Things To Note: For Him II, Contributed By @olawalium.

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...continued... from part 1.


Imagine a little baby being thrown up by the parent. The baby enjoys the throw and believes the parent would gladly catch him or her so he or she wouldn't fall. That is trust in its real sense. It comes even when the odds are stacked against you. It should manifest when the situation doesn't look encouraging.


Don’t trivialize a good relationship, because you may end up appreciating it in regret. Think with your head too. You can’t buy a good relationship off the shelf. It is not a part you buy from off the street. It is something you nurture, you develop, and you guard jealously. A lot of men have been so blessed with amazing women in their lives, yet out of in-sensitiveness, greed and lust, they lost them. They have a good one that is totally loyal to them, yet they go in search for other ladies. The major problem we make as men is, we make the minor things, major, and we major on the minor.

A lot of time we have been focusing on the beauty. Beauty is a plus, don’t get me wrong, but it is never a guarantee for a successful relationship. As a good hunter, you should never go for just any kind of meat. Hahaha. (Jokes apart.) A lady should be smart, kind and beautiful and it should be in that order. Don’t focus only on the beauty because it will fade one day.


When a lady is a major thing in a man’s life but he fails or refuses to realize it, he is trivializing that special gift, and what you don’t appreciate won’t gravitate towards you. As a man, you need to know who is important to you and let go of those who are not. It is not a must to date every lady; you can do well to keep some as friends. Greed and lust often lead men to confuse lust for love and they lose loyal and trustworthy ladies as a result of that.

Your woman knows you love her, but she wants you to say it every day. She needs to hear it. It is like a fuel to her engine. It is affirming security. Don't get tired of saying it. A lot of time we get it confused and think it would get into their head, and this will lead you back to the first one i mentioned earlier; trust. Trust them to handle it and caution them when there is a need for it. be continued...

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn’t bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

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There is saying in India..first look for the inside of a girl quality then go by the skin. Beauty never shows you the real picture. To be succesful in a relationship one need to have a clear heart rather a fairer skin.

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This is beautiful. Amazing comment this is. Go for a clear heart rather than a fairer skin.

Thanks a lot for this my friend.

Ohh..thanks @olawalium these are very thought from Indian but no one give it value when come to making relation

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I definitely gave it more value. Those words are right and powerful and i am glad you shared it. Thank you.

My Pleasure...👌

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Actually, in real life, those things vary in a different place, time and a different situation because every person has a weakness. No one is perfect. But everyone should try his/her best.
Superb article.......... best of luck for your next post....... Thanks.

Glad you appreciate it. Yes, different stroke for different folks.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you.

❤ My Pleasure @olawalium


Your woman knows you love her, but she wants you to say it every day. She needs to hear it. It is like a fuel to her engine. It is affirming security. Don't get tired of saying it.

It is empirically proven that from all the creatures of the world, it is only a woman that needed to be told what she already knows. Even though she knows deep down that you love her, as a man, it is your duty to reassure her of your love for her otherwise, you're in for a big drama titled "Trust issue"

Nice one @olawalium. You should become a love/relationship coach someday.

Sweet comment. You are absolutely right brother. They need words of affirmation and to avoid the trust issue, one need to say it as well as act it.

Hahahaha yes, i am close to being one. Thanks for all your kind words bro, you are phenomenal.

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