecosystem as long as it cannot be compromised or open any security flaws

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This place is just full of surprises. People like you are why I hodl. The only blockchain where people announce new projects on the blockchain, on the blockchain.

For real? On first sight I thought you were trolling us. But after I read a few comments, I think you are way too serious.

Sounds freaking good

100% serious

This is not a play on words like "vaporware" ... I know that term already exists. The reason why I chose Vaporchain is because I see this as being one level above steam/steem.

Water --> Steem --> Vapor

I 100% thought this was a troll. You might want to reconsider the naming.

Agree. I thought he was trolling too at first until i read the comments.

Water --> Steem --> Vapor

Even the name makes perfect sense.

The fact that it doesn’t require a hardfork when changes need to be done, is probably they key point.

We all remember that in every hardfork, steem wallets remain closed for a few weeks...
Just saying....

Looking forward for more details

It's actually water ---> vapor ----> steem.

Water being liquid water.

Vapor being very light droplets of water that are in the air.

Steam being water in a gas state when temperature rises too much.

Need water chain immediately.

What happens when condensation sets in is also back to liquid.

What? Vaporchain? WTF is that?

Vaporchains will be blockchains (with their own token) running on top of the Steem blockchain. Sort of like SMTs but without the need of a hardfork.

what do they do?

The same thing that bitcoin does.

Yeah, you talked about this in one of your videos. Will these tokens have any functionality?

Will these tokens have any functionality?

Depends on how many people start creating their own tokens. There will be much potential for entrepreneurs with this idea. Mining will be decentralized and competitive for each Vaporchain.

Imagine a merchant that wants to create their own STORE TOKEN. They can easily create their own Vaporchain (with some pre-mined coins if they want) and then use those tokens to reward customers.

Their token inflation and transfers will be verified and tracked on the vaporchain.

ID love this for my Red Native American server. Radio, interviews and initiatives that I do. In addition to SBI this is another great option!

Hi @fulltimegeek, how can we get in touch?

You mean like ... Pocket?

My thoughts exactly!

Nooooo.. You see, this is clearly @fulltimegeek own idea and totally not like other existing proposals.

You're right, how dare I suggest such a thing, damn my eyes

Are you frigging kidding me? This is awesome. :) This community never fails to hype me up despite Steemit Inc doing its best to bring the positivity down. :P

I haven't been able to sleep well the past few nights due to the excitement of this idea. I've been brainstorming non-stop and trying to find loopholes (if any) before releasing the protocol.

Don't rush it, even if you take your time you'll still be miles ahead of everyone else. :)

This will be a first i look forward to seeing the outcome...

Wow awesome. If this works, who needs to wait on SMTs :)

This will probably happen before SMTs lol

You got an upvote from me for this post.
This is just a small contribution, but I hope it will help you, and the steem community to grow further.

Hi there,
I've just upvoted this post
A small contribution from me, to help the steem community to thrive ;)

Wonderful News, I would really like to know more about it!

You're Salty Mashed Potatoes? O.o

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Hey @fulltimegeek. Sounds interesting and different. Please keep us informed when and how etc.

I will do a professional (hopefully) write-up when I release the Vaporchain info. This is just me sharing my excitement :)

I don't blame you. How can you sleep.

Good Sir,

You have my attention!
There is a Battle taking place for the future of this Orphaned Blockchain, Steem.
But I'm betting that a many solutions do not need Hardforks so much as a group of people who understand what's going on. Perhaps we can also talk about a Private messaging service and maybe secure email?

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 3.00.23 PM.png

Theres a private messaging service already on @partiko for mobile and tablet users

Thank you so much for mentioning us!

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Perhaps we can also talk about a Private messaging service and maybe secure email?

Making our own tokens/money is far more important right now. Also, the partiko app already provides private messaging. Finally, before we can start doing secure email on the blockchain we need to first decentralize DNS (domain name services) which is a huge hurdle.

Perhaps consider allowing your tokens to be loaded with other Cryptos for value. I cannot stomach the idea of keeping this Blockchain Hypothecated with Steem only, which is too concentrated in the hands of Invalids. The instrumentation of an SMT alternative built outside the core code is something worth pursuing IMHO. I'm sure Dan has looked into this.

Crypto FUD.png

Thank you so much for mentioning us! We appreciate your long time support!

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Very cool that you are working on something for us.

Looking forward to reading more about it - I'll need it explaining in layman's terms, cheers!

Explaining nerd stuff in layman's terms is my profession :) ... I should have that written up after I get testing out the way. I want to make sure this does what I expect it to do first. But, everything looks perfect on paper.

Excellent :)

Good luck with the final tests!

"Explaining nerd stuff in layman's terms since 2016" is going to be the new #FTGTOP20 campaign slogan. Been diligently working on the new propaganda material... Not to give too much away but it's going to be extradoubleplus-supergood.

What a surprise man.
We'll see what you can build with it!

Let's get the show on the road then. I'm eagerly waiting for more bullish news on steem. Awesome.

The blockchain world needs to transcend, it needs adoption and it requires people like you to be able to achieve it.

We need to make the blockchain an asset, I think this is a great idea.

We can change the collective reality about steem, count on me for this great start.

I'm fairly sure this will happen, by you or by others, or by several different people/teams. POCKET tokens came out a while back and I figured much more was possible. Looking forward to more news on this. ReSteemed and ReTweeted.

I was not aware of this. I am interested to see what happens here. Great to see new Innovations.

That's exciting! Keep us posted. :)

Right on brother, let me know if there is anything I can help with!

Once I test out the first vaporchain and get my application ready, I will start reaching out to everybody to spread the news like wild fire! I will surely keep you posted. 👍

this sounds really exciting, and an amazing time to make an announcement. I wish you all the best with this and I look forward to seeing it come to life

@fulltimegeek, I am not a tech geek :). And, to be honest, I don't understand how you can/or going to do it (the blockchain on top of STEEM). But, it is nice to hear, that you guys (the tech geeks) are working hard to create something new in order to support the ecosystem.

Congratulations @fulltimegeek!
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We must not have limits in the blockchain world, its vision has a lot of scope, it has our support

Muchas gracias compadre!

Aye yi yi yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!


I wish the lyrics in that song were more uplifting. But, the intro is spot on :)

It sounds super interesting, Usf, we should be attentive ...

Who thought that such a bear market could usher forth such great develpments? Steemit, Inc. announces a potential 4-16GB Witness Node by employing rocksDB and now @fulltimegeek is layering blockchains on top of steem's. The only thing that could be better is a 10 cent steem before rebounding in Feb. 2019. 😎

That sure does sound exciting !!

Most interesting. Have you published any technical paper on this yet?

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Cant we just return to before stinc screwed us and give steem a chance?

On a new fork if necessary?

There are far more witnesses outside the top 20 than in it, and who doesnt want to see their coins doubled by a fork?

@fulltimegeek amazing work, did you just solve SMT'S ? Maybe we call them FTG's?

did you just solve SMT'S ?


Maybe we call them FTG's?

Hahahaha ... Depends on if we can come up with a good meaning for the acronym.

FTG - Full Time Geek need it say more? 😂🤣
Future Token Generation

THIS sounds promising, can I be a tester? I’d love to do a review Too. Exciting news. Ingenuity in crypto is amazing. We will survive!

Once I get the "test-chain" up and running anybody will be able to try it out. I'm currently working on the software that will make it easier for anybody to do so. Also, I still need to setup an account that constantly outputs created #Vaporchains so people can easily find their own or others. This will also come in handy when opportunists are looking for new projects/tokens to mine.

I have to say at first blush I thought you were pulling our leg with the reference to vaporware. However, with the comments and responses, it appears you are indeed serious. This is exactly the positive type of news we need at the moment! Well done, Sir. You always amaze.

Okay best of luck then buddy :)

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You da man!! Thankful for your efforts to help make our platform thrive!

@fulltimegeek, I can understand brother how much effort you've put into the study to come up with this project, as we know this sphere is in infant stage and many platforms are struggling to survive, so it's an good move and we believe that you will going to come up with Revolutionary Project which will inturn going to showcase or provide more possibilities and opportunities. Good wishes from my side brother.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

WHat is exactly? Where I can read more about it?

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