Calling Out DTubers/Video Content Creators To Promote Utopian's Indiegogo Campaign [Earn Rewards]

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Hello Everyone, last week we launched a task to promote @Utopian-io's Indiegogo Campaign. This week we are calling out all video content creators, especially @Dtube(ers) to help us with the promotion. Let's create maximum impact.


  • All videos/vlogs created to promote the campaign will get upvotes based on the quality and visibility of the content. (Read "EXTRA TO DO" Section) Utopian will be trailing the Oracle-D upvotes to support for additional rewards.
  • Only video/vlogs are allowed.


Start date: 12 - Mar - 2019
End date: 19 - Mar - 2019


Follow and Promote @utopian-io's Indiegogo campaign on Steem and other social media websites through promotional video.

PROJECT/CLIENT DETAILS & Background Research

Utopian Colony is the first crowdsourcing platform to connect open source projects and contributors from all digital professions. The culmination of a year operating a successful proof-of-concept, Utopian aims to launch the open source ecosystem into a new age where all digital professionals are empowered to take part in open source innovation. Help us release an early version of Utopian Colony by Q2-2019!


  1. Go the the campaign page and click on follow button:
    It will turn pink once clicked.
  2. Share using the Facebook button. Each share link is personal and can be done via Indiegogo. Sharing this link directly on Facebook is also fine, but doing it from Indiegogo via the Indiegogo button is preferred.
  3. Create a promotional video/vlog addressing to open source community and asking them to invest on Utopian's Indiegogo campaign.
  4. Upload on Youtube and Dtube both.
  5. Drop video's link and all other "Proof of work" links as a single comment under this post by @oracle-d.tasks
  6. Upvote & Resteem this task post that you are reading.
  7. Upvote & Resteem the campaign's launch post HERE by @utopian-io.

Make sure you use the following tags in your vlogs/videos:

#UtopianColony, #OpenSource, #OpenSourceCommunity

You can also use this banner at the bottom of your posts:

<a href="">


Please follow these guidelines for best results and high upvotes:

  • Create only high-quality professional blogs, videos, images, graphics etc..
  • Video must be at least 90 seconds long.
  • Share your content on various social media websites and spread the word as much as you can without spamming.
  • Follow the instructions and task specific details.
  • Original content only. Plagiarism will get you banned.
  • Enjoy your task and upvotes.

|| Follow @oracle-d.tasks for future tasks ||



I contacted moderators in utopian about how we can work with them there as vlogers and they said that there is no way, only if it's open source, I don't know anything about open source and I'm not a developer. How indiegogo campaign can benifit vloggers ?

In this video they say that it will be for everyone :

But the moderator told me, that's not for everyone. Still confused about it.

I think if you read this post well you'll understand what is expected of us as DTubers. We just basically have to promote the campaign, like create awareness of it's existence in the stated platforms.

Re-Read it😁😁

DTube is open source....

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Exactly, that's why they have to give more space to vloggers to contribute, not only by making them promote something they don't understand, but by educating them about open source. Maybe it's just not for me, but I have a lot of questions about this topic, take a look at my recent post, maybe you can answer at least one @d00k13 ?

Simply put I don’t waist my time with trying to understand how to contribute to development, way over my head!

Open source is nothing fancy just means publicly owned code VS something like twitter privately owned code.

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I knew you' be all over this haha.

Hahaaha..You know me too well ;)

Awesome. I'll tag some video folks:
@kevinli @neopch @greencross @elsiekjay show your hustle people :)

Right onnit!!😁😉😉😉

Thx Morpheus 😎🙏

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@kenmelendez @sergiomendes @phoenixwinter @robertandrew @scottshots @cryptofinally @camuel @priyanarc @blind-spot @focusnow
Keep the Tags Moving Everyone... Let's get on this All #dtubers... Let's Blowup the Social Media Platforms for this Amazing Initiative Today!!!

Well Its really another great Initiative where the great Dtubers can get the chance to contribute something by promoting Promote Utopian's Indiegogo Campaign. Actually I am also excited to participate in this initiative.

And calling my friends to participate here - @madushanka @priyanarc @blind-spot @steemersayu907 @emsonic @dmilliz @hmetu @wakeupkitty @shuvo35 @shadonchandra @doktormuslem @toufiqurrahman32 @yanipetkov

Thank you for giving the opportunity @oracle-d

Let's do it togther my brother :)

Let's we do this guys! Are u ready for new task?

Calling Steem Hustlers and dtuber:

Thank you.. going to go through all details.

Keep Going, Steem Sister :)

Here is another yet task, I will be happy to join the contest to promote indiegogo although, I have not for once created dtube video. But for this utopian promotion. I have to contribute my own quota. I'm calling on @mistakili to join in this challenge.

This is the second time I have posted this campaign on social networking sites

This is a screenshot from my Facebook

An this is from my twitter

And this is my second post it is on Arabic language for the Arab steemians :

This is another means to promote Utopian to the world. I am calling all vlogers to get on board and get this done. @samminator @valency1 @rufans @otemzi.

We can do this pretty well

Aww this gives me another opportunity to test out my video making skill

Another awesome opportunity! Please head over here @cryptogod2018 @meno @pechicmena @lordjames @agbona... Please keep the tags going.

Hey @priyanrc awesome opportunity. Though I already made a post hope to make another one soon...thanks for sharing

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thanks for the mention.
I'll try to join...

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I’m up for this, if there’s enough hours in the day! Cheers @oracle-d

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I know some Stine stars that can do this great task @clicked @rehan12 and also @ifeoluwa88 @ferrate @udezee, get on tracks guys and support this project

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Wow that's a great news yaa I already promoting Indiegogo campaign... again I campaign...

I invite a great dtubers..... @hafizulla @rehan12 @priyanarc @d00k13 @theycallmedan @blind-spot

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Great initiative but I have far to many things on my plate right now, thanks for the thought @mamun123456

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Ohh welcome problem

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Keep up the hustle bro 💪

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Will try to make a video for the task hope it turns out good.

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Wow! This is going to be huge. Calling on famous dtubers to bounce on this.

C'mon @rehan12 @clixmoney @blind-spot @clicked @mediahousent @ashikstd @faiyazmahmud @hossainbd

thanks for the mention.
I'll try to join...

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I dropped my post now I need to do a video.....Utopian Indiegogo crowd funding must be met. @xawi @rehan13 @mango-juice get in here

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Thanks for the information will make one today .Can we write an article about it??

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Here's another great opportunity for me to showcase my vlogging skills. Thanks for the call @oracle-d
I also want to use this medium out reach out to @ashtv @waybeyondpadthai @nonsowrites @hafizullah and @adetorrent to also participate in this. Thanks!

Nice one @k-banti, cheers for the heads up

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Thanks for tagging me @k-banti . This is a pretty cool one to get involved in. Looking forward to your stuff.

I'm glad you found it interesting. Looking forward to seeing something cool from you too.

Really do not know many dtubers but at least I know a few.

@mediahousent @priyanarc @cryptospa @nonsowrites @adetorrent @elsiekjay

Y'all should come out and let's support Utopian Indiegogo campaign.

Will take part this; I welcome @syedumair, @owner99, @donefezy, @waybeyoundpadthai, @travellit to take part in this task.

i will do, thanks for mentions bro

Upvote & Resteem done
Calling @foodndrin @sujun @villani @destinysaid @valchiz

Little yell out to some Steemians who may jump at the chance to motivate required to help our stunning STEEM @robmojo, @sd974201, @armia, @blueeyes8960

All done sir I follow...

I invite some users @mamun123456 @rehan12 @urme33


Upvote and resteem
calling my 5 friend @greenrun, @mauyon, @seyiodus, @kristen and @botefarm

Hello guys @coretan @pojan @suheri @podanrj @akbarsanjani @ettydiallova @teukurival @arie.steem ... Maaf untuk panggilan ini. Saya mengudang Anda untuk berkontribusi pada tugas ini. Mungkin saja Anda tertarik untuk melakukannya. Jika tidak, lupakan !

Am welcoming all of you to go along with me in doing this @julietisrael @taylor10, @ikrahch, @chireerocks, @madushanka

Allows we do this folks! Are u prepared for new undertaking?

Calling Steem Hustlers and dtuber @davidke20 @stateofanarchy @jodipamungkas @adelepazani @jongolson

Definitely this utopian's Indigo colony campaign will grow day by day. This campaign has completed 5% of 35k USD target within 20 days that is satisfactory.
I would like to call my Dtube friend

I am already trying to spread awareness through our blog about early version utopians Indiegogo colony campaign 2019.

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STOP tagging me on this post!

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Thanks for inviting me. I'll collect more details and then I hope to join it before closing date.

Thanks brother for tagging me. I will help to share awareness.

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Will partake this; I welcome @jennifer3204, @bheekaran, @mistysummers, @sevendust04, @santuroy1990 to participate in this assignment.

Firstly i want to give thanks to @hafizullah for informing me about this. Really it is great Initiative [email protected], and i believe that, steemit and dtube is the best platform to promoting this campaign, Hope that all of great steemians and Dtuber will give a great afford to promoting this campaign, on steemit, dtube, twitter, facebook, instagram and every kind of social media platform.

Here is my first contribution for this great campaign.

Facebook share:

My tweet:

here i want to invite some of friends that they can also participate:
@sajurahman, @nnipuzz, @habibaripa, @rem-steem, @moniroy-moni.

Thanks for tagging and letting me know. But I am not a blogger, maybe not gonna participate. But looking forward to some great initiative of dtubers and vloggers.
Thanks again. 😊

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Sounds about right. Shout out to @honoru @aellly @janicechua @sasaadrian @sunai to support this project.

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Upvote and resteem

@dmilliz, @pittsburghhodlr, @emsonic, @honourmaus and @lordjeijo All of you should come and play your role.

Are native languages other than English accepted on video content? @oracle-d

Upvote & Resteem don
Another good contest. tag @ramela @rabada2001 @mulder2000 @nanoz @priya1

Wooaw..... This is such a great way to get utopian Indiegogo Campaign all out.... XD
@fredkese @paajohnny @manuelamon @afrinsultana @afolwalex let's make it happen

Here is another yet errand, I will be happy to join the test to progress indiegogo despite the way that, I have not for once made dtube video. In any case, for this hopeful progression. I have to contribute my own one of a kind segment. I'm drawing nearer @sumonsha to partake in this test.

This is gonna be great.

@urme33 @hafizullah, @mamun123456 @rehan @clicked you guys would want to join this, i hope.

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This is very good information. I will try to make it. I hope I succeed.

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This is a call to @mismi, @maisa, @poetsunited, @roxy-cat and @angel35mm to come give their remark and welcome others to do likewise. See you at the best!

I know some dtube stars that can do this great task @clicked @rehan12 and also @ifeoluwa88 @ferrate @udezee, get on the track guys and support this project

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Resteem, and upvoted

This is a task to make utopian Indiegogo Campaign more viral. My dear Dtubbers @fredkese @paajohnny @afolwalex @ammyluv @clicked come let's do this.

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Excellent. Yell out to @mulder2000, @rabada2001, @xawi, @sumit71428
Upvote and Resteem

Spread the news to companions, we can do this.

@nanoz, @ramela, @prechyrukky @imbigdee @daniel-otaniel @rebeccafl @dhavey

Allows we do this folks! Are u prepared for new assignment?

Calling Steem Hustlers and dtuber:










Magnificent. I'll label some video people:

@raj808 @gentlee-boy @danielsamuel @frankhood @kmsapan demonstrate your hustle individuals.

Permits we do this people! Are u arranged for new endeavor?

Calling Steem Hustlers and dtuber: @jacqueline2 @jenny2 @jerry1994 @miller1 @mushfica

This is another approach to raise Utopian to the world. I am calling all vlogers to bounce on board and complete this. @zhangfapei @neilamarcano @bredcovin iskandarishak @abdullah50 @mitchtokita.

Another amazing chance! It would be ideal if you head here @trebla2002 @ajks @orgoniteog @mohamedhany @groynes... If you don't mind prop the labels up.

Will try to get a video on this out by 15th March 2019

wow Another great contest coming up

Calling- @ nahid1993 @steemersayu907 @talhayakeen @littlesorceress @ikram12

ok, support. let mmake an animation

Maybe I will do a video :)

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@oracle-d Team, I am sure that some amazing and creative minds will going to come up with Promotional Videos which will going to spread the word and also will going to gain the needed Recognition.

New developments and steps in this Economy is boosting aspect and for sure every new development will attract more people torwards this space.

Stay blessed team.

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Resteemed this article. Thank you for Supporting Steem community.

@chamudiliyanage @mashiliyanage here

Posted using Partiko iOS

Lets do it friends! Another opportunity!


Posted using Partiko Android

I am welcoming @zaxan @marzukie @amart29 @yuriy4 @

upvote and resteem

This will be gigantic. Approaching well known dtubers to bob on this.
@wilson6 @soan55 @nahid1993 @indra52 @rebeccabe

Upvote and resteem done.

I want to participate this contest. And I am calling @michaeljack @jaxsonevan @isabellalucas @lifeyourlife @hugonelson @frankhood @patrikcooper @dhaka123 @enjoy22a @secretecandy @ lanzjoseg

I've made a few videos coving DrugWars. I might be interested in doing one for you...!

Yeah! This is such an extraordinary method to get idealistic Indiegogo Campaign hard and fast.

@simata @kanhiyachauhan @uoid @sikitingkebo @ detiksport

Much obliged for this stunning offer once more. Where are the dtubers? Let do this for the battle for @utopian-io's indiegogo on steem

@wilmerguedez @molynar @roxanac98 @electricbrails @ronalassidiq

Resteem and upvote Done

calling my dtuber and vloger companions.

I would love to see bolster from my extraordinary companions @xawi @rehan12 @ifeoluwa88 @akomoajong @jlordc @ferrate @udezee

Another new contest. I also want to join this contest. I shared some of my friends with their names for joining this contest. @enjoyinglife @reeta0119 @thealliance @zainenn @mdaminulislam

Hey @oracle-d @utopian-io I already made one campaign video detailing bout the looking forward to make another one. is the reference link. I posted few days ago.

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Resteem done
I would love my remarkable mates to join the battle @mjtravel @vaultec @prettynicevideo @romafedorov @sasaadrian

I would love my extraordinary mates to join the fight @xawi @mango-juice @rehan12 @ifeoluwa88 @akomoajong @donefezy @jlordc

This will be huge. Moving toward understood dtubers to ricochet on this @li-art @journalpersonne @vaderetro @jeffjagoe @kevinli

I contributed to this, but it's mostly a question about what exctly to promote. I hope I will have good answers that will make me understand everything to be able to promote.

This is a task where vloggers can show their creative acumen.
Hey @camzy, @ememovic, @ikchris, @eurogee, @amec. Let's get this buddies

Resteem and upvote Done
calling my dtuber and vloger friends.

join this campaign

Excellent task. Calling my 5 friend @selina2 @ irvanhelmi @nikolina @sima369 @carnot @farizalm

Yeh i got another chance to make one awesome video and i will try to put my all efforts to produce this video thanks team for providing this awesome opportunity.

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Calling Out My DTubers/Video Content Creators To Promote Utopian's Indiegogo Campaign @nathanmars @asmolokalo @jeronimorubio @kawaiicrush @solominer @akramkhan

Utopian is now live on Indiegogo

Thanks for supporting the development of Utopian Colony on Indiegogo!

More grace to you @oracle-d for your strength on steemit. Let us all keep moving steem and steemit forward. There is a bright future ahead for steem

I am new in STEEM family.... You guys very nice

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