Mandatory vaccinations in France for those seeking education, so what about home-schooling?

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A total of 11 vaccinations are now compulsory in France if you want to send your kids to school.

My unvaccinated children and I will be living in France next year and Esteban is fast approaching the age where school is considered a normal part of childhood. It is my wish that he be home-schooled by me, along with his sister Luna, so for now this law won't be a problem for us. But what of the millions of others who still believe in the education system?

Illegal to home-school

Okay, so it's not a problem for us as long as we don't live in countries like Sweden & Germany where it is now illegal to home-school. And I suspect it won't be long before the same plan rolls out across all of Europe, forcing us by law to get our children vaccinated and to send them to a school.

Child Protection Services (CPS)

The penalty for breaking this law or trying to escape your home country (reminiscent of the dystopian future portrayed by George Orwell in 1984) may result in having your children taken away from you by the CPS.

Just last week I listened to a really important & informative interview with @markwhittam & @canadian-coconut in which they spoke at length about this subject. Please follow the @familyprotection account for more on this.

Mark spoke in particular about a resident of Sweden who tried to leave for India (where home-schooling is not illegal) and their child was taken from them by an armed police team just before the plane took off and they are fighting now to get their child back. I cannot even imagine what a traumatising experience this would have been for parents & child alike.

You can listen to the interview here:

Why don't I believe in the education system?

My parents spent a small fortune making sure I went to the best schools in the UK and I have been re-educating myself since then. What I learned was not important for the future of this planet & all those who live on it. It was important for the future of those who seek to control us as subservient, tax paying slaves.

Indigo Children

We are living in a very important time when more and more children are being born into this world with special skills. Generally referred to as Indigo Children, they are here to help us evolve.


Esteban already does yoga at the age of two. I didn't teach him this. He just instinctively does it in his own way. He is very connected with the outside world and knows all the colours and numbers up to ten in three languages. He spins a baby fire-staff with me every day and soon he will learn to mediate. He has the gift of foresight, demonstrated on a number of occasions and I will tailor his education to help him develop his gift.

Syllabus design

My syllabus is based on my experience of this world, not on a system designed at the beginning of the industrial revolution.

You can be sure that if your Indigo Children are blessed with gifts not listed on the government provided syllabus, they won't be living up to their full potential in life.

Surely we should be tailoring our education system to the children, not tailoring our children to the education system?


There should be no difference between having fun and being 'in education'.

The mind is so much more receptive to learning when we are having a good time, but this idea has been forgotten by our modern education system which for the most part crams (vaccinated) children into artificially lit rooms, forcing them to sit still and listen, handing out punishments when they don't do what they are told.

People ask me all the time where my children will be attending school and my response is always the same... they are already in school. And right now they are learning the most important lesson of all: how to have fun.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 23.34.47.jpg

Why are we returning to France?

We are intending to buy a horse trailer in the UK (where they are cheap) and build it into our home in the South of France (where the pace of life is more enjoyable) and we will create (thanks to the awesomeness of Steemit) the vehicle of our dreams ready to continue on the road, documenting every last part of our journey for you to enjoy with us.

Hoping it will look something like this! source

French education/vaccination policy

A recent survey found that more than 3 out of 10 French people don’t trust vaccines, with just 52% of participants believing the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks. And naturally the powers that be have been busy trying to fix this growing problem.

Mimicking a similar change to the law in Italy, from January it will be illegal in France to attend any kind of school if you are not fully vaccinated with the recommended schedule of 11 vaccinations, so it is pretty clear Esteban won't be going to school there. But what of the full time residents?

Catch 22

Most people are not as keen as myself to teach their own children about the world. And for them going to school represents a life of opportunity for their kids. So most people will do the expected thing and vaccinate their children without question or research, trusting all the way that their government knows what it is doing.

The argument against home-schooling

Many claim that children in home-schooling situations are not able to develop their natural ability to interact with other children. I have taken note of this and will be finding ways for them to meet and play with other children as regularly as possible. For now my two children are simply learning to love each other.

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 17.14.35.png

The student becomes the teacher

Watching Esteban & Luna it is clear that our natural instinct is to teach others what we know, so it seems odd to me that we would entrust this most important gift to a government institution. Clearly, soon we will have no choice in this matter but for now I will enjoy the lessons these two are teaching me, just as much as the lessons I am teaching them.


Today's 'class' started out with a swim in our community bio pool after which we continued our learning of colours and shapes with stickers... as you can see here. Esteban kindly decorated his sister.


...and then kindly removed them!


Here you can see him explaining to her where the swimwear & shoes go.


Just to be clear, I don't advocate the use of shoes and the ones you see here are very rarely worn. I've not worn shoes for around three years and will go into why another time. But for now you can rest assured I've done my research... and the benefits are endless!


In conclusion

Our two years in Bali is almost up now and there is no question that Esteban & Luna have benefited greatly from being here. After almost three years of constant summer we are actually craving the cold of a European winter and will be heading back there in mid January, looking forward to all the fun which comes with snow, gloves and scarves!

As far as the vaccination & education laws go, for now we are okay, but I feel sure in the future we will have to be more prudent about the countries we live in if we wish to continue with our chosen way of life. The UK is currently reviewing its policy on vaccinations in schools and I am not expecting anything but a continuation of this growing trend to force upon us things we do not want or need.

Big Brother is watching us all carefully now and he doesn't like those who step out of line. So tread carefully.

Blessings to you all from Bali 🌴


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Who makes these laws? How is it illegal to homeschool? How do they force someone to be vaccinated? Should all these not be a sort of encroachments on someone's right to life and quality of it? I think it is authoritarian in nature to force someone to do something against their will especially if that something is supposedly for the person's benefit. Vaccination and the right not be vaccinated have been a hot topic for discussion. The way they go about it seem to lend credence to the various stories/conspiracy theories going around. If it is so good and someone wants to miss out shouldn't the person be left to miss out? I really do not understand.

There was once a king whose slaves were becoming despondent so he set them all free and gave each one a gold coin, telling them they would have to exchange these coins to live life now and if they wanted more coins they would have to come back and work for him.

Nothing has changed. Slaves are much more effective when they live with the illusion of freedom. And this illusion is maintained in a carefully controlled manner now.

Laws are put in place to serve the interests of the few, not the many.

I always know that freedom comes at a price. The price is part of the illusion; little wonder people say freedom ain't free. Thanks for the analogy, it explains the situation very accurately.

From FREEMAN-ON-THE-LAND perspective, Im certain these wont be "Laws" -this is purposeful confusion & misinformation to confuse the 99%. What is lawful, or unlawful, legal or illegal? Do you know the difference? ; )

Without even researching much deeper, Im sure the vaccine thing you refer to here, in whatever country, will most certainly be a "Statue", "Act" or "Regulation". These are designed to come across as "Laws" to untrained perception. Yet they are little more than rules, or guidelines, only applicable with CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED. People enslave themselves; by signing pieces of paper, with pens. The reality is, there is only one true Law (and we all know it) which is; do not cause harm or loss to any individual or property. (Common Law) Rather ironic that their own vaccines cause harm & loss! Oh, the punchlines.....

ReSteeem'd : )

Sadly, the countries mentioned (France, Germany and Sweden) are not common law countries so it is law there. In fact in France everything is against the law unless they specifically say it isn't. Sweden is a socialist country and not a 'free' country (not that free countries really exist anyway).

Common Law supersedes any "countries" boarders, Im not certain your information is correct; "France, Germany and Sweden) are not common law countries so it is law there" - this comment sounds like possibly an interpretation/paraphrase/misunderstanding? Are you able to provide any reliable reference of this info? Any examples of people being vaccinated by force? Any examples of children being kidnapped from their homeschooling by "authorities"? The beauty of the Freeman Movement, is that to be free, one simply pays no attention to their "rules", and as they are acting sovereignly, and with invisibility, they do not encounter the above. Don't shout too loudly tho, or you'll get suicide-ed, like all the great carpenters who have spoken up for us in our past.

Thanks for clarifying that. I need to do some further reading on Common Law to fully understand everything....

It can make your head spin all this law! Which is probably the point.

Yes, that's always the point; deception must appear really really complex; like economics or space rockets. Lies must appear complex to keep the sheeple from the simple truths.

They're not common law as in if you were to try and hold a common law court there it wouldn't be recognised. Common law court is only recognised in the US and the British commonwealth, if you know how to to it. It's what Karl Lentz deals in if you've heard of him? He, however, is more of a believer in the system and chooses to play the games.

However, I agree with what you're saying. These are all constructs by people and exist if we believe they exist. The true definition of common law or the law of man may vary individually, but for me it is our respect of other people and not harming them or interfering with their freedom. These different laws are effectively games and rituals, but it's so widely believed that it's hard not to get caught up in them.

Good point about the 'Law' - hadn't thought to mention that one. A whole other story there...

I communicate with John Harris regularly, he is on my invisible counsel, and asks me to remind you; "It's an illusion" <<YouTube;)

Agreed .. Many are not theories though (they are fact)..

And this behavior keep fanning its embers.

Thank you for your support here James.

I feel as if we are singing from the same hymn book.

I actually didn't know it was illegal to homeschool anywhere.. I just thought it was something people did.

The world is changing fast...

Maaaaaybe illegal, but not unlawful ;) It's an illusion.

First of all, the vaccination laws currently being enforced in Europe are a clear violation of the children's basic right to education. I am against public education, my boy doesn't go to school, but the vast majority will be constrained to have the shots to be able to go to school.
Then, there is the fact that, from what I know, in Italy as well as in my country, it will be possible to circumvent mandatory vaccination by paying the fines. I doubt it that many ordinary people will want to pay thousands of Euros in fines, but the rich won't have any problem.
Have a good time in France, although I find it hard to understand you leaving such a lovely weather there to come to Europe mid-winter! :)

The idea of paying huge fines to avoid this thing 'which is in our best interest' is madness and yes, clearly reserved for the rich who most likely understand the situation better than the poor. Welcome to the subtle eugenics policy of the new world agenda.

I never thought the day would come when I craved a European winter, but that's where I am at... and my French partner too. We are not used to the constant heat & humidity of Asia and the kids quite often get skin irritations which I feel sure now relates to the climate.

The plan to build a mobile home has been growing for some time and it doesn't make much sense to build it in an archipelago. Better to build it in Europe and drive towards South Africa where I would like to connect with some old friends :)

It should be your body or the discretion of the parent if they wish to vaccinate. It is your body not the governments or the school. Sad reality is that when you are born you get handed a Social Security number at least in the USA. So you become a tax number and a money generating force. They ALWAYS print your name in capital letters like a corporation would. You sadly give up ownership of your freedom when you take that number at birth. The government and education system think they own you. So they can force you to vaccinate or educate as they see fit. The only way around this is to home school or give up your SS number and citizenship. However then you are a target by the government and they usually get you for driving without a license. Either way it is your body and you have the right to protect your body and mind and those of your children. If we do not stand up for ourselves and others who will? Who will protect us if we do not stand strong for others? Wonderful article. Thanks for sharing.

Many thanks for the long response here. I do appreciate you reading & commenting :)

The best way to protect ourselves is to have a good understanding of the subject.

I understand now that something being illegal does not necessarily make something unlawful. And the way in which we respond to the accusations made dictates how much power they have over us.

Ok, here in the States, some states require that you have a teaching degree for home schooling and some don't. There is absolutely nothing wrong with home schooling and kids do not generally lack social skills, in fact , they tend to be me even tempered and relaxed compared to public school kids. If you are worried, find other home school kids or reach out to some kids and have some interactions. If you ever need a vaccine, then get what you need INDIVIDUALLY. Not in some soup mixture of several kinds together. Do it as needed, that's what they were originally for and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Including doctors. All the best~

You are 100% right. I recall stepping on a rusty drawing pin when I was a child. The rusty metal penetrated my foot and as a consequence i was given a tetanus jab. Those days are long gone. 'Soups' are all the rage now!

Interesting to hear what you say about home schooling kids being more tempered & relaxed. We will be traveling for many years yet so will simply have to seek out the children in each area we stay and it will be a very multi-cultural experience for my kids ;)

After almost three years of constant summer we are actually craving the cold of a European winter and will be heading back there in mid January, looking forward to all the fun which comes with snow, gloves and scarves!

..but now you're going to have to wear shoes. :P :P

PS. That pool is awesome!

haha ;) I am from the UK and only in very rare cold situations did I feel the need to wear them.

My feet have an enormous amount of heat which comes from them. They are pretty much ALWAYS hot. Can't sleep at night if they are covered. Can't focus in the day if they are covered.

If it is cold enough the experience of wearing shoes can actually be quite a treat ;)

The hardest part has been getting used to the funny looks & comments I get. Most people seem to associate poverty with no shoes. Or insanity!

I'm from Florida, nobody would look twice at a person not wearing shoes here. hahaha

Your life journey in Bali looks beautiful and I wish you the best when your family moves on. My years homeschooling my children left a legacy of wonderful family memories and so many important life lessons learned and moments shared. I wish the same for all parents who have the desire to homeschool.

Thank you for sharing this lovely thought with us. I can only imagine what fun we all have in store for us :)

Wonderful post so great you are doing this for your children's. I think its disgusting that a government decides you children's upbringing and that its spreading across Europe!

Wish you well and love your approach !

Thanks! Am loving this new feeling. It's really exciting to imagine living in a house with wheels! No doubt the kids are going to love it too ;)

And they will be better human beings for it :)

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Nice post @samstonehill

hopefully your child is healthy always

Thanks. I believe they always will be...

I have a good understanding of disease and the immune system. That is why we are vegans.

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.

- Albert Einstein

haha! You still around?

Down to rep 5 now. Are you actually making money off these comments?

Amelia Earhart : The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.

its a catch 21 situation its good for children to be vaccinated and live a healthy life , it compulsory, but for home schooling we need a social service to follow up on parents to ensure that they get the vaccine

Hello! May you explain me why are you afraid of something that is not proven (devastating effects of vaccines) while you are not afraid by something that was proven as the real treat (the diseases that are eradicated by vaccination). Vote up for the discussion. France is ok, but it lost much of its spirit. Food is still good, wine is good as well, but France from the 80's is perishing quickly.

No fear. Just hours of research and a fair bit of knowledge on the subject. You may find my in depth review of the vaccination situation interesting.

Looking forward to the decent wine in France, but I don't care much for their food. They don't seem to cater for raw vegans.

Though I will be trying some of their fabulous goats cheese ;)

For the goat cheese, Chevre + honey, my God it's good and universaly loved. But watch out because there are some small cheese "pyramids" (1 - 2 inches), the taste kicks like a mule.

Very interesting information thanks for taking the time to share you have my upvote & resteem

Thank you Manny ;) 🌴

Thank you Sam hope all is well

Mandatory education on health and nutrition ! Mandatory liability and accountability !

Short and sweet. I like it. Though the word education is the problem for most. People imagine that because they have trained as a doctor they know the best way to keep the body healthy. Sadly this is not the case.

Knowing the difference between cause and effect helps.

Do pimples cause themselves?
Can I take pimple juice and inject it into people and prevent pimples?
Pimples didn't cause themselves.
Maybe bad food habits did.

Cow pus eradicated small pox?

Toxoids prevents toxins?

We have nutritional deficiencies from nature not drug deficiencies from science!!!!!!!!!

Doctors go to medical school to get a license to practice medicine.
People go to drivers training to get a license to practice driving.
Does that mean they are all good drivers? ;)

Loving the horse trailer idea, and less far to run for me if you're in France... looking likely I'll have a place in Spain in 2018, so you're welcome to park there sometime too. "Homemany" (not homeless ;)

Brilliant! House in Spain??? For sure when we get the mobile home rolling, we will be rolling through Spain first ;)

In a picturesque "lost village" in the mountains.... 1 hour to the beach, 1 hour to snowboarding, 1 happy Sebby.

Good luck on your new adventure @samstonehill! You are very gifted with two beautiful and intelligent kids!

btw we have the same problem here in Romania with mandatory vaccinations, where kids are obligated to have their shots done in order to be a part of a collective...

Thanks for the lovely comment :)

Sorry to hear about the same problem being in Romania. Nothing in this world should be mandatory!

All we can do is stay informed and do our best :)

My friend from a family of 7 was homeschooled the majority of his studenthood and is now at one of the big British colleges. Home school is an opportunity.

It sure is. Hopefully the British college gives some good wisdom :)

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Great post! Makes me proud my wife and I choose not to vaccinate our two beautiful and healthy children. Unfortunately for us, the public education system seems unavoidable. I will however do my best to keep their minds expanding and always challenging the information presented before them.

That's the best way. Learning to challenge the information is not something we are taught in school. Quite the opposite in fact! I am sure with your open mind, your kids will do great :)

crazy laws, and I like you will always find ways around it as long as I can. My daughter became very ill after a measles vaccine, so no more vaccines after that for any of my kids. However this was some time ago and we could get away with it. As far as home schooling goes, here in Uruguay a lot of people do home schooling and the kids take part in soccer, tennis clubs etc and interact very well with other kids. The fact that you have two kids that play together is also a good thing for them as far as interaction with other children goes. I would not worry about it too much, with loving parents like you they will be just fine!

Thanks! Sorry to hear about your daughter, though it sounds like the experience made you wiser.

I like the sound of homeschooling in Uruguay! Really hope we make it there one day. Will have to look you up ;)

definitely, you are more than welcome anytime.

Hi we are considering moving to France but worried about vaccine mandates, how did you avoid vaccines but also have your children go to school? Any advice would be appreciated :)

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