Fathers Talk About Their Unvaccinated Children and the Unbelievable Differences from Most Kids.

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Dad #1

"Unvaccinated kids are unbelievable -- off the charts!" People ask him, "What is it? Great parenting? Great food?"

"No!" Dad #1 says. "She's not polluted with some of the most toxic chemicals on the planet running through her bloodstream!"


"The Pharmacist asked, is this her first antibiotic? I said, yes. She looked at me like I was an alien, like this was so unheard of that an 8-yr-old had not been on antibiotics several times before!"


I found this interview by #TeamVaxXed fascinating as they interview these two intelligent and well-spoken fathers of unvaccinated children. Please take the time to listen to their experiences with their own children.

Both dads say that they see a HUGE difference in the health and intelligence of unvaccinated children compared to the general population of children.

   PLEASE, Please Watch This 12-Minute YouTube

UnVaxXed Stories: UnvaxXed Dads, CA

... or Click Here to Watch on Youtube

Dad #2 Chiropractor

"I have a 14-yr-old and 9-yr-old and neither one has ever had a shot, Tylenol, Aspirin, antibiotic ... nothing!"

"They are two of the healthiest children around!"


"In my office I see kids that have autism, not up-to-speed, special needs, etc, and almost all the time they say, "well they were good and then they got their shots and then they regressed to this."

"I can't by law tell patients not to vaccinate, but I introduce them to my kids!

In my own experience @canadian-coconut with my 3 unvaccinated children (ages 12,9 & 5), they have had no ear infections, no need for antibiotics, and almost no pharmaceutical products. They do get colds and flues, but bounce back quickly. They have no chronic health conditions or allergies.

What have your experiences been with your children, unvaccinated or vaccinated?

Above are my two beautiful girls!

Read more at my Blog @canadian-coconut

Learn about the VAXXED Movement here: "Into The Light" - A Short-Film Tribute to The VaxXed Movement by Forrest Maready

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I know that this is a very controversial topic ...
but if you care about children as much as I care about children...
surely we can all be civil and help each other discover the best way forward for all our children and future generations.

My daughter is born in USA. They vaccinated because I had to . I took her to Bali and stopped giving her any shots when she was 5 . I am so so glad!

All our five children did not get vaccinated and we all lived in the states at the time. Why do you say that "I had to"? Where were you living at that time? We've all moved to Mexico since and have had our immune systems build up antibodies to all the bugs that travel through this country and all as healthy as can be....we rarely ever get a cold or flu bug any more and the water is amazing...far better than the states. Boy the media sure feeds us major bs.....so glad we don't listen or even have a tv.

My daughter was born 1994 in Manhattan downtown. I had not any knowledge about this topic those days and as far as I remember,. I was told by the hospital what had to be done, various vaccinations was a part of it. Nobody forced me but nobody told me it's not needed (" I had to" ) I nearly lost my daughter at birth and had no mind to question the so called trusted doctor. I grew up in Vienna, Austria and vaccinations, antibiotics etc ....were common. I am resistant to amoxicillin . Madness !
PS : I do not watch TV and read only selected articles

I am sorry that you were pressured against your will to vaccinate, but glad to hear that are now able to choose to stop any further shots.
Thanks for commenting here!

My daughter grew up without heavy diseases, bounced back so quickly when she had minor problems. Living on her own, she started taking antibiotics and crappy medicine without my control on it , she gets more and more sick. She believes and trusts doctors who tell her she needs to take out her tonsils. I am frustrated how people still believe toxic chemicals are good for our body and health.

Too bad that she didn't learn from your wisdom. Pharmaceutical medicine works by telling your body lies, which will end up in worse consequences if their use is continued.
I wrote about that here:

Pharmaceuticals Work By Telling Your Body LIES: "Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies"

Hopefully one of these days she will return to you for your opinion and advice. Being a parent can be hard. I haven't experienced grown children yet. As it is, they constantly hear me talk about vaccine dangers, and they listen to many video stories of damaged and dead children too, so I can't see them deciding to get vaccines when they grow up.

Yes it ain't as easy as I thought :) I still hope she will learn on her own terms as we all had to . She is smart and will remember what I thought her. She is still very young.
Thanks so much for this info I will check out on your link and advice.

Through a lot more research than a simple google or asking a Dr. I have come to the conclusion that in today's world Vaccines are not usually the answer.

I have also come to the conclusion that once upon a time. They were, and in some parts of the world. A vaccine can very well save your life.

Traveling abroad without vaccines is VERY VERY dangerous but the risk is more so in getting vaccines when a younger child or as an infant.

If you planned on traveling to an area that a vaccine is going to benefit you I would recommend waiting until the exact time you are the healthiest and able to accept something of the sort.

Personally, my mother had us vaccinated when we were kids only because of a forced hand of the state and not being able to attend day care.

Thank-you for commenting Timbo!
The best answer for 3rd-world conditions would be better infrastructure, specifically sanitation, along with a well-rounded diet. Vaccines aren't going to make a malnourished person healthy.
If my children ever decided to travel someday somewhere filthy and diseased, they can make their own decisions on vaccines as an adult. I believe that with research on what the threats in that location are, they could probably just bring along proper water cleaning systems, and/or certain supplements that are known to prevent that specific affliction.

A person does have to be very careful with travel vaccines and getting everything recommended. For example a neighbour of my mother's, a young woman, came down with Guillain Barre Syndrome and was hospitalized for a long time because of her vaccines for a trip to Africa. I think that she would have been better off taking her chances in Africa without the vaccines, or just not going at all if she had known the risk of the vaccines. As it was, she had to cancel the trip anyways since she was hospitalized.

I believe that with research on what the threats in that location are, they could probably just bring along proper water cleaning systems, and/or certain supplements that are known to prevent that specific affliction.

100% Agree

timbo I have watched your comments in these vaccination discussions and I see you have changed your tone from reactionary to much more reserved which I applaud, BUT I HAVE to challenge you to the same challenge that I have extended to anybody that is willing: show me one instance of a vaccine being efficacious and I will donate all my steem to your account and leave the platform, because of your claim:

I have also come to the conclusion that once upon a time. They were, and in some parts of the world. A vaccine can very well save your life.

But I am going to rephrase my challenge to evoke some kind of proof of your claim, so with the benefit of restating my challenge: prove your claim, that vaccines save your life, in certain parts of the world, at one time or another.


Smallpox vaccine, the first successful vaccine to be developed, was introduced by Edward Jenner in 1796. He followed up his observation that milkmaids who had previously caught cowpox did not later catch smallpox by showing that inoculated cowpox protected against inoculated smallpox.

SOURCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smallpox_vaccine

In the time of smallpox, a similar strain of the sickness cowpox would prevent others from getting sick if they got cowpox via working around cows, or by vaccine.

As your challenge stated:

Prove your claim, that vaccines save your life, in certain parts of the world, at one time or another.

So in Europe during the years 1796 to the late 1800s I believe and the proof shows, getting a smallpox vaccine was very likely to save your life.

"The mortality of the severe form of smallpox—variola major—was very high without vaccination, up to 35% in some outbreaks.[4] A method of inducing immunity known as inoculation, insufflation or "variolation" was practiced before the development of a modern vaccine and likely occurred in India, Africa, and China well before the practice arrived in Europe"

In China in the time from 1567–1572 the below information would also prove that a type of vaccine, or inoculation which is another word for vaccine. The case of smallpox vaccines would also have been praised as saving millions of lives.

In China, powdered smallpox scabs were blown up the noses of the healthy. The patients would then develop a mild case of the disease and from then on were immune to it. The technique did have a 0.5–2.0% mortality rate, but that was considerably less than the 20–30% mortality rate of the disease itself.

Now, don't get me wrong, the easy way to prove that there was a time and a place that vaccines were effective and the better choice is easy to prove yet... I will also have to state... this is no longer the majority of cases. Especially in the corporate world of the Big Pharma Companies all over the world trying to make a buck on the backs of the fear mongering they cause.

I do appreciate the challenge though, this was a eye opener and a fun dive into more information on the subject.

Have an awesome day!
~ @Timbo

Smallpox vaccine, the first successful vaccine to be developed, was introduced by Edward Jenner in 1796. He followed up his observation that milkmaids who had previously caught cowpox did not later catch smallpox by showing that inoculated cowpox protected against inoculated smallpox.

First unfound claim:

Smallpox vaccine, the first successful vaccine to be developed, was introduced by Edward Jenner in 1796.

Why was it successful?
Because of a second unfounded claim:

"by showing that inoculated cowpox protected against inoculated smallpox"

Any sources that back up this claim?

Also the second paragraph which deals with inoculation NOT vaccination I have to research their statistics and understand exactly how they derived them and from what populations, so wait for the follow up.
As it stands vaccination and inoculation are synonyms yet one bypasess (vaccination) the mucus barrier and another does not, so how is that the same thing? It isn't.

Source for this also? "The technique did have a 0.5–2.0% mortality rate, but that was considerably less than the 20–30% mortality rate of the disease itself."

How about this book detailing smallpox:
The Poisoned Needle

In the simple conventional/common sense how can inviting disease by inoculation prevent disease? Simply because milkmaids don't catch smallpox because (assumption) they have been exposed to cowpox, as if one disease could nullify another, and even more insane, a different animal's disease could prevent another animals similar disease, another assumption.


I have found a newer edition of the 4th cited source in your wikipidea article over here:

It will be interesting to see exactly the statistics and the context and if they too are simply unsubstantiated claims or are actually facts.

Interesting, the 35% figure doesn't appear anywhere in the newer edition, but what's far more interesting is how there is absolutely a cacophony of assamptions and assertions based on conjecture without a shred of evidence, reading the section about fluoridation is laughable! Give it a try, see if you can stomach this "medical science", and please let me know if you have more "PROOF" because we both know that what you presented here is lacking in facts and hence has no basis to be called PROOF besides

proof that wikipedia is absolutely ok with assumptions and suppositions and has no problem labeling something pseudo as it's presenting it's "unbiased" view

Even more laughable

"Generally, two types of viruses are known: Variola major and variola minor (alastrim).
Although the viruses are indistinguishable antigenically, their fatality rates differ considerably
(<1% for variola minor, 3-40% for variola major). The high replicative fidelity of
variola DNA polymerase enzyme limited its ability to significantly mutate and adapt to
the humans, which preserved the antigenic cross-reactivity with other orthopoxviruses
such as vaccinia virus that was used for vaccination. There is no known animal reservoir
for variola virus.

3%-40%? LAUGHABLE! Where are your sources? NOWHERE! Laughable!
a discrepancy like this is outrageous! And that there is no way to distinguish between the two yet... there is two!
And even more damning. WHERE IS THE VIRUS?! Nowhere! AGAIN LAUGHABLE!


Yes, yes ... I will have to do an articlw on the REAL history of smallpox.
What we have been told is mostly myth.

@timbo I posted the link to the pdf, did you have a chance to check my claims and the claims of the book? This is a snip of the smallpox section from the book just to show that I am not full of shit.

Indistinguishable... Hilarious, @canadian-coconut don't stop posting this, I took a hiatus from social media for a couple years and I am glad I did as steemit cannot censor us.

@timbo what do you have to say about what I pointed out?

I have been offline for 4 weeks. Just seeing this for the first time. What I have to say right now is that this isn't worth my time and I work a lot so I am not spending anymore time on this. Nothing personal just the last thing I want to do is sit here and argue with someone about who is right or wrong on a topic that doesn't have much weight.

Wishing you the best and good luck my friend! I do appreciate the time and effort you put into it and it is obvious you have a passion for this.

Have a great night!

I understand but that doesn't mean it doesn't have much weight, it matters very much because you decided to take up the challenge and I provided evidence of scientific/medical fraud and outlined the claims as unfounded. It's not about who is right and who is wrong, its inconsequential, it is about finding truth and exterminating fiction portrayed as truth.

Antibodies for immunolabeling by light and electron microscopy: not for the faint hearted
Read through that, the pertinent part is this:

A serious consequence of these facts is that an antibody against a defined antigen, e.g., a whole purified protein or a peptide, could bind to structurally related antigens that have a completely or partially different amino sequence (molecular mimicry). This means that, predicting an antibody has high affinity for the immunizing antigen is extremely difficult if not impossible.

It says in very clear terms that the method for gaining immunity through antibodies cannot be predicted, therefore you cannot hold a candle to the claim that vaccines work period, ever.

I see you have a passion as well or at least interest in this topic, why not take up the information provided and verify it for veracity and factuality?
What do you risk? Besides, don't you wish not to fall a victim to lies and propaganda? I sure don't want to see my fellow man mislead and fooled/bamboozled.

I read the first 2 lines of your comment.

Look man, it is a month old.

I didn't realize you did anything either, I commented a month ago on someone elses post, and you proved me wrong good for you. Can't be right all the time.

I'm glad you're back and just in time before the topic would have been locked and subsequently the replies. I have seen you change your stance from one of pro vaccinations to one of being a lot more open to information and critical thinking about vaccinations and it's effect and I respect that and wholeheartedly applaud you for that.

There's nothing wrong with being wrong because you believe otherwise! There is something wrong when you know you're wrong and continue on that path, don't you agree? Did you know that there are numerous cases of vaccine developers and researchers that have spent decades in that endeavor and then came to realize that it was all a big lie, found out that they had been wrong and changed directions.

A friend of mine once said to me, he said, Look, if we weren't supposed to turn around, why does a car have a steering wheel? Are we just supposed to crash into the wall? No, we're supposed to say, Listen, I was going the wrong way... Reverse!
Lauryn Hill

Great post, you have a new follower

pardon my ignorance here, it would appear that two subjects are being mixed up and treated as one.
As I understand it, long term memory loss allowed for.
Vaccination is used to assist in the prevention of unwanted diseases, like chicken pox, polio, smallpox, and tetanus to name a few.
From your blog do you want to these to return?
I believe small pox is all but eradicated world wide by the actions of your forbears, do you want a return of this horrible disease.
Have you ever watched a baby with hooping cough?
Antibiotics are used to help a particular episode, usually of bacterial origin, and do not form a preventative substance within the body to attack any future occurrences.
"Is There A Doctor In The House?"

Hi Len! Thanks for your questions.
If you look over my blog, you will see that I written many articles on the dangerous adverse reactions that vaccinations often cause. Vaccines are a pharmaceutical product that come with a long list of known dangers.

Children today are very sickly compared to the past, as the # of vaccines on the childhood schedule keeps increasing at an incredible pace . As you can see if you listen to this video in the blog, unvaccinated children are the healthiest children around today.

I am working on my next article, which will explain the difference between Germ Theory and Terrain Theory. Stay tuned for that ... but basically the focus should be on keeping a body healthy (plus sanitation, etc) so that the countless number of germs out there can be dealt with efficiently and safely.

There will never be enough vaccines for all the germs, unless you will be willing to inject the 1000 or so vaccines that they may one day invent and try to give to your children.

In my experience and research, the vaccinated are more susceptible to illness. For example, my unvaccinated 3 children were exposed to Whooping Cough when my son's best friend (who was vaccinated) was diagnosed with whooping cough/pertussis. Yet my unvaccinated children did NOT get sick. The vaccinated child got sick! This type of story is very common. Another example is my children were all exposed to chickenpox. My eldest got a normal case of chickenpox. My middle child got only the fever but no spots and recovered quickly. My youngest got ZERO symptoms, even though it was her best friend who had the chickenpox and they played several times. Germs are there to clean up the terrain if it needs cleaning ... so my son needed that virus to boost his immune system and cleanse his body (which it did) and my middle child only needed the fever to cleanse her system ... and the youngest didn't need the virus at that time so showed zero symptoms.
Viruses/germs are there to do a job -- they are the cleanup crew -- they are NOT the enemy.

I am of the age where I had measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox (no vaccines available in Canada at that time). So did my siblings and friends and NOBODY was afraid of them. We never went to the doctor for it. We enjoyed having time off of school. Those viruses are not dangerous and in fact are an immune system booster. Children often have a growth spurt after getting measles or mumps, and sometimes allergies will disappear afterwards, etc. Studies have shown that people who have had measles or mumps have less chance of getting cancer, etc.

I could go on and on ... there is so much to cover.

Also, the true history of polio and smallpox are not what you think ... but I can't go into all of that here.

As for antibiotics ... yes, they are needed sometimes. The point of this article is that unvaccinated children RARELY NEED antibiotics as they rarely get that sick! On the other hand children today usually have ear infection after ear infection and then subsequent doses of antibiotics. This is NOT NORMAL! This should not be happening to children. My 3 unvaccinated children did not have ear infections!

So it boils down to whether you want an overall healthy child, who can fight off any germs/viruses that come their way ... or do you want to try to avoid all these "vaccine-preventable" illnesses by destroying the general immune system?

You missed my point.
Vacinations and antibotics are different things, designed to do different jobs A saw and a hammer will both break a piece of wood, but shouldn't be lumped together .
If you wish to discuss one of them, do so. When you mix them up you loose your point and sound like BS.
One of the biggest thing modern kids miss out on is crawling around the garden and finding out what worms tase like, etc. Building up natural immunity as we doddery oldies did.
Also from what you are saying, I didn't need all those vacinations and inoculations before being sent into the Malaysian jungle, as I wouldn't have caught cholera, or any of the other 20 odd things we were jabbed for, if my body didn't want to catch it?
Last time you had an injury did you refuse the tetnus jab?

This was something that the dad said in the video (I don't know if you watched it?) I inserted a few quotes from the video into my article, to give people an idea of what type of things are talked about in the video and encourage them to watch it.

"The Pharmacist asked, is this her first antibiotic? I said, yes. She looked at me like I was an alien, like this was so unheard of that an 8-yr-old had not been on antibiotics several times before!"

The reason that the dad said it was to show how healthy his child is. The pharmacist could hardly believe that an 8-yr-old child had never been on antibiotics before, because pretty much every child gets infections that need antibiotics. In other words, the pharmacist had not seen such a healthy child before! I know that I keep hearing stories of parents who need antibiotics after every round of vaccines, ie at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 1 yr, etc. Nowadays regular antibiotic use for babies and children is the new normal.
But this video and my own experiences show that unvaccinated children do not get regular infections that require antibiotics.

Does that make sense?
I'm sorry but I still don't understand why you think that I'm mixing up two unrelated things (vaccinations & antibiotics). I was simply talking about health of children.

p.s. I agree about allowing the kids to crawl around in the dirt, etc. My children have done that too! The thing is that germs are not the real problem. In fact, we need germs to keep us healthy. Thus kids that grow up stepping in cow patties, etc tend to be healthier than those who are always indoors.

And you needed the new cow patties to keep your feet warm on the way to school, in bare feet, in winter, too.

I think her post in easy to understand, I believe she wished vaccines were produced with no side effects.

Apparently we even need to question even the effectiveness of the vaccine. This is all part of the sales job they are pulling over on the public. The media spread fear and the CDC produces fraudulent reports. So, please check into these things when doing your own research. There are many sources like the Wikipedia can't be trusted, corporations buy off editors.

I think the best thing is exposure over time. You'll start to become aware of the tricks and (I promise) a very clear pattern will emerge. It takes time but I know you'll get it!!

The pharmaceutical industry has its hand in our schools too.. Over time subtle influences add up and they compound when it becomes wide spread (people are pressured to just go along with the norm). In fact, if your standing out they really go after you. I like to refer to it with confidence as a pharmaceutical cartel. Making money is not new, they have been at this a while.. So we have a lot to re-think. I understand your skepticism. If you do get over that though it is quite liberating.

"Is There A Doctor In The House?"

I guess you mean an inmunologist ;)

As to smallpox being erradicated, and the decline of polio, it was not because of vaccines.
I still have to do an article on that topic.
Scarlet Fever deaths disappeared without vaccination as one was never invented.
Smallpox and Polio were already well on the decline before the vaccines were introduced. They just continued their decline and the vaccine makers took the credit.

A few 3rd world places actually saw a spike in the disease after the introduction of the vaccine.

True. Polio and Smallpox were on the decline, and then after the vaccinations they spiked up because many people got the diseases from the vaccines themselves, and then they started to decline again. Only 10% of the people in the world ever got the smallpox vaccine, and yet smallpox is now eradicated.

Yeah all of this was on some WHO charts if people bothered to look for them. They have since made it a little more challenging to find.

In my own experience @canadian-coconut with my 3 unvaccinated children (ages 12,9 & 5), they have had no ear infections, no need for antibiotics, and almost no pharmaceutical products. They do get colds and flues, but bounce back quickly. They have no chronic health conditions or allergies.

Why are anti-vax claims always so anecdotal? If vaccinations are dangerous or if they are necessary, it will be determined by large scale trials which have the ability to determine causal links. I have never seen an anti-vax article go into this side of the issue, which is the only side that can determine the truth.

There are large scale trials with alarming results. Many people don't hear about them because of the propaganda. There are many more tries that go too far (such as comparing vaccinated to completely unvaccinated). They refuse to perform them, we can all start to see clearly how that will turn out.

Can you link me to some?

It seems the CDC avoids that study (comparing unvaxxed to vaxxed) but looks like we can find at least one study outside of the US. I'm not enforcing any one source (you'll need to find your own) the information is all over. I am saying there is a common theme and consistently this criticism comes up.

Ref 1, 2

Demotruk your input to this reply is appreciated, @jamesc thank you!

I wrote this article a few months back, and it mentions 2 studies done on the overall health outcomes of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated.
(a New Zealand study in 1992 & the Kiggs Study in Germany)

We Don't Vaccinate: How Sick has Become the New Normal

Oh, and when you put many "anecdotal" stories today it makes a "Case Study" which is indeed good scientific practice. I would not put much weight into a few stories here and there, but when thousands upon thousand of people are saying almost the exact same thing, that becomes evidence.
The VaxXed Team is carrying out a Case Study of sorts by travelling the country and gathering tons of vaccine injury stories, and now unvaccinated healthy stories from the people eager to share their accounts and finally be listened to and believed.

What do you think about the effect of self selection in collecting surveys?

@canadian-coconut hopefully Steem can do exactly that one day.

If you are looking for a products defects and ways to make it safer or more effective or more appealing to the public,
you have to survey or interview the people who have filed a complaint against the product or refuse to use your product, and take their concerns and experiences seriously.

Collecting these accounts are just one piece of the puzzle, but they are an important piece in seeing the whole picture.

It would be nice if independent non-biased scientists were provided the large amounts of money to fund a variety of types of studies that meets all scientific standards and look at things from all angles ... but until then we have to use our common sense based on what people's experiences are.

You may want to read & listen to the account of Nico LaHood, Criminal D.A. in Texas, and how he as the Lead Prosecutor, finds all these combined accounts of vaccine injury (including his own) to be "Strong Circumstancial Evidence" and that he would feel comfortable going before a jury with the evidence that he would win the case.
“VACCINES Can and Do Cause AUTISM” Declares Criminal D.A. in Texas, Nico LaHood

"Strong Circumstantial Evidence" is nothing to sneeze at. Especially when the ones guaranteeing you that all their pharmaceutical products are "safe" are the same ones profiting from them.

I have researched on this topic and it really is very interesting and controversial one with strong arguments on both sides.

Thank you for commenting, Chuckler.
I think that the health of unvaccinated compared to vaccinated seals the deal for a lot of people on the fence to decide against vaccines for their children. We all want healthy, vibrant children after all.

Absolutely no.
I too have researched vaccines, might I add extensively in about every facet this subject has and there is not one strong argument for vaccination, for over 160 years. If you have such an argument please don't hold back, scroll up to my comment where I expressed my confidence in what I have researched/informed myself on.

Lets all stop vaccinating our children so they can go back to dying at same rate as other third world countries. How wonderful to have polio as a common disease again or better still, the resurrection of smallpox.

Read the response I wrote out to len.george yesterday at the top of these comments.

p.s. Only 10% of the world was ever vaccinated for smallpox, and they no longer vaccinate for smallpox except sometimes in the military and yet smallpox hasn't come back after all these many years. And deaths from Scarlet Fever hasn't come back either, even though there NEVER WAS a vaccine developed for it.

Canadian-coconut, mmm. With improved understanding of the transmission of smallpox the primary use of the smallpox vaccine was localised in support of outbreak quarantine, in effect a second fence. Supplies of the vaccines are still maintained against the possibility of further outbreaks. And whatever gave you the idea that scarlet fever is no longer a problem? It is still very much with us, although it is easily treated with anti-biotics. Like MDR TB and MRSA that may not, and most likely will not, always be the case.

If you read my comment carefully, I said that "DEATHS" from scarlet fever haven't come back.

Evolution, like comprehension, is a wonderful thing.

I never vaccinated my two kids either. Both are grown in the 40's. Both very healthy never any childhoods diseases.