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RE: Things To Note: For Him II, Contributed By @olawalium.

in #value2 years ago

Your woman knows you love her, but she wants you to say it every day. She needs to hear it. It is like a fuel to her engine. It is affirming security. Don't get tired of saying it.

It is empirically proven that from all the creatures of the world, it is only a woman that needed to be told what she already knows. Even though she knows deep down that you love her, as a man, it is your duty to reassure her of your love for her otherwise, you're in for a big drama titled "Trust issue"

Nice one @olawalium. You should become a love/relationship coach someday.


Sweet comment. You are absolutely right brother. They need words of affirmation and to avoid the trust issue, one need to say it as well as act it.

Hahahaha yes, i am close to being one. Thanks for all your kind words bro, you are phenomenal.

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